FONY's sigs and avvies

I figured I’d start a new one since my old thread is long gone.

I don’t expect anyone to use them, but it would be nice if someone did. :smiley: Really, it’s just for fun, but I’d prefer that you credit if you do use any of them.

Just a few for now but I hope to make more, when I get more caps.

They’re all so adorable, FONY! I like the lighting used in each one. My favorite would be the “Wanna Soak Up the Sun” one. The yellowish lighting helps it match the saying. I just wanna wear that on a t-shirt.
Really nice job on those.

All of these are lovely, but that first graphic, in particular, really caught my eye. The overall aura of it emits a feeling of warmth and security, and the caption that goes with it only compliments the image even more.

Nice work, FONY! Do more! :smiley:

– Mitch

Most of these sound like quotes from movies or lines form songs. Really cute FONY. I like the use of color for the WALL-E ones.

legasp! Drops of Jupiter! snags

Oh, I’m watching this thread. You make some very nic sigs! I love how you use lyrics in them.

I dunno if you’re taking requests or not, but if you ever need new ideas, I’d love to see something WALL-E related using Switchfoot lyrics.

Thanks everyone! :smiley: I hope to make even better ones in the future. :wink:

Netbug: Any song in particular? 'Cause I’ve got quite a lot of Switchfoot songs … :laughing:

I like your style, FONY! You use lyrics to great effect in these signatures, and I love the soft outlines and colouration you’ve given most of them. My favourite has to be the one with WALL-E and EVE in space, with WALL-E using the fire extinguisher. The way you’ve put the lyrics diagonally across the signature is really cool.

You are welcome FONY. I can’t wait to see more.

She LIVES?!?! :open_mouth:

FONY graphics are BACK!!!

No better way to do it than with a bang…:wink:

Looking forward to whatcha got next…:-D)


Those are beautiful, FONY. Especially the first one, but they all have an angelic look to them. I like how you’ve thought of lyrics that would match the story, too. Can’t wait to see more! =)

Thanks guys! :smiley:

I’ve got a couple others, but they’re not so great because I’m very limited on caps. I’ll try and cap a couple of movies tomorrow - all I have left is Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, (somewhere …) Ratatouille, and A Bug’s Life - I let a friend borrow the rest. So … if someone can point me in the direction of good screencaps … I’ll love you forever. :smiley:

Here’s all I got … x_x runs and hides

They’re so funny! I love how you caught the look on Elastigirl’s and Mr. Incredible’s faces on the last one. Oh, and don’t worry, it’s quality, not quantity, that counts.

Those are all awsome!!! I especially like the kryptonite - incredibles one. The lyrics match that moment perfectly! Don’t stop making these!

That Heimlich one is hilarious! What program do you use to create your graphics - GIMP, I presume?

Wow, that’s a lot of cool sigs you got there, FONY! I liked the first three Wall-E sigs (in particular, the third, because you got a nice contrast between Wall-E and Eve in colour, as lighted by the moon, with the background black-and-white).

The first Incredibles sig is funny too, I liked that family pose from the movie. :slight_smile:

And I liked the Heimlich avvie, he’s one of my fave characters from A Bug’s Life.

What are the songs you’ve taken the lyrics from for your sigs? :question:

Thanks guys. :smiley: I may just stop procrastinating and cap Ratatouille today, even though I promised my brother I’d watch the first Hellboy before he got home … I’ll cap it afterwards. He’d be mighty pissed if I forgot. :open_mouth:

Rachel: Oh, I haven’t had the patience with GIMP - I used Picnic for these, except for ‘Soak up the Sun’ - I used Supernova on GIMP.

thedriveintheatre: The lyrics … okay, lemme try to remember. :laughing: I should’ve mentioned them beforehand.

1st sig : “Run” ~ Snow Patrol
2nd sig: “Soak up the Sun” ~ Sheryl Crow?
3rd sig: Some Disney song - enlighten me, someone!
4th sig: “Learn to Fly” ~ Foo Fighters
5th sig: “Drops of Jupiter” ~ Train

And the last sig is “Kryptonite” by Three Doors Down. :smiley:

Haha, the you’ve chosen just the right moment to cap for the ‘completely normal’ one! :laughing: Nice fonts, too.

I really liked the Incredibles ones FONY. The “Completely Normal” one was funny. Nicely thought up. It was funny cause just after I saw the Mr. Incredible/Elastigirl siggy, Kryptonite started to play on my radio. Still, the facial expressions are really priceless. Nice job.

Thanks guys! :smiley:

I’ve got s’more. :3 All avatars this time.

Those are awesome, FONY! You have a real talent, as shown by those Ratatouille avatars, there. I don’t think I could pick a favourite, as they’re all so beautiful and funny.