LEGO Bunny - Toy Story of Terror

Rather than hijack the ‘Toy Story Replicas’ thread, I have instead created a seperate spot here for the discussion and sharing of construction techniques, observations, thoughts and speculations regarding the creation of LEGO Bunny, as featured in Toy Story of Terror.

It is my hope that through user collaboration we are able to come up with an accurate and detailed set of plans, that he may become a part of everyone’s collections. I knew I had to have him sraight away when I saw his appearance in the television special. I’m sure many Toy Story collectors and replica enthusiasts feel the same way.


LEGO Bunny

‘Cube’ Formation

‘Stairs’ Formation

‘Ladder’ Formation

So… two days spent pouring over dimly lit and fuzzy pixellated screenshots. I present to you my brick-for-brick (as accurate as discernible) replica:

OK, so the colours are off. I know. This pass is a preliminary construction stage to make sure I have its form and build methods correct. I then plan on ordering each individual brick online from LEGO’s Pick A Brick () so I have my own set as it were.

First things first. What I need help with. High-res screenshots. 1080p if possible. Now this may be a challenge, but basically the higher the resolution, the more clearly we can discern the brick type and formation.

What we can’t currently know. The backside and tail of LEGO Bunny. The only shot in the entire short of LEGO Bunny’s tail occur here:

Image significantly brightened for better clarity.

Indeed this is the only evidence we have that he has a tail at all. Not a lot to work with and I’d go so far as to say impossible to 100% accurately discern.

Accuracy of my replica.

I would hazard a guess he is 80-90 % correct in terms of brick usage and placement (see backside and tail). I have every reason to believe his ears, head, arms, legs, scarf* and lower white belly are entirely accurate. His upper torso, back and tail contain an element of educated guesswork.

I have achieved the results I have through numerous techniques, chiefly good old observation. Corresponding angles with the screenshot to see brick to brick alignment, squinting at the placement of cracks between bricks in stills, stud counting and relying on my strong knowledge of popular building techniques to work out logical placement and part use. Helpfully the short provides a deconstruction of sorts which enabled me to discern individual bricks:

Unhelpfully however, even stepping frame by frame yields unsatisfactory results for every piece. Due to the vast piece count, motion blur and parts blocking other parts it is still not an ideal method.

Similarly, looking at LEGO Bunny’s other transformations, is it possible to learn what types of bricks are in his rabbit formation? Yes and no. Short director, and Lego enthusiast Angus MacLane has responded to a tweet in that regard:

In TSOT, does the transformation btwn Lego rabbit to the stairs utilise all the exact same pieces?"

More or less:)

Stepping through LEGO Bunny’s transformation frame by frame, I am of the personal opinion that cheats are used, thereby rendering inaccurate any assumptions about his original part usage from other variations. It did however prove slightly useful as a technique for working out brick type, if not placement.

On the subject of the short’s director Angus MacLane. He has launched a LEGO CUUSOO project in order to get LEGO Bunny released as an official set, a gesture I’m sure we would all do well to support. If oyu are unfamiliar with CUUSOO, look no further:


And Angus MacLane’s Twitter feed:


where he has various snippets of information regarding LEGO Bunny and Toy Story of Terror, and where he details the attempts to make it an official release.

As for the other forms, I have yet to work on those. They are on the whole easier, especially ‘Stairs’ and ‘Ladder’.

So please contribute to this thread in terms of screenshots, thoughts and ideas, construction techniques, speculation on hidden areas etc. I’m happy to answer questions on my build and explain the choices I have made.

*Even as I go to post this I notice I have used an inaccurate piece in the scarf. Instead of the blue 2 x 2 45 degree slope in the centre, it should in fact be two 1 x 2 curved top pieces, as indicated by their presence at the base of the stairs construct in LEGO Bunny’s third form.

[url]- YouTube a “high definition” Full TOy story of terror
I like you Lego bunny it looks very accurate

disney killed it.

I knew that it would be blocked.Disney should release it on iTunes already if their worried about losing money.

WOW! The work you’ve done on the rabbit is incredible. I don’t have Sky so I’ve not even seen TSOT yet, but from the released images I’ve been wanting to try to create the LEGO rabbit myself. Your model looks incredible.

Sorry I can’t help much, but I will be watching this thread with great interest! Parts breakdown (a photo of all the pieces you’ve used) would be awesome.

Probably not a LOT of help, but I did manage to find this high-res pic through the website folder files on the SKY website that may help a little with brick shape/placement. Click the image for a MUCH larger version:

Only thing I notice different from your model is (as you pointed out at the bottom of your post) the curved scarf piece instead of the straight angle.

Thank you Howlrunner.

I have seen that image you posted and used it as reference, but not in quite as high a resolution as you’ve provided so it has been useful, specifically as you mention for the scarf not which I can now see is definitely a:

not as I originally thought 2 of these:

Also I can now see a detail I’d previously missed. The bunny’s white front is actually made up thus:

The upper outlined row consisting of a 2 x 4 and a 2 x 2, rather than a 2 x 6 straight across as I originally though. I’m not sure exactly why this is, there is no logical construction reasoning behind it so I can only assume it is for the purposes of transformation.

Thanks for contributing Howlrunner. Another little detail made more accurate! Hopefully this project gets the go ahead from CUUSOO so we can see a detailed model of all sides of LEGO Bunny. That way, even if not enough votes are achieved to make it a set we can still buy the parts to make our own.

