Story synopsis:

A bumbling young alien student from a distant world tests the patience of an increasingly weary instructor as he

attempts a first-time abduction of an innocently slumbering farmer.

Lifted will release in conjunction

with Ratatouille on June 29, 2007.

Gary Rydstrom - Director
Katherine Sarafian - Producer

Lasseter, Osnat Shurer - Executive


Where Did you find this out?

Sounds good…But yeah, where did you get this information from?

boschb has been vindicated,

then. His “Alien Abduction” thread predates this. Let’s congratulate him!

Well done, boschb!

And I can’t wait to see it with Ratatouille


gonna reveal sources at this time but I promise this is legit! Good pick up PV! =D

Heehee. I have quicker access to the info than the average person.

<img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/grinandwink.gif" alt=";-D" title="Grin and <p>Wink" /></p> <p>~~=oP</p>

I want your

secret… :wink:

Heheh – sounds like the next short is going to be a cute one! It’s about time they

devoted a story to aliens… I look forward to seeing it along with Ratatouille, as


This is awesome! I can confirm there


Click here to find out more info on

the short including a pic!

Awww! He’s a little froggy alien. ^o^

It appears to

me that he has no clue as to which button to push. :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting article, bawpcwpn! Now I’m even more excited

about this upcoming short… :smiley:

PixarVixen - I’m bettin’ he’ll push one

of the left buttons first… :wink:

Hey ,that looks cool. So it’s called Lifted.

[b]Hey bawpcwpn, where did you get that alien pic. from?


[b]I can’t wait to see “Lifted” it sounds like it will be really


Ooooh…This IS interesting! I’m

pleased they’re doing aliens, now- good genre, definitely- and Lifted sounds good so far!

That sounds like something new, fresh and great! :smiley:

well i got the pic from the Chicago International Film Festival website.


take one day from visiting due to my shift at work and this is what happens!!

I should take more shifts

more often!!

Great find, PIXARVixen, Dash, and Luxo Jr. (Bawp) - And to anyone else who knew of this at


I am glad the Alien is cute. I was fearing a horrible


You were? When has Pixar

ever created a horrible character? :wink:


Well, just the connotation with aliens really.