Hellllooo, Dolly!

I watched Hello, Dolly (I’m actually watching it right now)!

I’m not surprised that WALL-E loves this movie!

It’s hysterical, hopelessly romantic and full of high-action. When you first watch it, you won’t be able to stop dancing, and WALL-E learned well. For those who are familiar with the characters, Cornelius is very much like WALL-E and Irene is very much like EVE. It’s great. :wink:

Cool :smiley: how’s your brother? Does he hate me?

Of course not, my friend!

Okay. :smiley: I was grounded, I can’t talk to him now, and just wanted to make sure he wasn’t.

No he’s not mad.

I was talking about you whilst I was cleaning up the kitchen this morning! Whatcha been up to?

Band camp, boredom, aloneness D:

Aw! :frowning:

We’ve been revamping a113podcasting.com! We’ve got some PP pals on there (sometime I better get on there. I might get on Konrad about it).

I was in a production of Hello, Dolly! It was so much fun. What a good show!

I’ve never seen a production but the movie is great! It’s got Barbra Streisand in it and she has an awesome voice in it.

Carol Channing (the original) will always be Dolly to me :slight_smile:

…So is this a vague, flufffy happiness movie like it looked in WALL-E?

Lol! Vague? You will lol’ing all over the place, but there is one precious part when Cornelius says “I can’t help myself!” and kisses Irene hard. Is that fluffy?

Yes it is very, very happy!

I am a big musical and theater freak. I can’t act, but I love watching musicals and plays! Anyway, Hello Dolly is defintely not one of my favorites. I personally didn’t really like the plot. However, the songs are fantastic! And my favorite of the Hello Dolly songs were used in WALL-E.

I watched Dolly last year out of curiosity after seeing it in Wall-E. It is a very cheerful and upbeat film about going outside your comfort zone and seeking new friends. And of course, the songs are utterly charming! I didn’t dig the theme song, but I liked ‘Elegance’ and ‘It Only Takes a Moment’. <3

P.S. I was playing ‘POYSC’ on piano today, and my dad and bro asked me about it. I explained it was “from a film with Barbara Streissand in it. It’s a Roger Hammestein-style musical where a cute woman tries to win the heart of a grumpy man. And that two guys go to town and make a pact not to return until they find the girls of their dreams.” And then my dad started playing Streissand numbers on his computer during dinner. :slight_smile:

LOL! That’s pretty good TDIT!

A lot of people don’t like her voice, but I don’t mind it that much. It’s actually pretty nice! :slight_smile:

I agree, she does actually have a very nice voice.

Dolly is a very traditional musical, and I do see the similarities. For instance, “The Waiter’s Gallop” is a classic liitle wake up number for the audience. The structure of the show is quite Rodgers and Hammerstein.

I love “Hello, Dolly!” and enjoyed how it was used in Wall-E. The score is actually by Jerry Herman (who also wrote “Mame”), and the story is based on the play “The Matchmaker” by Thornton Wilder. “H,D!” is a fun, bouncy, old-fashioned romantic musical comedy. And for those who don’t already know this, the movie Cornelius is a young Michael Crawford, who was later famous as the original star of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Phantom of the Opera.”

I think Barnaby and Minnie have always been my favorite “Dolly” characters. And “Dancing” is definitely my favorite number.

I actually watched this movie a while ago… it was actually pretty good! No wonder WALL-E loves it so much. Besides, it gives me some more source material to use for my Directive series now. :wink:

The whole restaurant scene is fun, and so is the first time Cornelius and Barnaby meet Irene and Minnie in their hat store, and also the part where everyone is dancing in the park.

I’m glad you liked it! (I still need to see it)