Funniest Scenes?

What scenes had yall laughing your butt off, or even just a scoff of laughter?

My funny moments were

*Edna’s rant about capes and super deaths with them
*Jack Jack attacks Syndrome
*The arguing family quietly and calmly goes back to normal when Frozone knocks
*When Elastigirl sees her big behind in the mirror, and sighs.
*When Syndrome is slightly confused when the townspeople believe he’s a different super.
*The argument between Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible when they’re trying to go downtown to find the Omnidroid.

So how 'bout yall?

I think my ultimate favourite most hilarious moment from The Incredibles has to be the, “Where’s my SUPER SUIT?!” conversation. The dialogue is just amazing.

I also like it when Bob goes to see his boss in his office and gets all riled up. The physical differences between them in itself is laughable.

And definitely Edna’s cape rant, which is just sheer brilliance. Gosh, I need to see The Incredibles again!

I liked a lot of funny moments in TI. But the top 5 that really made me laugh were (in no particular order)

  • Syndrome: “And got… BIZAY!!!”
  • Lucius’s “Where’s my Super Suit” scene
  • Huph in the hospital, bandaged
  • Edna Mode

Lot of funny moments in this film, hard to choose just one. Probably when Syndrome is throwing Mr. Incredible around (whilst monologuing of course) and he accidentally throws him over his shoulder.

“I’m Syndrome! Your nemesis and… :open_mouth: …Oh brilliant…”

Oooo, I need to watch this again for a review of my favorite scenes.

But definately:

  1. “Where is my Supersuit!?”
  2. Dash’s teacher in the Principal’s office. “Coincidence? I think NOT!” “That little brat is GUILTY! GUILTY!”
  3. Everyone’s reaction to Bob throwing his boss through all the cubicals
  4. Boy-on-the-bike running gags
  5. Edna’s introduction
  6. Dash: We’re DEAD! We survived but we’re DEAD!
  7. “Tonyloaf” The word makes me giggle

I can’t remember anything else, really :confused:

The “I’m Syndrome… your greatest nemesis…” line always gets me because it’s so unexpected. Sees Mr Incredible fly into the distance “…Oh great.” 8D

In my opinion , my favorite funniest scenes are:

-Edna’s whole speech to Elastigirl when she is so upset (What are you talking about?! You are Elastigirl! FIGHT! WIN!)
-The “Wheres my supersuit?!?!” scene
-The scene when Helen and Dash are in the principals office and Mr. Kropp is trying to show that Dash is guilty
-The whole dinnertime scene when Dash and Violet get into the fight and then Lucius rings the bell

  • When Mr. Huph calls Bob in for the meeting and Bob chokes him and throws him
  • All the scenes with the little boy on the bicycle (THAT WAS TOTALLY WICKED!)

There are so many more that I didn’t mention! I love this movie!!! :smiley:

When Bob hurts his boss.
All the fat jokes. (Ellen- “My god you’ve fat, come in come come”.)
“Where is my SUPER SUIT!”
Dash’s teacher
When Helen is in boat form and Dash is the moter and Violet just sits there.

Funniest? I don’t typically think of the funny scenes being the memorable ones, but anyway. In no order:

-Frozone and Honey argument(“Where’s my super suit?”)
-Devil Jack-Jack. Watching a dude get trashed by a baby is so funny, you can watch it over and over…
-“Oh no. Elastigirl? You MARRIED Elastigirl? And got bizzay…”
-“Oh no.”(cape sucks Syndrome into his own plane. I love how he says “oh no” over and over again.)
-“No capes”(the whole scene, priceless)
-Helen looks in the mirror, you can see her thinking “Oh great, it doesn’t fit.”

I don’t find the scene where Edna hits Helen with the newspaper funny, the whole part where Helen is in Edna’s house just makes me mad.

The part where Edna talks about capes and when Bob looses his temper and throws his boss through the walls are both hilarious.

But most definitely: “Where’s my Supersuit???!!!”

at the end when the kid on the bike said “That was totally wicked!”

Oh, that was a great scene!

Ha. I’m watching it right now XD .

As it stands, the scene when Mr. I and Elastigirl are bantering over who gets to turn in the robber, and the robber takes sides with Elastigirl. “Look, the lady got me first!”

Then Elastigirl knocks him out… that’s funny!

I guess no one but me finds it funny, but one of my favorite parts is where Mr. Incredible chokes Mirage, then Mrs. Incredible punches her :smiling_imp: .

Well, the choking scene was more dark than funny, because Mr. I thought he lost his family and was about to break. The funny part was when Mrs. i caught mirage hugging her husband, then she punches her out. that was funny.

I just think Mirage getting knocked out was amazing. I waited a good part of the movie for something bad to happen to her, even if it wasn’t what I wanted.

I felt kinda bad for her that she got knocked out. Wrong place, wrong time I believe.

I too felt kind of bad for Mirage when she got knocked out (given that she’d already redeemed herself by this point), but yeah, I couldn’t help but chuckle a little at that scene.

Funniest scene to me was when Syndrome, having just “saved” the city, casually tosses that giant vehicle behind him, presumably causing even more destruction. That boy was definitely in way over his head. :laughing:

mogwai_milkshake: That was hilarious too. I guess when you are living your dream, you get lost in the moment, and then you become more of a danger than help. :laughing: