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Pixar are releasing a new movie on 30th may 2014. I couldn’t see any other topic mentioning this !
What does everyone think it could be? another sequel or a new concept?

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^Most of it is about marvel, but pixar is mentioned just before the end of the article.

I just read this at the Pixar Blog: … -2014.html

They point out that the November 2013 movie was confirmed to be an original concept when they announced the release date, but they didn’t say that for this one. I think it’ll most likely be Toy Story 4 (there’s a lot of speculation, just look at the John Lasseter interview), or perhaps even… The Incredibles 2?
crosses fingers

They also point out that Pixar will be at the D23 Expo next week, and hopefully they’ll announce the titles of one (if not both) of their secret projects.

Well I sure hope it’s not Toy Story 4! :slight_smile:
I’d love for another film directed by Andrew Stanton, or maybe another Stanton/Lasseter collaberation, although I don’t think it’s likely.

Its either going to be Docter, Unkrich, or a new director entirely. Stanton is working on John Carter still, so 2014 is too early for his next film, and I think Lasseter is still trying to get new directors. I hope its a new director, someone like Pete Sohn or Teddy Newton.

I said this before but I hope it’s not another sequel (especially another Toy Story). It’ll just worry me even more about Pixar’s track record since there has been too many sequels lately. If it is TS4, I might not even see it unless if people say it’s really really good.

Well, maybe one day… :smiley:

But yeah, Pete Sohn or Teddy Newton would be awesome, or maybe Gary Rydstrom needs another shot…is he still at Pixar?

Gary Rydstrom directed Hawaiian Vacation, so he’s still at Pixar. I hope he’s working on a new film, but I think 2014 sounds too soon. 2015 maybe.

I love you now. 8D

Anyway, I have no idea what this would be. I just hope to God it isn’t Toy-Story 4.

I would love to find out what these films will be. If The second film ends up being a sequel I would love it to be The Incredibles 2. I hope that it is not Toy Story 4. They might both be original films, but anyway I can’t wait to find out what they are.

I’d love for them both to be originals, but I wouldn’t dispute an Incredibles sequel :slight_smile:

I really really hope to God that they make an Incredibles sequel. If they did, my life would be perfect. Please God and Pixar, do it!!!

I would really love an Incredibles sequel too.

Pixar should not do an Incredibles sequel just because the fans want it. It would be great if they did one, but I only want it if the filmmakers have a good story and an artistic desire to make another movie.

I’d be psyched if Teddy Newton was directing this new movie!

Well, yes, a sequel for solely money obviously would be disappointing. But, I still hope for it regardless.

I love toy story but i dont think there is a reson for a 4th movie

I wouldnt mind if it was the incredibles 2. The first one kinda endened with a cliffhanger.

I’m glad I’m not the only one praying it’s not Toy Story 4, despite what Tom Hanks implied. The third film ended it perfectly, let’s just leave it at that. If it’s Cars 3 or Incredibles 2, I might be interested, but I’d rather Pixar do an original film. Maybe it might be Newt resurrected, but it’s a looong shot after they so definitively buried it. :neutral_face:

I would like to see Newt come back but it probably won’t happen for quite some time. Remember, Wall-E was concieved back in 1994 and we didn’t get that until 2008. Same thing with Cars, it was concieved back in 1996 under a different story and would of been released in 1999. Lasseter’s road trip with his family reinspired him to rewrite it and we got that in 2006. I don’t think Newt will be the 11/27/13 original. If it was I think they would of at least announced it.

I hope that this isn’t toy Story 4, because that would just ruin me. I mean, I grew up with these characters, seeing the third film as a teenager was a treat, because I could see it from a whole new perspective then I could when I watched the first two films for the first time. In short, the third film was great, and the months awaiting it’s release were insane! I remember about two or three years ago when I first told my dad that they were making Toy Story 3, and we had been reading any kind of news up until it got released (And, ironically, I ended up spoiling the ending for myself). But do I want a Toy Story 4? Absolutely not! I would rather have either an original film, The Incredibles 2, or Ratatouille Touille (See what I did there?).

If this is Toy Story 4, I’m afraid I’ll have to pick another favorite company.

^ Agreed.