Toy Story Replicas (No trading-related posts please)

This picture is a perfect example of Toy Story replicas. Mixed throughout the collection of Toy Story Collection toys and exact movie model toys are modifications, and replicas. This looks like the film in real life. Collection belongs to member Wampar:

This thread is for any and all NON-Toy Story Collection (official, by thinkway) prop replicas or found items. Found items being things that existed as real things that were put into the movie, and replica meaning a replica of its interpretation on screen. I am specifically speaking of true movie scale, and not smaller varity knick knacks or toys. I am treating this like I would any other prop deconstruction from film, as alot of “props” in the Toy Story films can be obtained.

I will update this post regularly with the replicas, or “Found items” available.

So far, released just under a month ago, we have this Hamm. Made available only at select Disney Store, and Disney Outlets. This 1:1 replica Hamm is made exactly like his film counterpart, and the only inaccurcies are the pads under his feet, there for safety.

I have emailed Thinkway numerous times about their supposed Hamm shown at the Disney Expo, and they have been very consistant in the canceling of his release due to the Disney Store Hamm.


Print this out on translucent paper to make a cool prop! (insert it over any etch screen, cut to size, etc)

Fisher Price “Chatter Phone” (ts3)

A vintage toy now widely available online, or some brick and mortar stores.

places to order: … 8wIwADgA#p

Chatter Phone:

“Toddle Tots” Firetruck, which appeared in Toy Story. This is no longer made, but can always be found on ebay. There is a re-release of the Firetruck itself, but it does not come with the accurate Toddle Tots.

Next up we have ol Mr. Mic Made by Playskool and a replica was once available. Now the only way to obtain is to search auctions online, using clever wording as “childrens karaoke” “cassette player playskool” etc, Get creative because I regularly see them go for less than original retail, as opposed to the ones listed “TOY STORY MR MIC” that tend to go for $100 or more.

Like I said, this thread is here to help, and if I have any personal tips on obtaining those rare items I will help gladly. The movie means alot to me and others as well.

Sids Shirt:

The troll in Toy Story is the 6" kind, but I cant find one with the EXACT bikini/swimsuit at all, but thats an “easy” fix. The troll itself like this, are widely available, but study the pictures closely to make sure you got one like this. Which is the exact body style, sculpt, and at 6", as there are alot of Troll variety. Blue eyes.

Here is some info on making Troll specific clothes,

And here is a picture, free to use, that I have compiled which is pretty close to the fabric the Troll has. I made this for anyone here to use, and print an accurate trail suit, so feel free by all means:

And here is how to obtain replica fabric for the Troll, using the photo I supplied above: … re=related

I know the Troll isnt a main character, but one looking exactly as it does on screen in every way would only compliment one’s collection

Tour Guide Barbie:
Also, Tour Guide Barbie:

make sure you get a vintage looking one, as new releases have a clear top ring

The yellow barrel is rarer, but still made: … 79189.html

Hey Folks,

Drill a hole smaller than your spare squeaker, and insert the squeaker.
Viola, instantly %100 more cool.


Here is the squeaking video.
(video 1, the making of, has no sound)

This is for the Thinkway collection Aliens, in either 3 pack form or single pack.

Once again, all you do is grab a drill, and a bit slightly smaller than your squeaker, and your halfway done. Drill the hole, and insert, and you’re fully complete. 2 minutes later, your aliens squeak and look good doing it. No modification markings will remain visible as the only thing you’re altering on the sculpture itself is the hole which will be covered by the lip of the squeaker you’re inserting.

After modifications, nothing has changed except the right thing:


OH, well if this forum is about toys that are like the Toy Story Collection without being considered canon to the authentic set, let me post this Lenny:

It came from the Burger King promotional toys back when the first Toy Story came out. He’s to scale compared to Woody and Buzz and his eyes are movable. It’s a pretty cool wind up and I’m really fond of him.

Actually, this Lenny is not to scale, he’s undersized.

Meh, close enough for people to consider it in their collection.

Also, here’s an Etch A Sketch:

I agree with PixarBuiler, because while the scale is scewed, he is nearly %100 accurate in that he winds up and has a very close sculpt and features.

The Etch a Sketch is an example of a “found item” meaning its an off the shelf item. Pick one up (the exact make and model posted above) and you’ve got yourself a Toy Story prop “found item”. The same manor as a plush penguin called “Mummford” is the same one “Joey” has on “Friends”, which would be called a found item prop. (although they’re rare, hahha, gf watches it but I’ll take the blame)

I’ve actually known people to make the grape soda can seen setting on the dads table in Toy Story, (also the same grape company that the UP button features), so I do love seeing replicas, hahah. I thank you folks for the contributions

If you love replicas, you should join my website for custom Pixar Builds @ [url] It’s not much, yet, but I’m trying to bring together some of the internet’s best homemade builds for PIXAR items. We’d love it for you to post some stuff there.

Also, please check out my flickr set for my own custom made PIXAR builds: [url][/url]

Here’s a Rocky I found:

and I’ll admit that this Snake really stinks, but its pretty close to the one in the movie:

A replica to the movie Snake does not exist, I have been looking since 95. I would really, really want one though. He is similar to the snakes of the swivel kind, that we all know exist at most $1 stores, but his segments “go the other way” if that makes sense. Otherwise there would be a close to. Factor in also that he has a very specific head, which has not been reproduced.

The Rocky is great 1:2 scale prop. In the film he is a 12" Buzz sized figure.

there are a few replicas out there that were exclusives to Japan I believe. Like the wheezy aqueak toy and an accurate prospector(no pullstring). I would kill to find one of those prospectors for a good deal

I just found Babyface:

And the Janie doll:

Very accurate, if you find those, please post here and I’ll add to the first post.

I’ve been looking for the 35 piece Tinker Toy Big Builder set, with the all blue backing and red lid same as Woody had. I cant find pics of the real deal online, but know %100 one exists. My friend had the exact one at the time, and I was obssesed then with accuracy as I am now haha.

Kyle Awesome, I was looking for that shirt! I want to get one.

That Janie doll is awesome, I never knew they made that. Is that a figure or a lifesizer?

The Spiderbaby looks cool, but the head is half scale, and the parts to make his body actually exist. But that toy is the closest.

I know this isn’t exact replica, but it’s the closest one I could find.

I guess depending on the size of Luxo Jr. this may or may not be to scale.

And whats off about it exactly?

Well, it’s hard to tell on this photo but on the star ball is not smooth like the ball in Luxo Jr.- it’s made of thicker rubber and has thick indentations that make it look like a four-square ball.

EDIT (from last post): The ball actually IS pretty close to scale, being 8’’ in diameter. It’s extremely expensive but you can find it on ebay: … 2a05b46bb2

I think I’d rather make my own.

I too would rather make my own, I was thinking about that the other day. A standard rubber ball+masking tape+stencils+plastidip spray= 1 star ball

Hmmmm, plastidip spray. I was thinking using something like silicon adhesive paint but your idea seems a lot more feasible.

Im sure some of you will remember this posted a while back, but in this Dream Home Tour" their Toy Story inspired room has a replica of Andy’s Toy box. … index.html

Dont think its available for sale though.