Good Idea/Bad Idea game

This is a game I have seen on other forums. It looked fun so I think it should be here too. The name is based off a segment from Animaniacs. It would have a good idea like “Tossing a penny into a fount ion” and a bad idea like “Tossing your cousin Penny into a fount ion.” It goes the same here. I start out with a good idea like Giving your friend some honey, then the next person does a bad idea that’s similar but in a bad way like Pouring honey on your friend. They will then say a good idea and the next person gives a bad idea then their good idea and so on.

Good Idea – Riding a car.

Bad idea: Riding a cougar.

Good idea: Eating fruits and vegetables.

Bad idea - Eating fruits and vegies you already ate. Good idea - Dancing at a party.

Bad idea: Dancing at a busy intersection :stuck_out_tongue:
Good idea: Recycling plastics
Oooh! This is fun! :smiley:

Bad Idea: Recycling children.
Good Idea: Watching TV.

Bad Idea: Watching a meeting

Good Idea: Giving candy to a friend.

Bad Idea: Giving disease to a friend.
Good Idea: Posting on Pixar Planet.

Bad Idea: Giving disease to a friend.
Good Idea: Posting on Pixar Planet.

Bad idea: Not posting on Pixar Planet XP
Good Idea: Taking a walk

Sorry for the double post! Don’t know why that happened!

Bad Idea: Taking a walk in a nuclear reactor.
Good Idea: Getting a caricature done.

Bad idea: Getting a caricature of a dead person.

Good Idea: Taking a shower.

Bad Idea: Taking a shower in public.

Good Idea: Taking your dog for a walk.

Bad Idea: Taking your pet dinosaur out for a walk.

Good Idea: Drinking milk.

Bad Idea: Eating silk.

Good Idea: Doing your homework.

Bad Idea: Nt doing your homework
Good Idea: Watching Pixar films

Bad idea: Not watching the full film.

Good idea: Driving a vehicle responsibly.

Good Idea: Expressing yourself

Bad Idea: Chewing gum while having the hiccups

You did it wrong Bonanna. Milan said “expressing yourself”. You san say something similer like “Expressing other’s to be bullies” or something. :slight_smile:

Good Idea: Chewig gum to stop smoking.

It will be kind of out of order now so I do another

Good Idea: Adopting a pet.

Ohhhhh. Oops. :astonished:

Good Idea: Going to school everyday

Bad Idea: Staying up all night on a school night

Bonanna: Bad idea is supposed to be where your good idea is.