FONY's 'Art'

Yeah, so I figured to post some of my junk. All the good stuff is original aka not on the net, sooo … I have

all my fanart garbage. I just don’t want my stuff stolen.

'I wanna work for

Pixar’-[url]I Wanna Work For Pixar by SeltzerAddict on DeviantArt


Steve Irwin

Tribute-[url]Tribute to Steve Irwin by SeltzerAddict on DeviantArt


Monsters Inc OC Sandra-

[url]Sandra OC Wall Pin-Up by SeltzerAddict on DeviantArt


Banshee- my cat char-

[url]Banshee Loves You This Much by SeltzerAddict on DeviantArt


Banshee ‘sculpture’-

[url]Banshee sculpture by SeltzerAddict on DeviantArt


And … that’s all for now. I can do so much better now; sadly I can’t prove that at the moment,

for I’m way too busy with my application for college. =P

Oh wow – I’m gonna have to reply to each one

individually in this case…

“I Wanna Work for Pixar” - Haha –

very creative! I love the part of the comic where you’re hugging Randall. :wink:

[b]Steve Irwin

Tribute[/b] - Ohh…I love this – it’s awesome! I compliment you for making a tribute to Steve.

We’ll all miss him…

Monsters Inc. OC Sandra - Cool – it almost looks

like a Tim Burton style drawing.

Banshee (sketch and sculpture) - Heheh – I

like your “kitty”. And you did a great job on that sculpture; not bad for first try!


Wonderful artwork, FONY. I can’t wait to see what else you have in store!

[b]FONY: Those are good drawings! I like the

Steve Irwin the best!! :smiley:[/b]

Nice job FONY! You

are really talented.

:slight_smile: Thanks guys. I haven’t heard that in a while.

My teacher keeps pushing me to do a lot more with my work and its driving me over the edge … that, and having a

‘friend’ call my work crap, is not fun.

Funny how the Steve Irwin drawing was thought to be too corny by

my family, and yet it was one of the most popular ones ever put on DA.

I’m thinking of perfecting the

Pixar comic and putting it in my slideshow for Pixar (when the time comes). It’s not bad for a five minute

drawing, but I could’ve done better.

I think it’s Sandra’s tail that makes everyone think Tim Burton.

^^; That tail of hers is proving to be extremely difficult on the sculpture of her I’m making. That, and her

lower limbs are weak. =P Stupid clay.

Nice pics, FONY, and nice to see you around here. :smiley: I love that Steve Irwin one, too.

Well FONY, I must see it. I hope you can

complete it. And I wish you luck and motivation too. I know the talent in you.

The Star Swordsman - Thank you! ^^ It really means a lot to me. :smiley:

Oh cool! I like the Sandra one especially! Is she like Randall’s g/f or sis or


lennonluvr9 She’s his girlfriend, or supposedly- never got the story finished and

I restarted it since the first one was bad and … meh, I’ll finish the remake someday. =P

i like the Banshee loves you this much. It’s

so cute! :smiley:

Sandra and Randal? The two make a rather

unique, but loving couple. I love the drawing.

Here’s some other stuff …


Hand and key-


I’ve also got my Youtube music videos up- if

anyone’s interested … sadly I didn’t make a Pixar film yet. So it’s only several Godspell ones, an 'Around

the World in 80 Days’ fanvid, and a ‘Merlin’ one. I’ll just put the link to my profile … doubt anyone’s

even heard of these films though … but hey, I can be



I love the snowman ! The key is cool too ! BTW , nice siggy .

Wow –

so much detail. I love how the drawings look so smooth, and yet quite catchy to the eye as well.


snowman is wonderful – you made it look “fluffy” in way, which makes the picture all the more

But the key has to be my favorite; I love keys…for some reason. Plus, the drawing is

so simple, yet the detail is incredible.

Wonderful work! I give it a big thumbs up. :smiley:

All I can say is wow! Nice job! You are really good.

Thanks guys! :smiley:

I really

shouldn’t be on the computer at the moment- I need to work on my portfolio for Saturday. But I’m a big

procrastinator. Anyways, here’s some recent drawings I made. I wish I still had Bird in Hand for my portfolio

review, but it was sent into a contest. And my printer’s


[url=]Bird in


Wow – nice artwork! I love the gryphon. The

“Bird in Hand” piece was also beautifully done. Catchy title – heheh. I can’t imagine why it would

end up in the garbage. :open_mouth:

Again, great job. I wonder what you’ll do next?

FONY, you definitely have talent. Your Steve Irwin piece

is my favorite. :slight_smile:

On the other hand, this isn’t the place for showing this kind of art. I mean, at

deviantART, you can submit whatever you want, but here at Pixar Planet, we want members to post Pixar related fan

art. :wink:


I’m sorry. I won’t post any art here anymore then, since I stopped drawing fanart all

together as it doesn’t amount to anything when it comes to college. So … that’ll be it then …