Leirin's un-Pixary arts

I figured I should make one of these :stuck_out_tongue: These are all very recent, no more than a couple months old.

Kazooie from Banjo-Kazooie, I beat Tooie recently. Fantastic series, and I love her sass :smiley:

Berri from Conker, both the older one from Conker’s Bad Fur Day (who looks like a completely different character 8D ) and the younger one that appeared in Pocket Tales and the scrapped Twelve Tales 64. Trivia fact: you can find a photo of her in Banjo-Kazooie’s Rusty Bucket Bay level! :sunglasses:

Vela, from Jet Force Gemini. I don’t own this game yet, but it’s on my birthday wishlist! =P What can I say, gun-slinging girls are cool. 8D

Ana from Mother. Those are bubbles if you couldn’t tell.

Brian May from Queen :stuck_out_tongue:

Promo art for my EarthBound fan comic ‘The Ten Family’.

And of course…

A piece I did for Kirby’s 19th anniversary!

I love your art! Especially the little girl!

Thank you so much! :smiley: I love your work as well!

I love your style, it’s very cute! I like your picture of Kazooie best.

Thank you! I love birds. They’re pretty hard to draw, but fun.

I like birds too! I’m not great at drawing them though, it’s the feathers that always throw me off! There’s only one bird portrait I’m proud of, and that’s my Scarlett Macaw one, and it’s mostly bc of the jungle background, and not the bird! :laughing:

So much Rare fan art! Gasp! :smiley: Awesome work! You made this Rare-fangirl very happy, especially like how you drew Kazooie and Berri (in both her older and younger portrayal!) I love your soft colouring style. Do you have a DeviantART account, perhaps?

Thank you Badger!! :smiley: I don’t have a Deviantart unfortunately, but I am considering organizing a personal webspace where I can share all this art and maybe some other stuff, too. I am in a big Rare fandom streak at the moment, and have been playing Donkey Kong Country Returns, so you can expect to see some of that too! :slight_smile:

Wow. This is amazing, girl!!! Especially love the one you drew as a little girl and an adult.

Thank you IV!! :smiley:

While I’m here, have some I forgot to post:

Fio from Porco Rosso :smiley:

Done for a MOTHER-themed contest, in the game you collect melodies for the queen who needs help remembering a very important song…

Roger Waters, bassist/overlord of Pink Floyd. Why not 8D

Have some more Kirby fanart :sunglasses:

One of the villains in Kirby Super Star, he’s this weird jester creature with rainbow-colored window wings. 8D

Speedpainting! Took less than 40 minutes

Beautiful! I’m partial to your rendering of Fio, but…I’m biased. 8D

Heehee, thanks! I’m glad someone else on this forum knows what Porco Rosso is. :laughing:

I like that movie. My favorite is Princess Mononoke or Nausicaa, but I enjoy Porco a lot.

I think I have to agree. Mononoke and Nausicaa are so beautifully Japanese :smiley: I wish some sort of real life recreation of the forest from Mononoke existed. 8D

YES. I would totally live in the trees, assuming they would let me bring my DVD player.

So, some more very lazy stuff. 8D

I wanted to draw a grumpy-looking girl wearing a crown, for some reason. There’s just something amusing about that mental image.

Heheh another Conker-related drawing, and a reminder that I need to reacquire Pocket Tales…

I’m doing style practice right now, and the best way to do that is by staying loose and going fast, so the next three are basically that.

Not sure who this is, but I loosely based the hairstyle on Megara from Hercules.

Robert Plant, vocalist for Led Zeppelin. It’s fun drawing singers because they all get so uniquely passionate about their performance.

…And, something Pixar related (don’t feel like bringing back the old thread), Carrrrl!

I really like your Carl sketch! I love sketches, and that one has so much character in it!

CONKERRR! :smiley: In all his… kid-friendly glory! I love how you drew him here, he looks adorable

Pocket Tales is an awesome game but horrendously overlooked. D:

I also like how you drew Carl, hehe! I should really watch Up sometime again. It’s been quite a while.

Thanks for the comments! :smiley: Haha, I like both the “naughty” and “innocent” sides of the Conker series, I really don’t mind which, but Pocket Tales is underrated, so I wanted to draw something specifically pertaining to that. More to come! I need to re-watch Up, too…

Here’s another abstract piece. I rather like how it turned out.

Wow!! These are great! My favorite is definitely Meg. :smiley: