lennonluvr9's art

Well, how cool! A place to post non-Pixar art. Which in my case, if it aint Pixar art, it’s Beatle art! I’m not gonna post the link to every one of them here, there’s too many, but anyone who wants to check them out can find them at yamihoole.deviantart.com Just click on Browse Gallery and you can find all the drawings I’ve posted since 2003. I’ll be back here for sure. I’m halfway done with a Beatles one now…

Wow! I have to say that they all look absoluetly incredible! You did a great work on them lennonluvr! It is so close to perfection as you can ever get!

Thanks a lot you two! Glad you like them! Glad you were interested enough to check them out, lol! So for anyone else who’s interested, here’s another. John & Cynthia (his first wife):


lennonluvr9 - The shading jobs you deliver in every one of your pieces and portraits are absolutely incredible, I must say. Applause! Applause! :smiley:

– Mitch

Wow lennonluvr, now that new picture you posted up there was really, incredibly heart touching! I like it so much! Can’t wait to see more.

Thanks! Glad to be appreciated!

vimfuego-Yeah, I do use a grid system. It helps me keep everything in proportion and to get things like facial expressions just so. I erase it after I’ve drawn it out although I know of artists who use that technique who just make the grid part of the picture, but I dont like to do that :slight_smile:

lennonluvr- I love all of your pencil portraits. They’re so detailed and life-like!

Thanks a lot! I try… Anywho, i’m working on Ringo at the moment. I’ve only drawn Ringo successfully once in my life (he is really hard to get right! Paul is the easiest, which is why there’s so many pics of him, even though he’s not my fav) I was search for George ones to do (cuz I need to do more of him too) and actually found a cool Ringo to try, so hopefully I can get this one right

lennonluvr9 - Well, I’m sure it will turn out wonderfully. Have fun drawing Ringo! :wink:

– Mitch

Oh, I love Ringo! Can’t wait to see him!

Ha ha! Who doesnt like Ringo? (well, actually I can name a couple people) but yeah, Ringo’s great!

How is your drawing of him going?

To quote John Lennon from one of his books, “You may as well arsk” (yes, arsk) It’s is done! whoohoo! My first decent Ringo in 4 years! I kid you not, before this I had only drawn Ringo well once. He’s hard to draw.


lennonluvr9 - Yow. Not bad, lennonluvr9! Not bad at all! Great work, dude, as always. :smiley:

– Mitch

Absolutely amazing lennonluvr! I love how it looks so perfect! You are totally awesome at this stuff.

Thank you both! I was so glad Ringo worked for once! Now to get back to trying to find a good pic of George…

lennonluvr9 - You are most welcome, dude. :wink:

– Mitch

Totally welcome lennonluvr! Can’t wait for more.

OMG, i havent started any new drawings yet! I think i’m just taking a break. Maybe after Christmas I’ll start one, but I’m feeling kinda lazy at the moment :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about it lennonluvr. You take a break. I’ll wait. Take as long as you like too.