I’ll try and post separate photographs detailing a breakdown of my LEGO Bunny. Feet, arms head and ears are all simple individual constructions that fit onto the main body. And being symmetrical, when you’ve made one you simply duplicate it for the other side.

Glad I could be of some use. Have you asked Angus MacLane if he has any good reference images he can post? I’d imagine if he sees the progress you’ve made so far that he would be willing to help.

what is the brick used for the tooth?
also what is the perfect square brick on the side of the head?

here is my toy story of terror lego bunny the only thing that isnt right is the nose isn’t pink and my eyes are too far apart but i love it i am gonna get me the pink legos and have him fixed here soon

side shot with the tail … otostream/


The brick tooth is the following:

Commonly known as a 1 x 2 w. groove.

The ‘square brick’ on the side of the head consists of a 2 x 2 tile, and uses a less commonly well known building technique (unless you are a keen LEGO enthusiast. It is as follows:

I really like your version of LEGO Bunny! You have the essence of him perfectly, and I especially like your interpretation of the tail. Glad to see someone do him with accurate colours as well.

There a number of ‘screen innacuracies’ on your model however, which I would happily point out to you if you would like a more accurate model. This will help you correct the eyes and nose etc. Let me know if I can assist, otherwise great job!

I posted my photo of LEGO Bunny to Angus MacLane on Twitter, and he favourited it(!). It seems from his various other messages he is keen to get either some building instructions or an official set released, so we can cross our fingers for better high-res views in the future.

whoop dee hoop.

Now’s our chance!

I’m sure everyone wants to see this set made a reality:


From the description:

Now is your chance to own a replica of the LEGO Bunny as seen in Disney/Pixar’s “Toy Story OF TERROR!” LEGO Bunny was designed for the movie by CubeDude™ creator Angus MacLane and is 100% screen accurate. Instructions will be included for the stairs, ladder, and cube alt modes as well. Vote today and make this little guy a reality!

I’m particularly excited about the part I’ve made bold.

Retweet, Facebook link, blog, whatever about the above link. Help it get as many supporters as it can. I’m sure there’s not one here amongst us who wouldn’t want to see this come to fruition.

In terms of my own model I can see I was off with the arms. And now finally a decent look at the tail as well.

Booh88 -

Very Impressive so far. I voted for your project, even though I’m not intending on collection Terror Toys. Shorts would really make me go broke.

However, if the project on CuuSoo doesn’t happen, can you go ahead and list your parts on here so we can use the pick a brick site?

Booh88 -

I added my support, but I highly doubt we’ll see the 10,000 plus that’s needed for this. As of this post it’s only at 82 supporters. Due to that, I’m going to have to agree with Slink and ask (beg) that you would be kind enough to post or link to your own creation and build list/instructions. I would still purchase an “official” set if it ever were to be released and I’m sure that I’m not alone.

Thanks for sharing your work. That’s pretty amazing.

PS - Anyone else hope PEZ creates an official “Cat with Glasses” dispenser?

PSS - I think this makes the third (Hawaiian, Partysaurus, TSOT) episode that features Trixie. Hello Thinkway! Create a TSC Trixie please!

Hi all.

Not to seem negative, but I too have reason to doubt that the CUUSOO will ever reach 10,000, or even then pass the review stage.

However I have now worked out what is likely a 98 - 100 % accurate build and parts usage. Since the picture of the backside and tail were released it has enabled me to complete the accurate model (again, forgive the wrong colours, I have yet to order the necessary pieces online):

Click HERE for a nice crispy high-res version of the above turnaround.

And the tail detail:

As for part breakdown and building plans… that will take a bit of work, and I haven’t got the time nor inclination right now (on the verge of a house move as I am). At some point in the near future I can hopefully release instructions.

For now, the above turnaround should give you ample detail to take a good stab it it yourselves. Also I might ask the original creator’s permission before posting completely detailed building instructions out of respect for the chances of an official release, and just as a general courtesy. If everyone started building their own what need would there be for a legitimate set?

I don’t mean to sound selfish. I like to share the fruits of my creations, but this model took a long time to work out for myself. I will share what I can in due course.

All that remains for me to do now is order the correctly coloured pieces today. Then it’s onto block, stairs and ladder variations when I have a spare weekend.

i also want trixie, butg the bunny doesnt interest me.

I greatly appreciate your HD turn around pics. Those will be a HUGE help when building this. I can appreciate wanting to not put exact instructions up and how long that would take. Would it be possible for you to take Bunny apart and post an image showing all the individual pieces you used to build him (preferably grouped together into like-part groups) so I (we) can see how many of what part we would need. I don’t own any LEGO at the moment, so I will have to pretty much order everything through Pick a Brick (didn’t even know such a thing existed before!). From your turnaround and a parts shot, I’m pretty sure I could work out how to put him together myself.

Thanks for sharing that hi-res picture. I too haven’t messed with Legos in about 30 years :slight_smile:, but with a parts list of what to order I could definitely figure it out from that picture. How many parts did it take to build? I appreciate you sharing the info you have so far. Good work!

I now have every piece to build a colour accurate LEGO Bunny. I ordered the necessary individual bricks online. Altogether it cost no more than £30, which is very reasonable.

The bad news is that I moved out two weeks ago, and the parts have been delivered to my old address 4 hours away. Gah! The earliest I’ll be able to get a hold of the bricks will be November 30th annoyingly. An exercise in patience it seems…

Nice that you ordered the parts, not so nice about the wait. I hate waiting. Did you happen to compile a list of parts?