Happy 1st Anniversary WALL•E

I know, I know, I’m one day late.
But I just thought WALL•E and EVE deserve a thread for their 1 year anniversary!
I love this movie immensly, profess your love for it here too!!!
June 27th, 2008

Wow, seems longer than a year! I’ve only seen it once, so I don’t really remember that much from it. :\ No worries though, I’m probably watching it this week. On another note, It’s 1 day from Up’s 1 month anniversary! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay! One year and a day ago I was watching a masterpiece before my eyes…

A year, seriously? It really doesn’t seem that long. :laughing: Happy birthday, WALL-E! :smiley:

To the movie that changed my life (and I’m sure, more than a few of the members here), Happy Anniversary to Wall-E! May your awesome-epic adventure and the studio that made it possible live on for many years to come!

I don’t know how to begin writing about how much this movie changed my life… I mean seriously, it takes a lot in a movie to really, truly impact me. The only other movie that has had such a profound effect on me as WALL•E has is Ratatouille.

I feel I’ll sound far too cliche if I go on to describe how this movie has touched me, because I said many things similar in my post over at the Ratatouille review thread. Although ever single film Pixar creates introduces to us so many lovable, cherishable characters that take root in our hearts like no other film can quite do, the cast from WALL•E seems especially significant and important to me… for some odd reason, I can’t put my finger on exactly why!

Each one has traits I can relate to. Every single character… especially M-O (due to the fact that I am crazy - and I mean crazy - OCD :laughing:). WALL•E is like me in that he desires so much to be discovered and loved by someone, yet is so curious and excited about the world around him - although most times it seems so empty and desolate. I see myself in EVE - that zeal she possesses for that which she was made to do, how she pursues it without compromise; I feel the same passion for those things I love and know I was made to do.

And M-O… there is a place for everything, and everything must be in its place! Yet the little guy is so eager to jump in on the action and help save the day. I feel emotional ties to Captain “Brandon” McCrea (as he has been lovingly named by my sister and I :slight_smile:) as well… even though he was unaware for most of his life, there was something inside of him that desired to learn about his forgotten past, and wanted to bring his generation into a whole new realm of living. That is what I want: to awaken my slumbering generation and lead them into a new way of life - show them that there is more to life than simply existing, and that each and every soul - no matter how pointless they may see their life - has a purpose and destiny in this world. None of us - not one - was brought into this world by accident. :slight_smile:

There are even ways in which I can connect with AUTO. I am a bit of a control freak at times, and when things don’t go according to plan I can get a bit edgy. The feeling of having someone else take the wheel is often nerve-wracking, and often times I fail to see the reason for someone else taking control. If I could simply see the bigger picture, I would probably give in a little bit easier. As much as I would like to fly my own ship, I know that the Hand of someone else will gently take control and guide me exactly to where I need to be.

Even the “minor” characters, like the Reject bots - every one of them has a quirk about them that is also a tiny part of me. As I’ve said, it is though every character in this film is like little bits of me scattered here and there.

And I know that if I continue to wait, and live my life as I normally do for now, the true love that I have been waiting so patiently for is going to come to me - as EVE came to WALL•E - and from then, it will “only [take] a moment… to be loved a whole life long…” <3

I rambled. Oh gosh. This is sincerely my heart, you guys. I wanted to say something sincere about how this movie changed my life and there you have most of it! A shout-out goes to director extraordinaire Andrew Stanton and the entire team at Pixar for creating such a wonderfully beautiful film that I and so many others will cherish well into our years. Thank you all so very much. Your hard work is appreciated far more than you will probably ever know.

little chef

No biggie chef, I’m the same way about Up. I’m thinking about doing a Dragon-esque review of it at some point, breaking down every plot point, scene, element of design, I can think of. I’ll wait til about a week after the global release, so as to avoid any spilling of spoilers, plus, I can get the full script down before then (I figure I’ve got about 95% of it memorized word for word) so I can review better from memory.

It’s nice to know that someone else has felt as impacted as I have about Up, regardless of what movie it’s about. More power to ya! Pixar’s really amazing like that. :smiley:

When I first heard of Wall-E, I didn’t think too much about it cuz I thought it was gonna be boring lol. But last Wednesday, when I was forced to watch it (we have a movie day every Wednesday at this summer fun program I’m working at) I fell in love with it lol. I can’t stop thinking about it cuz its sooooo awesome. Lots of parts made me feel warm and fuzzy inside :stuck_out_tongue:

I especially like EVE lol. I like the voice, look, and facial expressions :smiley:

Happy Birthday Wall•E!

Hopefully some of the others like Le_chocolat and Actine will see this thread. I had been watching the countdown to one year for the past few months, but somehow got caught up in the Up hoopla (which yesterday became the #1 top movie of 2009, so far). How embarrassing that we missed the June 27th opening. Shame on us all!

Wall•E was the only reason I came to this website. (It was tempting to go online and talk about one other film, 10 years ago, but never did.) When I saw that the movie was going to be out of the theaters soon, I bought the cd, and it was so good that I couldn’t wait any longer and finally registered, rather than just coming here to read stuff. Few movies have much of a loyal following, as an example just try to find a site for Kung Fu Panda, or even DreamWorks (poor DW). Guess you have to go to rottentomatoes or some such place and read brief comments. It’s nice to know that the earlier Pixar movies paved the way for this gathering place.

The idea for him is about 15 years old, that lunch in 1994. But most of us only know him as being a year old, with perhaps a few months earlier seeing an ad. So, for the 0-2 Pixar employees who come to this website and actually see this thread and actually worked on the movie, thanx. Now plz read the adjacent “Wall-E sequel?” thread… lol.

