Knick Knack

LOL, I never though of doing it that

way to see it, thanks buddy. :laughing:

Heh – no problem! :wink:

I’m away to set up Knick Knack and TS2 on two different TV’s now. LOL.

There’s showings

tonight of Nightmare Before Christmas at this cinema near me and what’s interesting is that they’re showing

Knick Knack beforehand! Wonder why…

lennonluvr9 - Ehem – Tim Burton-Pixar collaboration…perhaps? :wink:

Yeah maybe. :slight_smile: That sure was interesting to notice


If you guys listen to

the ending credits music of Knick Knack, you will all agree with me when I say: School.

Think about it.

“Blah, Blah, Blah?”

Yeah actually, i never thought of that

before, but it does kinda remind me of that. Also a little of the teachers in those Charlie Brown specials who

never spoke words but just made sounds…

guess what? today I bought a little penguin in a snow globe, and it reminded me of the

snowman trying to get out of the snow globe. :laughing:

I wonder

what it does once you leave the room? Does the penguin have the Pixar magic?

uhh, i don’t know, heheh he

might chat to my little plastic Doc car, or talk to my tiny little figure of Dash ( it’s a McD toy, but I keep

it cuz Dash rulz)

Does anybody know

if they actually had these “knick knacks” made? You know for collector purposes. :wink: :mrgreen:

What do

you mean? Like are the “knick knacks” that were used in the film, real “knick-knacks”? I

don’t know. I think I seen something like the snowman one, but I don’t really know.

As far as I’m aware, when Knick-Knack was created, the

people at Pixar used real knick-knacks that they themselves owned to influence the short itself. I think they say

this on the commentary of Knick-Knack, though I’m not entirely sure…

Well, I theorize that the Knick-Knacks that were used in the movie are kept in a special place

at the Pixar Studios.

Knick Knack is

probably my favourite Pixar short film. :smiley:

Really, wow! I didn’t know anybody liked it that much! It was kind of goofy, if you ask


Pixel Candy - Heheh – cool! It’s my favorite, too! :smiley:

Gasduude - It’s the goofiness of it that makes it so engaging and funny.

I’ve always loved Knick-Knack. :wink:

I agree with Gasduude. It was too silly for

me. The characters were cute, but I think I was happy after it was over.

Yes so true so true 8D