Lee Unkrich's next feature film

According to a couple of tweets from his Twitter account @leeunkrich on March 10, Lee Unkrich revealed that he’ll be onto the next chapter of his journey with Pixar, at the back of an absolute masterpiece that is Toy Story 3.

This thread is dedicated to anything related to this obscure and vague project, from rumors to facts, from speculations to official announcements. Me personally, I’m delighted!

Maybe Toy Story 3, Part 2: Stinky Pete’s Back!! No, just kidding. Nice idea for a thread. :slight_smile:

Whatever it is, I can’t wait! This will probably be out in 2015 at the earliest right?

Tbh I have no clue. It can be a 2014 release, too, if Pete Docter’s next project is due in 2013. No idea at all what it will be, but I hope it’s an original feature, not a sequel.

Speaking of sequels, it seems like Unkrich will also not be majorly involved with Monsters Inc 2, meaning both original directors of the first Monsters Inc will not be returning. I hope it’s Bob Peterson at the helm for MI 2.

^ My exact thoughts. My director of choice for MI2 would be Bob Peterson.

I’ve been wondering what Lee will be up to, he’s fantastic. I hope he’s doing an original film, I wonder what he’ll do, the world is his oyster!

I’m really anticipating this one. With only TS3, Lee became one of my favorite persons in the company.

I’m also looking forward to anything Peter Docter is cooking up.

I agree, Lee showed that he was a very capable director. I really hope those two products will be ground-breaking original features in the Pixar way that we all came to love. Early words is that Docter’s idea is very ambitious and amazing. I’m pretty excited.

The one thing I’m a bit worried about is that we might have to wait till 2014 or 2015 for those features to come out. It will be a while. I’m really really curious to see if Disney/Pixar have something up their sleeves for 2013. I’m pretty sure that they will, because if they don’t, then they probably would’ve planned Monsters University for 2013 instead of cramming two in 2012.

Why don’t they just make some announcement already!!!

we will probably see Pixar’s future feature films schedule next year, I am sure Pete’s and Lee’s projects will be shown there

A bunch of years untill his next movie from the looks of things. Which is nice he’s got a long, long time to get some new ideas and can take his time with it :smiley: The last thing I want is for any Pixar director to rush into their movies, but we all know that doesn’t happen.

I’m very interested to see what non-sequel ideas he has. This time it will truly be his franchise, not his piece of a franchise.

I think Lee could probably do even better with an original movie than the conclusion to a movie series. Eagerly anticipating it :sunglasses:

Although this is much too far in the future to speculate, I’m interested in knowing what reference he’ll make to The Shining in this film. He had one in TS3, and as much as The Shining influenced him, I’m certain he’ll make another one in his original film

Something’s telling me that Lee’s next feature will come out in 2014, which is the mysterious movie reported in the latest Disney’s updated slate.

pixartimes.com/2011/08/08/new-pi … -for-2014/

Docter in Nov. 2013, Unkrich in May 2014? Never say never!

Happy Birthday Lee!

Hmm, this sounds interesting. I just hope it isn’t Toy Story 4. If anything, I hope its another original instead of going for another sequel heavy slate. I have a feeling well find out along with the 11/27/13 project next week at the D23 Expo.

I think he will do an amazing job with his next film. I thought he did a fantastic job with Toy Story 3 and I am sure that he will make another great film.

So no Lee Unkrich feature announced yet. Maybe his creation will come out in 2015? I just hope it’s not TS4 :mrgreen:

Okay, bottom line for me: I doubt Toy Story 4 will actually happen, despite what John Lasseter and Tom Hanks may insist. Tom Hanks probably knows very little, John Lasseter wasn’t “caught out”, I think he was just suprised with the question and unsure what to say, and he changed to subject because Pixar are secretive. So until they announce anything, all the freaking out speculation is deaf ears on me. Sorry :slight_smile:

I think Lee’s film is somewhere down the line :slight_smile:. I’m intrigued to see what he’ll do!

Well, when I first herd Hanks saying that TS4 is in production I thought that he was just joking. I did think that it would possibly happen when Lasseter talked about the rumor. Like I said, TS4 shouldn’t happen and if it does I’ll probably lose faith in Pixar.