Funniest YouTube Videos

Well, if this doesn’t go here, mods, tag and bag this thread, and please move it/direct me to the right thread.

But this is a thread for some laughs. Please note that everyone has their own sense of humor, and we all have our own opinions.

Since this is a Pixar forum, let’s keep the thread PG-13. If there are some innapropriate bits in your funny video, post a warning, and the point in the video that it appears.

But with business out of the way, let’s have some fun. Post the funniest videos on YouTube to you.

[url]- YouTube This Part One, and then its’ Part 2 and 3, is probably the funniest YouTube Poop multi-parter I’ve seen in quite some time. Just hilarious, and a guilty pleasure for me being a huge fan of the New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh as a kid. At least one instance of explicitness… though it’s a one-word thing.

[url]YouTube Poop: Toys Gone Wild - YouTube Toy Gone Wild is the CROWN JEWEL of Pixar YouTube Poops. Sadly, the original, as popular as it was, got deleted by “Brian Griffin.” Darn dog. Some strong language towards the end, and some instances of explicitness.

That’s all I have at the top of my head.

Here’s one:

[url]- YouTube

I absolutely love this one. 8D

There’s been a huge improvement in the animation between the first Toy Story movie, and the third. But I guess that’s a given.

Snipe, I was just about to post that one 8D “I have altered the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further!”

Kay, here’s another: [url]- YouTube

Oh man, Toys Gone Wild is some funny stuff… I skip the more raunchy bits though. I love that one pic of Slinky that appears at some point. Needs to be an upcoming avatar, methinks.

I’ll post some stuff later. :sunglasses:

The entire Gmod Idiot Box series is hilarious.
There is some strong language and video game level violence though.

I think episode 4 is my favorite.

One of my all-time favourites :smiley:
Superman in The Dark Knight:

Virginia, that is now my favorite song. I have a friend that I constantly rib for being shorter than me, so I’m definitely going to show her that song :wink:

Flister, I love that video :smiley: Collegehumor is amazing, and their vids are seconded only by the Nostalgia Critic as the funniest in my books.

Here’s one of my favorites, another Star Wars themed one (it’s PG-13 just warning you): [url]Eddie Izzard- Death Star Canteen - YouTube

Well, I went through a Youtube phase a few years ago where I would surf the 'Tube for hours at the time just finding all sorts of random internet junk. Now I don’t really have time to just watch videos all day, but my point is that I’ve found tons of videos that are just GOLDEN. According to my homepage, I’ve watched over 21,000 videos and I have almost 1,000 favorites!

Probably the funniest video I’ve seen was The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon

Not only is it hilarious, but it’s also totally awesome because the people that made it actually took to time to make it look like a full-budget Hollywood production!

WARNING: There’s violence and a bit of blood!

Ellie, both of your Star Wars videos are hilarious! :laugh:

Thanks Snipe, glad you enjoyed them :smiley:

Ding, I loved that video you posted XD It was extremely long, but hilarious! I loved the end, [spoil]when the spoon breaks, and you think it’s over, but then…he opens his jacket, and he has 50 more spoons![/spoil] 8D 8D

Here’s one I saw in school: [url]Spiders On Drugs - YouTube

Glad you loved the vid, Ellie! It’s awesome, isn’t it? There’s a sequel if you feel like watching it: [url]SPOON vs. SPOON by Richard Gale - YouTube It’s not nearly as great as the original, but still pretty good.

Oh, and I’ve seen the spiders video before! It’s hilarious! Haha, I know that it can’t possibly be serious, but I really wonder, because it looks so professional and like a real documentary!

It makes it all look so epic, but…it’s just a spoon! 8D Why doesn’t he try using a fork, or better yet, a spork? Thanks for sharing the vids Ding! I’ll definitely be showing them to my cousin, he loves that sort of thing :wink:

I have to admit though, the ginosaji does creep me out. I don’t like the way he walks, it looks like a gait taken straight from a monster from Silent Hill. And his contorted face creeps me out :shake:

Haha, that’s hilarious!

My favorite internet videos are by The Whitest Kids U Know. My favorites are Abe Lincoln( :laughing: ), The Grapist, and Cublical Boss. I would post links, but they are very inapporpriate, but if you’re over 16 I defintaly recommend!

I just watched Toys Gone Wild. It was funny, but now I’m scarred…

Glad you like it, Ellie!! :smiley:

I miss the orinagal Toy Gone Wild. It had over a million views. Heres a reposted one for people who haven’t seen it. its a poop.
I find this amusing teehee. :laughing: I know it looks a little fake but I still like it.

I like how even though she only tripped over a chair, she still goes through the window!

Apparently it is a commercial for stool softener… That’s awkwrad 8D

Wow, that is super awkward! Anyway, it’s a funny video!

Wow :laughing: 8D