IMPORTANT: Attn. All Toy Story Board Frequents

Please read this announcement in its entirety. This is a very important matter and it needs to be fully understood.

A rule created on July 9, 2010 explicitly states that the public trade of goods, tangible or intangible, for money or another item of value, is not permitted on any section of the Pixar Planet forum. It further states that soliciting your goods on another site is not allowed, either. Please review this rule for the rest of the details, including what is allowed concerning auctions and listings, etc.

We made one exception for a particular member some time ago, but since we have allowed that to happen, this board in particular has become overrun with buyers, sellers, and solicitors. We must adhere to our own rules on this matter.

The moderating team as a whole has decided that as of February 14, 2013, all buying, selling, and/or trading of any kind of merchandise will be terminated. There will be no exceptions. You have until this date to find another outlet or website for these kinds of transactions - PixarPlanet is not the place to do this, nor was it ever. Again, we are simply enforcing a rule that was put into place quite some time ago.

Once this date has rolled around, all of the threads created with the specific intention of buying or selling merchandise will be locked and moved from the Toy Story boards. Any new thread that is opened after this date with the same intention will be immediately locked and moved without an explanation besides this one.

With the PixarPlanet Awards coming up, and with this rule enforcement being enacted, any of the relevant threads being discussed here are disqualified from nomination or voting during the awards.

Questions can be sent to any member of the moderating team, but we are keeping our foot down on this matter.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

little chef and the Moderating Team

Just a reminder that this goes into effect as of today. Between myself and the rest of the moderating team, any boards relating to the buying, selling, or trading of merchandise will be locked and moved throughout the day and over the next few days as we clean up the boards.

Thank you again for your cooperation and understanding on this matter.

little chef