I’d like to know how the ‘guests’ become guests. Is there something you need to click, or does one become a guest when accessing the forums? (If this is in the wrong place, please move it to where it belongs… :stuck_out_tongue:)

You mean like with the user JOHN•E? (As seen in this thread.) I was wondering this, too.

Yes, exactly like that. I’ve searched, but can’t find a thing. :confused:

This happens when the member is no longer a member.

AFAiK, JOHN•E didn’t do anything. :confused:

Accoring to the mods and admins, there were reasons A113.

What were they?

A113, that probably isn’t something you need to know…

RachelCakes is probably right…better leave it alone.
You don’t want to go next (muhahahaha :smiling_imp: )

A113: Rachel is right. Its for us to know. Don’t bother asking the other admins and mods, they’ll tell you the same thing.

Yeah that’s a little nosy. Things like that aren’t meant to be publicized

hands up Okay, all right, whatever. Sorry, it was…just a question, that’s all.

Don’t worry about it A113. :wink:

You talking to me? I’m not the one worrying.

Please explain.

I thought that you were taken offense. I was just cheering ya up.

A113, don’t take offence. But it’s ok, you were just curious, which is why you asked the question in the first place, I presume…? :wink:

I noticed that we usually have more guests online than actual members. If you’re not a member and usually visit this sight, don’t feel shy, become a member we’d all like to get to know you.


And you’d have the chance to become the 1000th member…

Al-Bob, I wonder if there are people out there waiting to become the 1000th member… that’s what I’m starting to think :sunglasses:

I always thought that the large number of guests were just bots, trying to figure out a way to get on to the forums and bypassing the security walls.