Hah… that’s what made it easy (and thus, fun) for me. Heck, it’s not particularly easy, either even with the health regeneration feature. I had pretty rough times with Halo 3 in a few levels, even those at the beginning of the game.

And since they did try and incorporate the health regeneration feature as part of the story (with Spartan being some futuristic soldier and all), I think ‘stupid’ might be a little harsh.

ODST would most probably won’t have that feature, however, so expect it to get way more difficult and a lot more challenging. I’m sure you would find that more appealing to your taste, Bryko. :wink:

Ah, the legendary red ring of death. I only encountered it years after I bought my XBox 360. I was more than reluctant in paying Microsoft for a mistake they made, so I bought a new one thereafter.

I don’t think I’ve ever touched my Halo 3 after that. But then again, I don’t touch my Halo 3 a lot before that either… :laughing:

I have played Halo maybe once or twice in my life. I wasn’t really into it. I saw it as a fun party game with my friends. I will say that my favorite part of the game is hacking and slashing people with that cool looking sword.

Yeah I would agree also that it’s not long enough. It took me only three days to complete it, and I only played for a couple hours a day. :frowning:

Anyway I don’t really like the first Halo. It’s about as boring as metroid. :angry:

The second and third are definately improvments though.

I’m a pretty big Halo fan…I play Halo 3 almost everyday. :stuck_out_tongue: REALLY looking forward to Halo: ODST and Halo: Reach!!!

annarborjack - You don’t need Halo 3 or Xbox Live to actually play ODST’s single-player mode.

Oh yeah! But i think you do for firefight which look SWEET :cry:

I adore Halo… even if I suck at it. :laughing:

Fun Fact: Halo: Combat Evolved was going to be an RTS through a significant part of it’s development!

runs back into the shadows

Everyone knows that! I find it interesting…

No posts in 3 months? Well,here are some vidoc’s:

youtube.com/watch?v=IgPKgnNv … annel_page

Can’t wait to go and PreOrder Halo 3:ODST so I can play as Sgt.Johnson is firefight :smiley:

Everybody who has researched the Grunts probably know that I’m a Halo fan as well (look at my username or my avatar).

I’ve actually made mods of the game, but I don’t know how much else I can say without sounding nerdy. :blush:

I just got back from pre-ordering Halo 3:ODST.Now I can play Sgt.Johnson in Firefight Mode!

I don’t know why, but, despite I’m a Halo fan, I’m only a fan of Halo 1. The other two games just don’t do it for me; though I like the idea of some of the story through the Covenant POV, in the end, the Grunts just remain evil, proven by no friendly ones in the third (and did anyone notice how different they look in Halo 3? Real faithful, Bungie!). They also seemed to focus a little more on the action/violence than on the story suspense like in the first one.

It wasn’t just the storyline, though; as a soundtrack nut, I found the first game to be the only one of the three in which I felt most of the pieces were worth listening to; I liked a few original (not too many of those in the sequels, for some reason) cues from Halo 2, and that was it for the sequels. And, in relation to the first, many of the good pieces (such as the music that concludes the tale of Captain Keyes, putting it lightly) were never even officially released, meaning you have to either record the pieces or use a modding application to extract them instead of just getting the soundtrack CD.

In short, if you truly do like Halo 1 and haven’t played its sequels, I personally would not recommend doing so.

Wow,nobody has posted their thoughts on Halo 3:ODST here!
Anyways,I love it! A great new addition to the Halo series. 9/10 I say
And look at this:

Now THAT is impressive! :open_mouth:

Just created a Halo-related video:


Hope you all enjoy it! :smiley:

SgtYayap - I can see why you say that about Halo 1 compared to the other two games… I like all three games but whenever I sit down to play Halo, I always seem to pick out the first one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, just saw your video and I have on word to say, awesomeness.
I always knew those little guys weren’t bad. You should do a mod where you can play through the Campaign as a Grunt.

P.S. Do you have website where you can download theses mods.

I have done brief experiments for other mods, including playing as a Grunt. However, for the campaigns, that often means being unable to do some things important to progress in the game (i.e. getting into a Pelican). Maybe I’ll figure that out at some point, but, for now, I just can’t. :frowning:

As for a site to download them, sorry, but I don’t have them uploaded. I can provide you links to the software I used, though. :slight_smile:

Just extended my video. Many who read earlier in this thread will find out I finally overcame the getting-into-Pelican obstacle! :smiley:


Halo Legends DVD Cover!

Halo Legends will come out February 9.
It will be rated PG-13