Leirin's un-Pixary arts

Wow! I really like the use of pastel color in your newest piece!

I really love that new drawing of yours! Especially all the colors!

Oh geez, thanks for all the comments! :smiley:

Roger Waters again~

Warning: Extreme silliness coming up.

Last night I was going crazy at 11 PM because I really badly wanted to draw, but had no idea what. So I quickly jotted down every ridiculous thing that came to mind. 8D

Among the madness: Dattin in a corner, Vela, Berri, Hinawa, George Harrison (whom is full of food), Rope Snake (!!!), Brian May aka Mr. Scowling Cloud, a Pigmask, a Boo who also happens to be Brian May’s secret admirer, a Luxo lamp, Kevinnn, a surprised Kirby, a Conker, a certain gang-member Fobby from my comic, a Puyo Pop blob and Gooey being very jealous of Prince Fluff. :laughing: It’s okay, I don’t expect anyone to make any sense out of this.

I love all your Roger Waters arts!!! And I like that collage of randomness there. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments guys! :smiley:

Well, one of my closest internet friends has a birthday on Saturday, and he happens to also be a big fan of Conker, so I drew him this. :sunglasses: The version I’m sending him actually says “Happy Birthday” written on it, but I figured it’d be better for me to post the text-devoid version.

Some EarthBound fanart I got inspired to draw :slight_smile:

Aw, I love how you draw Conker, honestly, he’s so adorable, and your soft colouring is awesome.

Even though I’ll be gone for a while, I’ll keep watching your art topic. :smiley:

Wow! Your amazing!
Did you draw them on the computer??

I like your drawing of the EarthBound girl! That’s pretty!

I really like the bleck and gray giatar guy!

Oh wow, thanks for the comments! :smiley: I always appreciate it!
Badger: Aww, it’s a shame you’ll mostly be gone from the forums for a while, but that makes me feel really honored. :smiley:

Sealy: Yes! I do stuff by hand a lot, too, but so far everything I’ve posted in this topic is made on a computer.

JSW-eC: Thankies! :smiley: I’m thinking about doing some pictures for the other EarthBound girls.

Is it like some certain drawing thing that is eaiser than paint on the computer? And you can you actualy draw normally or are you just so good with computers you can just make it look so good!

I seriously need to get around to playing the Mother series one day.

I’m always seeing your art on tumblr but never commenting. I guess I’ll do it here. I think you do a pretty swell job.

I’m also wondering if you ever going to draw stuff related to ELO.

Sealy: I use an application called Photoshop for most of these. It’s expensive but very good :slight_smile:

Aero: Wow, thank you! Also, in case I forgot to tell you, your blog is excellent! :wink: I did draw this ages ago (it’s the robot girl from “Yours Truly, 2095”) but I’ve always wanted to do more ELO fanart. Hm. I think I’ll get to that pretty soon!

Anyway, more birthday fanart xD This girl’s also a big Queen/Freddie Mercury fan, so I drew her Freddie with a bunch of cats :wink: Her birthday was yesterday.

And, while I’m at it, Tiff, a very sassy little girl from the Kirby TV series.

Jease your really good.

So I have just a few more pictures to drop off here, both of them relating to the MOTHER series–

I see a lot of people make cool fanart with limited color schemes (i.e., only allowed to use five select colors on the image) and wanted to try that myself. I made it pixelated intentionally for practice :slight_smile:

Lineless practice now! For some reason when I was drawing this I had Russell’s line from Up in my head: “I thought you were dead!” 8D

So I was listening to The Beatles’ Please Please Me album the other day, and remembered what a fun song Twist and Shout is. Drawing dancing people is hard, but fun! xD

Just a little more today…

A lineup of the members of Queen. Idk why, I just really enjoy drawing bandmates together xD

A lineless King Dedede (the penguin from Kirby) raising his hammer. :sunglasses:

Nice Queen drawing! I’ll have to show my best friend, who is a major Queen fan.

Thank you! :smiley:

Freddie in girly clothes, this actually happened once! 8D

Wow, these are great!! My favorites are the Freddie ones. :smiley:

Thank you IV~

Here’s a fairy! It was intended to be a male fairy, but I found out there’s just no way for me to draw a male fairy and keep it masculine, so I guess it just doesn’t have a gender. 8D (I don’t think mythical beings really need genders, anyway.)