Toy Story Replicas (No trading-related posts please)

Never seen the original Mr. Mike this was the toy before the movie. The movie’s version looks a little different. The green nose doesn’t have the on and off labels and the mouth is not outlined black but silver and other small differences. That’s a cool piece you have there!

its the most movie accurate. the post ones didnt have the on off symbols on and have mike faces on too, these were not on the film version. also the movie version had the radio am and fm on and not voice changer.

also the top operating buttons on the post movie ones are wrong

Thanks for the picture Emma, but if you look at your own picture, he clearly is standing about 1 to 2 inches above ground level.

Thanks for the picture toystory21, this picture furthers the strength of my argument. If you were to put Pete right next to the box, both his belly and bandana are lower than the box’s window. When he is in the box, both his belly and bandana are way above the window. Thus, the inside of the box is elevated above ground level.


As of February 14th, we re-enforced a rule created long ago that the public trade of goods, tangible or intangible, for money or another item of value, is not permitted on any section of the Pixar Planet forum.

All threads relating to this kind of activity were closed on February 14th. This one was left open only for the purpose of discussing Toy Story Replicas, not buying, selling, or trading them.

If this activity of any kind is spotted taking place via this topic in particular, it will be shut down.

I spotted a couple posts of this nature here, so I’m simply giving you a warning right now and making you all aware once again that we are sticking firmly to our guidelines on this matter. There will be no exceptions.

Thank you for your cooperation.

little chef

I’m pretty sure he’s at least 12 inch tall ^^’

This a completely serious question, and sorry if it raises an offense. But if you have the ability to edit members posts, why not act like every other message board I’ve been too and if you see a POST in violation of the rules, simply edit it?

Threatening to shut down an entire thread based on “replicas” which is one of the top two threads, and why anyone actually comes to this board anymore seems counter productive, if you want a popular site at least.

It’s like if one member came and wrote non stop swear words all over one particular thread, would you delete the thread? Or the the member/post?

It feels like you’re trying to make a power play on the Toy Story board imparticular and thats unfortunate because I feel like I’m a part of that. I understand my two threads were in violation of the previously established rule, then given an excemption, then no longer (after I assume absolutely zero complaints) But I’m no longer going to advertise any items on here again and will go straight to eBay (buyer protection and all that jazz).

You’re going to get people wondering where they can get the items in this particular thread, I think threatening to shut down the MOST POPULAR thread on this board (especially since Thinkway is done) is just going to discourage members from even stopping by at all.

Instead of just deciding what’s best for everyone, occasionally leaders should ask what the people really want. Well at least in free countries and no dictatorships lol

Just my two cents.

I agree with my learned friend Slink!

Hey Slink, I have to agree with you on a few points there. I really don’t want to be the bad guy and come off as all domineering here, I’m simply trying to enforce the rules. It seems that this tends to be a place that garners a lot of that kind of traffic, which is why I felt the need to remind people of the rule and the fact that we’re strictly enforcing it now.

However, I may have taken it too far by saying I’d shut down the thread, and for that I apologize. Again, that was only because I felt that this thread in particular was a magnet for the solicitations and figured that since they might keep coming, it would be grounds to shut down this thread, as well. I agree with you about editing the posts, and will do that from now on.

The reason why the Toy Story board happens to be targeted for this is because it’s literally the only section of PixarPlanet that we’ve been seeing buying and trading occurring.

I really hate to be the one always saying this stuff and rehashing the issue. I appreciate you bringing up your concerns, and will certainly take note of the things you mentioned. I hope this helps a bit!

little chef

That’s fair enough. I’d imagine since Toy Story is the only pixar film that you can actually acquire replicas, it would be the only board that has the solicitations. But the fact that the Toy Story board is the only board with the ALL CAPS warning at the top, it seemed a little harsh.

I also understand that the previous “incident” scared a few moderators as well as caused a lot of headaches, and of course that was also on the toy story board. I tend to notice a lot of mods here are younger (when I say young, I mean under 25) and not from the USA. I know at this point, it is more or less irrevelent, but you were dealing with an “internet tough guy” who was simply blowing smoke who had absolutely no legal action possible. Hard to sue someone for slander when they’ve been arrested for being a con artist.

I’d like to point out that as far as my knowledge, I’ve never had a complaint as a buyer or seller on here. I’ve actually met some really cool people thru trading. I hope someday the board can establish an actual trading area. YOu can put up disclaimers about it being your own risk, and perhaps like the disney vinylmation fad, we can even have a “trading score” where people with positive experiences with someone can rank someone a “good” or “bad” trader.

But most importantly, I, along with everyone else, just don’t want to feel like if we post any replicas we make and someone says"hey could you make and sell me one?" that they are going to get the thread closed. It’s literally the only thread that some people even read and contribute too.

What I meant by “movie’s version”, is the one that was produced under the Toy Story line not the one in the actual film. I think yours is specially rare since it’s the legit one the movie was based on.

Well it’s been almost 3 years, but that argument can finally be put to rest! Thanks andy!

Slink you’ve been here quite a while lol :wink:

Help me understand why you don’t want people to buy or trade with other members? It’s at our own risk, so why do you mind? I personally am a member on a G.I. JOE forum and we buy and trade G.I. JOEs and accessories and custom G.I. JOEs. It’s where fans get together and help each other out. It just doesn’t make any sense at all why you would be against buy/trading. If anything, you should be encouraging these actions. Just make it clear that it is at our own discretion and pixarplanet assumes no responsibility. This will make your website or at least this forum thrive and create a spirit of goodwill and fellowship that exists between members. The G.I. JOE website is awesome and thrives on its members buying/trading and selling. It also creates NEW fans for PIXAR.

I love you Slink.

totally agree well said

You’re my favourite deputy!

thought i would post a pic of my new zurg and as you can see i popped in three yellow balls into his blaster

on a roll today so here is my jolly chimp too.