Does anyone play that game??? Oh god, I think I should of but that in the video games topic. But let’s just discuss the game and the storyline and the future Halo games:


I like to play Halo 3. I’m not great, but I do alright. I have a freind who’s really good. He’s a brigidier and he has all of the achievements.

The only problem I had with Halo 3 was the length of the game. It seemed a bit short. :confused:

Meh, I’m waiting for Halo 4 to come out. Enough of these spin-offs crap. :-\ Sure, they look fun, but let’s get on with the story already! :lol:

Besides, Halo going RTS was a terrible idea in my view. I didn’t like it. The ODST spin-off might be better, but I doubt it would be anything as epic as interesting, and thus, definitely a waste of Bungie’s time. They could had spent more time working on Halo 4.

Let’s not forget the Halo movie… <_<"

I think they only times I’ve been exposed to Halo was when I played a couple of rounds with my cousins, reading like a paragraph from one of the novels, and of course…Red vs. Blue.

I think when I get a PS3, I’ll try out Halo 3. Should I be playing Halo for gameplay or storyline?

Both. Halo is a great piece of art made for the XBox console. Playing it on a PS, no offense intended but, is kinda an insult, with Sony being a rival of Microsoft in terms of these two consoles

I think the Halo franchise is among the most overrated franchise ever created.
Yes, I have thoroughly played Halo 1, 2 and 3, yet I fail to see any of that “revolutionary” gameplay that people seem to love so much. It’s just a decent shooter. Not like I haven’t seen any of that before.
I’ve played much better games on my PS3.

Ouch, that’s a little harsh. :laughing:

Yeah, I would say some people would talk about Halo a little bit too much. Otherwise, it is an alright game.

Halo 3 is a favourite between me and my brother. We love the mulitplay skirmish, and he always beats me with his sneaky tactics, like strafing, shooting oil barrels, camping, and ‘stalking’ before backstabbing me. :angry: I do ocassionally get to ‘kill’ him, but I suck at it (doesn’t make it less fun, though! :smiley:). Our favourite maps are Last Resort and Valhalla.
The missions are epic and grand, I like the one where you fly in the hovercraft and get in an aerial dogfight, and the climax where you drive the Warthog through a self-destructing Ark.
Favourite Xbox 360 game next to Burnout Revenge. :slight_smile:

Ummm… Just saying… Halo is overrated.
I at least have a Wii, a 360 and a PS3 in this household, and own the Halo games. It’s not like I’m bashing Halo just because it’s not on Playstation. I have played A LOT of games over the years, and I just don’t think it’s all that good of a series. Sorry if I hurt your feelings. :unamused:

For starters, I don’t care if you diss the PS3, I really don’t.
I did not post in this thread in response of your post. I posted in here to say that I don’t think Halo is all that good of a series.
Secondly, I don’t know what the heck you’re trying to do with your insults, but I can tell you’re the really mature type when you blatantly throw out sexual jokes in attempt to insult me. If you’re going to have a logical debate, don’t act like a 12 year old.

Edited. I combined both of your posts. – Mitch

You know, Disney_Guy, trying to replicate someone’s post to accuse someone of doing something he didn’t isn’t a very nice thing to do. Double posting, too.

Just for your info.

Again a good example of your maturity - trying to set me up.
You’re not worth my time.
Grow up, kid.

You have so much hatred and resentment in you, Disney_Guy. Why so? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Are we to act like so because of a silly game? Sigh. What is the world coming to? :cry:

Guys, it’s not worth it to get into an argument over a video game. Just state your opinions assertively, but don’t take them as a personal attack. It’s also not nice to start making personal insults. I’m not sure what your tone was there, Dragon, but that’s what it may come across as and it does tread a very fine line between a joke and harassment. You’re both great members and I wouldn’t want to ban either of you, so maybe it’s best to not post in threads if you know it’s getting heated. We’ve had threads locked up before and members banned for behaviour that is similar to this, flame-baiting and personal insults. I wouldn’t want to see it happen again.

Back on topic.

Me? I didn’t do nothing. :laughing:

Alright, alright, the jokes are off. Just having a little fun there. The atmosphere was getting too grim and serious. :smiley:

Back on topic.

See, indicating the term, ‘fail’ when discussing about an item of great interest to people would simply come as hostile and would definitely provoke unnecessary attention (some just likes to read ‘between the lines’). I am not saying that deserves an equally hostile retaliation you might had felt you were struck with before, but well, there you see the consequences for such actions. Moreover, you failed to indicate why the franchise appeared cliched to you when compared to the others, so that isn’t supporting your side of the debate, either.

I guess I have not indicated myself the reason for Halo to deserve any attention at all, but I was not the one to put out the argumentative statement in the first place, so I am sure you could understand.

Right… so to fans of the games, what are your favourite maps to play in? :slight_smile:

I don’t normally play the maps myself, or touch on the multiplayer system of the game at all. I guess that’s why I am more experienced with the whole mythology of the game’s plot than on its gameplay.

The story told in Halo 2 was probably the deepest one… or rather, they tried too hard to make it so. The introduction of the prophets was ‘okay.’ It kinda scared me at first, but compared to the plot in Halo 3, I would say Halo 2 is more for the intelligent, while the tale in Halo 3 is just a fun ride you should enjoy.

Uh huh, em, yep that’s cool Dragon. :slight_smile: I haven’t played the first two (so I ‘cheated’ and actually skipped to the end of the trilogy), so I didn’t understand the plot. I’m looking forward to getting the first two for PC (since they discontinued the original Xbox) so I can understand the whole mythology of this game. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say the first one really contributed much to the whole magic of the story, at all. When I was playing Halo 1, I felt nothing. It was like watching Micheal Bay’s CGI-crammed Transformers; cool dialogue, nice bits of action, but no human feelings.

I have Halo 3…it’s okay. It’s really generic and the gameplay isn’t particularly good (and it’s stupid your health refills after 10 seconds of not being hit). I just don’t see what the buzz is about.

Favorite maps: Valhalla, Boundless, and High Ground.

I had Halo 3 but my 360 broke from the ring of death :`-( I really want Halo 3:ODST but I don’t have a 360, and I hear you need to have Halo 3 and Xbox Live to work the game. Well, I think you don’t need to have anything for Campaign. But multilayer, yeah. Also what do you guys think about the trailer for Halo:Reach? If you haven’t seen it here:
youtube.com/watch?v=RONxzAmv … annel_page