Inside Out Merchandise

In order to remove the cluster of images from the original Inside Out thread, I will post merchandise for the film here.

Prior to the Toy Fair, we know that these figures are being made by TOMY:

And these plushies of the characters:

Stitch Kingdom also mentioned a playset for Riley’s Headquarters and individual figures for each emotion and their memory sphere.

What I found surprising was how some of Funko’s line for the characters mention “secret characters”. One of the images display a character that hasn’t been revealed yet:

Could he be another imaginary character?

I also found images of various scented-supplies and wall decals that have images of Bing Bong:

In the coming months, we might see more images of the new characters. I wonder if a Riley plush will be made?

I’m so glad you made this thread. These make me so excited! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of this merch. The wait is going to be hard. I really like the wall decals, the notebooks, and the Funko mystery figures. The unicorn is new, I wonder who that is?

This movie is going to be so good!

I know, the amount of merchandise that’s being teased is too big for just one post. :smiley:

Also, Inside Out is getting an “Art of…” book in a similar fashion of the other films.

EDIT: I found a video for some of the toys shown at Toy Fair: [url]- YouTube

I am going to spend all of my money on this movie, I just know it. I want all the plush toys! :smiley:

Awesome stuff! I hope to see some of this merchandise hit the Disney Store soon.

Speaking of Inside Out merchandise, some of it is now available for pre-order on! :smiley:

Earlier in January, I found some Inside Out fruit snacks at Walmart. It seems strange to me though that they would put out merch like 6 months before the film comes out.

Sooo cute! Love how detailed those figures are! I need the Sadness plush 8D Interesting to see those “mystery” characters—just gets your mind goin’ more for who they’ll be in the film!

I wonder when all these will be released? I know the funko pops are set for may according to entertainment earth, but I wonder if some products will make it to shelves late April?

TOMY really gave Disgust some eyelashes that slayy.

I’m really looking forward to the pins that will be released for the movie.

Surprise, surprise. The hidden Funko figure is Bing Bong:

Whoo! I am so excited to get this merchandise…I think we’re getting closer! :smiley: And recently I found an international listing on eBay for a plush of Joy…and there’s also a junior novelization still available for pre-order, but it may be coming out to the shelves next week.

Prepare your wallets, collectors. The merchandise is here!

Ohhhh man, I want it all! :open_mouth: The 2D-style art is just too cute! I’m especially digging the scented erasers and reversible bag…

A couple of weeks ago I got an “Inside Out” book called “Driven by Emotions”. Then I got the junior novelization shortly afterwards. But what I really want right now are the Disney Store exclusives Bing Bong plush and mug!

I got a lot of Inside Out merchandise in the Press Day’s goodie baskets!

So now I have a reversable Inside Out tote bag, 5 pins (one of each emotion), an Anger Stressball, a t-shirt, and a notebook. I also got a poster for Lava.

TOMY just updated their website to include their Inside Out line-up:

Bing Bong has more merchandise here. This Sadness plush is particularly adorable. The thick rimmed glasses <3

I like how the detailed the memory balls are on some of these toys.

A while ago I got this Little Golden Book called “The Bing Bong Book”.