There are many personal reasons for which Wall•E affected me deeply, so I can’t expect most other viewers to have the same kind of feeling. Many interesting people have told me that they merely “loved Wall•E”. My response was on a whole different plane. I don’t call myself a fanatic or obsessed with it. It’s more like a cause to be taken up, a calling. Yes folks, I distinctly hear Wall•E calling out “yoo-hoo” to me. And I’m bored with what I really do in life. I don’t see the results, it’s all rather nebulous. I’m certain that several people at Pixar have indirectly been educated or stimulated by the service that I provide just a few miles away. But I will never know for sure, since there isn’t any recognition process.


To a movie with heart and the cutest robot ever, I hope you inspire many people in the years to come and that you are just as enjoyable in 50 years’ time as you have been for 1 year already.

Oh wow, has it been a year? Yeah I guess it has. Fun flies when yer having a good time. Anyway, Happy 1st Anniversary WALL-E! :smiley:

One year? Already? It doesn’t seem that long…

Anyhow, your probably expecting a wall of text from me as to how much I love Wall-E, along with the characters he experiences in the movie, but I’ll save you the trouble and hope that you understand how much I care about this movie and how much it’s changed me. Thank you Pixar, you’ve made for many good days ahead.

~ Mygames19

Just wondering if there has been any sort of celebration beyond our little thread here. I’m so tempted to go to Pixar and stand outside with some sort of ‘Thank you’ sign. But then they will think Ima kook. You need at least two people, and three is even better, looks like a movement.

If I had done so, I’m sure to have been given a piece of the yellow (with black stripes) birthday cake. Hmmm… well, we do indeed need a cake on this occasion, so here you go:

Just for kicks... Here the consensus isn’t clear, but perhaps he mutated into a rare Costa Rican yellow frog from all the mutagens in the environment.


Happy first anniversary WALL-E. That was a fast year. Pixar continues to impress.

Those are awesome! I was actually wanting an Up cake for my B-day in about a month. (one of the house would be cool.) The life-size one is really amazing. I didn’t know cake could do that!

I’m gonna watch Wall•E tomorrow, so I’ll be posting back here again probably, Happy B-Day little guy!

A full day of celebration, in fact:

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Yes, the Wall-E Forum is having a massive celebration there now… :slight_smile:
Is instantly reminded of cheesy Kool & The Gang number

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year. Happy birthday Wall-E, you were one of the best movies I have ever seen!

Yes indeed, they did! :smiley: I wanted to participate in the viewing, but I had my own personal one. I planned on having it at 10 pm on June 27, because that was the first time I saw WALL-E, but I took a nap and woke up at 1:35 am the next day. So I immediately watched it even though I was late. I am a little disappointed in myself, because I had been planning that anniversary viewing for months. In about February, I forced myself not to watch WALL-E until June 27, 10 pm. And I missed it. :frowning:

Anyways, it was still as magical as ever. That film never ceases to amaze me, and I don’t think it ever will. I remember saying as soon as the credits started rolling, “This is my new favorite movie. Period”. My opinion hasn’t changed since. And it’s not like I’m biased or narrow-minded towards other movies. There simply just isn’t a film better than WALL-E, IMO. The story is so unique and beautiful. The animation is detailed to perfection. The score is breathtaking. When I first walked into the theater, I thought, “This is just going to be another cute Pixar movie”. It was much more than that. And now I am inspired to pursue the passion I have always had but never thought possible for me: film.

I remember when I came home from the theater: I immediately searched everything WALL-E/Pixar related I could find, and I was lead here. This was the first Pixar-related forum I found, so I will forever remember this place. I loved everyone’s enthusiasm and wanted so badly to participate, but didn’t feel worthy. I’m not one of those cool people who’s uncle’s best friend’s husband’s formed roommate works at Pixar. I don’t live in California or know anyone who works in film. I am a mere peasant. :blush:

The past year would have been very different without WALL-E. I underwent a lot of projects and things relating to WALL-E. I made a video, wrote a fan-fiction, organized a community scrapbook that was sent to Pixar themselves (hopefully they looked at it. I know it got there), went to DIsney World, etc. etc. It was a really fun ride. I have so many great memories from the past year thanks to WALL-E. I just wish it wouldn’t all end.

Happy Anniversary to WALL-E, EVE, Andrew Stanton, Ben Burtt, Thomas Newman, and all the wonderful people who made WALL-E change our lives!

In the spirit of the movie, I am recycling this poor old thread to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of our dear friend. Also, being a bit of a contrarian is involved, tee-hee.

What have I done in the past year with Wall-E? Not enough! There have been 7-8 issues of Wall-e from BoomKids, most of which I just bought and haven’t read. I see the movie about every 2-3 months or so, and watch the featurettes on the dvd about every 9 months. There have been numerous appearances of Wall-E and friends in the Disney and Me kids magazine, and a nice story in the Xmas book, heavily talked about here. But the many projects I was hoping to work on will have to wait to start until the end of summer. Only one, a screenplay, has been chugging along nicely. Most of my projects are ‘secret’ projects, black box projects ‘hush-hush’ and such.

Lately, been watching on a dvd series something called “Ecology and the Human Environment” by a guy who looks somewhat like Mr. Stanton and who hails from the same Boston area. It was very costly to purchase, even used, just one copy was available. This scientist involves himself with lots of little critters, as opposed to little fishes/bots. I had been on a geology / environmental history kick for about 3 years previous to our cubing friend.

As for this website, I mostly have gone to the Up forum and posted some things there. I’m a stranger to most of the subforums here.