Forum community project

Hey guys. I’ve been waiting eagerly for the forums to get back up, and it was worth it wasn’t it. The place looks great!

So here’s the deal. I was thinking about starting a community fan art project for the forums.
And that project is…a pictorial Pixar alphabet!

So here how it works (hopefully). People pick a letter of the alphabet and then they draw a character, place, or item that starts with that letter. If you’re feeling extra adventurous you can use a soundtrack title and draw the scene relating to it.
When you finish your first letter, you can pick a new one. Just don’t rush to get after that second or third letter. It’s not a race or contest, just a fun activity for anyone who wishes to participate. There’s no time limit, just a promise that you’ll get your letter done.

So how ‘bout guys. Care to give this a go? :slight_smile:

Okay, since we have some participants I’m going to put up the list so that people can see what taken and what open.

A is for Auguste Gusteau (Image by Archibald)
B - MiniChuchan
C - Eyfie
D is for Dot (Image by scheree)
E is for Ego (Image by Marie)
F is for Frozone (Image by Pixfan)
G is for George (Image by rachelcakes1985)
H - gottalovepixar
I - PixarVixen
J is for Jessie (Image by The Wandering)
K is for Kari (Image by Marie)
L - Maggie_PixarFan
M is for Marlin (Image byVim ‘Showtime!’ Fuego)
N - nightwheel
O - JesusFreak
P - Pixel Candy
Q is for Queen (Image by Eyfie)
R is for Remy (Image by Mitch)
S is for Slinky (Image by Fairly Odd New Yorker)
T is for Tony (Image by PixarVixen)
U is for Underminer (Image by Colette Linguini)
V - Haunt
W is for Wall•E (image by Archibald)
X - Mitch
Y - CGI Clownfish
Z - Glyph

First and foremost: What an interesting and clever idea! I’m all for it, and I will also be the first to claim the letter ‘R’ for obvious reasons… :wink:

Secondly, I agree: The new forum style looks absolutely spiffy! I love it. :smiley:

– Mitch

I can’t wait to see all of the creative ideas you guys. May I be the first to wish you good luck! And have fun!

Hmm, after much internal debate between L and J, I’m gonna go with J. Someone’s gonna steal L before I’m done J, Iknow it. LOL.

Great idea, Haunt! I can’t wait to see everyone’s drawings. :smiley: I’m not going to participate, at least, not just yet- I’m going away next week, so I don’t want to use up a letter and then take ages to actually draw something.

This is so cool! :smiley:

What a nice idea, Haunt!

To everyone else, hands off my letter T. Heehee. ;-p


I’ll take F :mrgreen:

Good luck, ya’ll! :smiley:

Great idea Haunt :smiley:

Now, let’s see… I’ll pick letter A :wink:

haha, I’ll get in on this :smiley: sign me up for M!

Haunt - Don’t forget about vim! She claims the ‘M’. Oh, and Archibald favors the ‘A’. :wink:

I grab C!!!

(sorry, the switch on me is set to ‘hyper’ right now…)

I’ll take S. :smiley:

Okay, I think I’ve caught up. Yikes! I didn’t think this would catch on so quickly! I’m so happy you guys like the project.

I’m still trying to figure out how to get the pictures up in order. I think I’ll just have you guys PM me links to your letters, and I’ll post them to the initial post. Unless of course, someone has another idea for the final presentation of this thread. Let me know.
Have fun!

I’m not going to try this, mostly because I can;t draw to save my life.

BUT I think that a friend of mine would love to do it! So could I reserve the letter “d” for her until I find out if she can, and if she wants to? :unamused:

The decision to allow that is Haunt’s, but in my opinion, it wouldn’t be fair to an artist here at Pixar Planet who might favor the letter D.


Yeah, that is true… :frowning:

Then how about whatever’s left over? :wink: Like Z or Q. Or even X! :laughing:

JesusFreak: Ah, PV beat me to it. I have to agree with her. There’s no prob with your friend participating. I think that’d be awesome if they do. However, picking a letter now would mean that they were absolutely going to submit a piece.
I hope you don’t mind waiting, but you’ll need your friend’s go-ahead before you came claim a slot. It’s fair to everybody that way.
Just know your effort isn’t under appreciated. It’s great that you want to add to this. :slight_smile:

Ok, then i will find out on Sunday. thanks! :smiley:

Haunt : I have PM you a link to my first letter :wink:

Then I guess I can choose another one now. W would be cool :slight_smile: