First officially released Brave concept art … irst-look/

It looks AMAZING. Should be Pixar’s most visually striking movie yet. Also good to hear that Chapman is still getting a director credit.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Bryko!

I have a feeling this may be Pixar’s most matured movie yet. By that, I mean in terms of characters and setting, and maybe themes. Most Pixar movies have very matured themes, but they are presented through ‘child-friendly’ characters.

To further clarify, characters from say Rio, Toy Story 3, Despicable Me and Kung Fu Panda look and act ‘childish’ in the sense that they have bright colour palettes and are prone to exaggerated movements. Characters from say, Akira, Rango, Legend of the Guardians, and Secret of the N.I.M.H. are more reserved and ‘matured’ in the way they act and look.

Brave looks like a ‘realistic’ cartoon like Don Bluth films (Anastacia) and the older traditionally-animated Dreamworks and Warner Bros. films (Prince of Egypt, Quest for Camelot). And that’s good and utterly refreshing. I see movies like Cars 2 and Kung Fu Panda 2 and get the feeling that they are pandering to kids (although I’m sure there will be some matured themes and double-entendres for the adults). But when I see something like Brave, I get the feeling it’s ‘grown-up’. The colour palette is very muted and for want of a better word, dark. It has a very strong chance of beating Ratatouille for having the most sophisticated and ‘adult-oriented’ plot and themes.

And I finally read the synopsis for the first time. Interesting stuff. If it’s like a Robin Hood or Gladiator style storyline, I’m very excited.

omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg you have no idea how long i have awaited this day. legit jumping up and down in excitement now even though it’s five in the morning. seriously. that’s so gorgeous. especially the third picture. but man, just…wow. i was really questioning how they were going to pull this off, but, omg.

just, thank you, thank you, thank you. so happy right now. right click save all of those.

edit: so i just took the time to, y’know, read the article, and i hear reese has been replaced? aw. but hey, at least they replaced her with someone actually scottish. nice move on their part. also, it says ~co-directed by a female director. is that chapman, then, or what?

It sounds and looks a bit like a mix of Shrek, The Prince Of Egypt, Robin Hood and Merlin (the TV show, not the film), which, in all four accounts, is awesome. Epically awesome.

And I’m so glad that they have got a fully British-and mostly Scottish-cast now aswell. I’m also glad that Brenda Chapman will get credit, and I also really, really like the concept art. I’m really excited for this! :mrgreen:

GASP :open_mouth:
Oh, goodness, that artwork is absolutely STUNNING. Just stunning. I could stare at it for a long time and never get tired of it. <3
And currently I’m checking out the voice cast. I haven’t heard of a few of these guys, but I’m sure the cast will be great. :slight_smile:

Okay, I think I’m about 50% more excited for Brave now. :smiley:

that looks gorgeous, I am so excited

if Pixar is releasing this pieces of art, it is very probable to have a short teaser trailer in front of Cars 2, I wish it happens

The artwork looks amazing, but I’m looking forward to how see Merida will look in the actual movie. We’ve just got a couple of glances, but I don’t figure how she’ll work as a CGI character. This looks more like traditional animation.

Let’s hope we get a trailer with footage with Cars 2.

I liked this girl, but she was so stupid for not accepting the role, GOD, she worked with DW being Ginormica in monsters vs aliens :angry: :angry: :angry: and she denied to be and get the first lead female role in a pixar film , such a dumbass decision IMO

on the other hand I send my best wishes to Kelly Macdonald, my Princess Merida

Don’t take my words as gospel, but I’m fairly Witherspoon was replaced, rather than leaving on her own accord. I mean, why cast an American voice actress when you actually have a bazillion of actual Scottish talented actresses out there who can provide authentic accents? This is one of the things that bugged me about Ratatouille, when the majority of the cast were not really French but tried to mimic the accent, while the lead (Linguini) just spoke in American English plain and simple. It’s really not coherent.

By the way, I’m excited for this whole British cast (with the exception of John Ratzenberger of course :mrgreen: ) thing. It’s gonna be interesting to have a few Harry Potter character voices in this fairytale (Emma Thompson, Julie Walters, Robbie Coltrane, etc.)

Don’t jump into conclusions yet. We don’t know how that happened. In any case, the source said she was “unable” not that she didn’t accept.

And Pricklepants might be right. Maybe the directorial change was the direct responsible of her replacement.

Yes, makes me very pleased too :smiley:

I’ve waited more than a year and a half for this day. :smiley: It’s gorgeous. I can’t even put it into words. Other than that it could very well be the most visually captivating CGI film to date.

Quote from Pixar’s facebook page:

like someone mentioned, she said she was ~unable to do it and the article says she was replaced. i mean, i remember when she was promoting monsters vs aliens and she was talking about voicing this character in brave and she was so, so excited about it. seriously, she mentioned that she always got tons of offers for voice acting but this was one that stuck out to her and she was thrilled about it. so i dunno what changed between now and then, although i ~am quite excited that an actual scottish actress will be doing the voice. neat.

and I am also so thrilled because Disney*Pixar is creating BRAVE Official Facebook Pages for every territory World Wide

so far there are

Brave France
Brave Deutschland
Brave UK and Ireland
Brave Australia & New Zealand
Brave España
Brave Italia
Brave Malaysia
Brave Philippines
Brave Singapore
Brave USA

the viral campagin has started !!!

Long Live King Fergus

With the new/updated synopsis, let’s circle back to the concept art that Pixar put out a while ago:

Merida and the Queen are obvious, but who is that humongous-size man? Doesn’t look like a king to me. Can he be one of the three lords mentioned today? What about the triplets? Is there any chance they’re the three lords??? (outlandish, I know, but still, worth hypothesizing…)

No, I don’t think so.

According to the articles, there are three lord, one of which is “the enormous Lord MacGuffin”. That must be him. He (or maybe the three) might be antagonists. Or at least have the type.

now thinking about the film, I wonder know how Pixar will manage to hide the pizza planet truck??? mabe a pizza wagon???

We actuale had a debate about that in another board, I think the Cars 2 one, and that’s one possibility, but I doubt it. First, because that would be more of a parody move, as pizza didn’t exist on that time, and this looks like a very serious movie.

Second, we’ve always got the PP truck on it’s original form. I would put it exactly like it is, but so tiny it’s very difficult to spot for a casual viewer, avoiding the anachronism questions among the audience.

If the old press info is to be believed, Merida has triplet brothers, so I’m guessing those are them.