I’d heard a

rumor almost a year ago that Pixar was thinking about making a movie about aliens.

And to be honest the whole “alien/UFO” genre kind of bores me, so I wasn’t very excited about an

entire feature-length film featuring them. Granted, since it’s from Pixar I know it would still be great, I

just wouldn’t be looking forward to it like I have all their other movies. :neutral_face:

But an alien

short film, now that will be awesome!! :mrgreen:

The way

you feel about alien/ufo’s, is the way I feel about the whole action “Incredibles” thing, sorry Dash


Was that directed at me???

What did I say? =P

Cool! Looks kinda

funny :slight_smile:

LOL, I was just saying sorry about bashing the incredibles again, seeing as your obv a huge fan of that


Ahh - got it now - I thought at first you

were implying I didn’t like the idea of aliens and UFOs but in reality I’m hugely excited for it! =D

Yeah, it’s become a bit of a running joke, seeing as we’ve been recently debating

whether or not you sound like Brad Bird or not (just like we’re debating whether TL sounds like Dory – which,

IMO she does, and you’re a “kinda” :stuck_out_tongue: )

LOL, Dory and Brad. :laughing:


was mentioned in Radio Pixar how this short is about an alien completely driving his instrustor nuts by failing

his first abduction. I wonder, how can you fail? I think this is a good discussion to ponder.

Well, looking at the panel he’s standing at, there’s more buttons there than on the

Dashboard of Mike’s New Car. Seems all too easy to press the wrong button…

But the target is so open. All you need to do is just beam him up!

[b]“Pixar’s new short Lifted abducts more positive buzz”


Ooh, that’s interesting…So Lifted

is focusing on the comedy side of things, eh?

I am glad to hear about a positive review for Lifted. And

I definitely can’t wait until June for its release.

I read the review from bluelily, and now I really can’t wait to see this


Lifted is going to win the Academy Award.
Mark my words.

I’m betting that Lifted is going to be out-of-this-world (pun intended), but I think

it’s silly how highly we are praising something we haven’t even watched yet.



True, but we have heard it from

somebody first.


know, but just because one person has given it a good review doesn’t mean it’s a surefire Academy Award




understand it is too early. You have a very good point PixarVixen. However, even though I haven’t seen it, I am

convinced that this short wll be as you said



Pixar has never ceased to amuse, entertain, and

surprise me. All Pixar movies and shorts I have watched were just downright incredible. I doubt this one will be

any different.

Again, you still have a very good point PV.