Funniest YouTube Videos

I know 8D and she just plumets through the window.

This is funny.

Wow :open_mouth: . I guess that just goes to show you that you cant trust hamsters. :-D) 8D

You know he did it.

:smiley: I bet!!

Whats sad is I act exactly like that guy every time I go to Six Flags. :blush: :smiley:

This guy gets WAY too excited about rainbows.

Great thread idea! After P Planet, Youtube’s the second place I spend the most time on the Internet in my free time.

Casino Borat - Oyguvaltshappy
This was the trailer mash-up that inspired me to do trailer mash-ups. (PG rating)

Old Spice Commercials - Terry Crews
I recently discovered this through a HTTYD fanpiece. Directed by Tim and Eric and starring the former NFL player, these clips of over-the-top machisimo are utterly hilarious.

Intensive Gaston Unit - EnigmaEvocative
An awe-inspiring display of editing skills, in this YTPMV of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast to the classic Internet meme song.
This made me laugh, not so much the video but the music in it. 8D
It just brightens up my day when I watch it.:smiley:

Okay, this guy is so stupid he’s funny. He doesn’t even list any good points: … re=related

Nintendo owns!

I laugh every time I see this video because of that guy’s laugh. xD

That laugh was so funny at the end. :smiley:

Just watch this. Hilarious:

This is soooo crazy check this out:[url]FARTING IDOL - YouTube :laughing:

8D Nice one xCarsLuverx! I love her reaction!

The Bed Intruder song. PG-13: [url]BED INTRUDER SONG!!! - YouTube

Worst game of all time?

No. that belongs to E.T. or SuperMan 64.

This is funny.

Has anyone here heard of Chad Warden?