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So I decided to create a thread to house all my existing fan fiction, as well! MissCarrera actually came up with a great idea, so I’ll be implementing this system into the FanFic Index at some point in the near future! :slight_smile:

So far, I only have fan fiction written for Ratatouille and WALL-E, but in the case of my Ratatouille fanfiction, they sort of have a bit of a chronological order, so they’ll be arranged that way since it’s the intended order of reading. As for the WALL-E pieces, they’ll simply be listed in alphabetical order.

Most of my pieces are posted right here to PixarPlanet, but I think there might be one or two that I haven’t yet posted that are either on or deviantART, either because I haven’t gotten enough response on my other ones, or I haven’t converted the pieces to BBCode yet.

You’re free to ask questions about my work here if you wish, or kick me in the butt to finish ones I’ve started! :laughing:


Despondent -Immediately following the death of his mother, Renata, seven year-old Alfredo slowly and painfully begins to learn what life will be like without the only parent he ever knew. // K, short story, 4,289 words.

Alfredo’s Box -Shortly after the dust of his mother’s death settles, Alfredo discovers a small box filled with many intriguing and question-invoking things. // K, one-shot, 1,066 words.

Break Even -What had been a beautiful, year-long relationship crumbles to pieces before Alfredo’s eyes in a matter of moments. // K+ for language and mature themes, one-shot, 1,912 words.

Liar: Prologue to Break Even -Alfredo can’t believe how lucky he is to have Colette as his girlfriend, but how lucky is he, really? // K+ for mature themes, one-shot, 1,256 words.

Nothing -Alfredo goes out to a bar with some of his old buddies from Gusteau’s to get his mind off of Colette and the recent break-up. Instead, one too many only causes him to think the exact opposite. / Based off of the song by The Script by the same name. // K+ for language, alcohol references, and slight mature themes, short story, 2,267 words.

You Are Mine -Though things have been tense between the ex-couple, Alfredo and Colette are brought together for a short blink in time to celebrate the arrival of their newborn son. // K, one-shot, 1,511 words.

Un Nouvelle Vie (deviantART) -Remy is introduced to the newest member of the family, and Alfredo experiences his first night as a brand new father - not without a cascade of doubt, however. // K, short story, 2,515 words.

Ragoût de Famille Folle (deviantART) -An interesting recipe for a crazy family life, cooked up by Chef Remy himself! // K, one-shot, 694 words.

Street Rat (deviantART) -It’s been several years since Horst left Gusteau’s, but even the restaurant he works at now seems to have a pest problem of its own. // K+ for language, one-shot (might be continued), 1,925 words.


Abort -Probe1 is sent to the AXIOM Bridge for repair by AUTO when she begins to exhibit unnatural behavioral patterns the Repair Ward can’t fix. AUTO takes matters into his own hands - at EVE’s expense. // K, short story, 4,003 words.

Define: Destiny // An AU WALL-E Fic -An Alternate-Universe fic taking place in film canon. A young man named Wally thinks he’s the only human alive, but he’s about to find out several shocking details about life and his past that will change his entire world. // K+, chapter story, unfinished, 4,904 words.

Higher Calling -Destined to be just another member of the BnL Starliner, the Axiom, Brandon McCrea grew up just like any other unimportant human on the ship. But unbeknownst to him, his life was about to take a huge turn, for it was set apart to change the history of mankind forever. // K+ for a small bit of language, short story, 5,320 words.

Mutual Misfits -A collection of short stories telling the tales of seven young adults (the Reject Bots as humans) that were a bit out of the ordinary, but happen to all cross paths. // K+, short story collection, unfinished.

Not Possible: A Fanfic Collaboration -AUTOA113 and little chef team up to write an alternating POV story. AUTO is mortified when he learns of Captain Diana Fee’s idea to create female robots built to look for plant life on earth, and does everything in his power to stop one in particular. // K+, chapter story, unfinished.

Psyche OS X -A strange and life-threatening series of events turns the worlds of both human and robot inside out, leaving them all to completely rediscover life and how to function in it. // K+ for language, mature themes, and ideologically sensitive content, chapter story, nearly completed, 39,960 words.

There! I think that covers it for now! If there are pieces you haven’t yet discovered that are posted on or dA, you’re free to comment on them here until I get them put up on PP. :slight_smile:

little chef

This is super cool! Do you think I could probably make my own too? I’ve got two fanfic threads floating around here, and I might be posting up some new stuff in this forum too.

Well for the moment, I’m thinking of limiting it to authors with five or more pieces of Pixar work posted in the fanfic boards, just so that the authors who do a lot of writing can keep a handle on all the pieces they’ve posted. However, if in the future you decide to put up more fics or even one-shots, and accumulate that amount of writing, you’re more than welcome to create your own thread, too! :smiley: Or maybe if you have that many pieces in the non-Pixar section, you could create a library for those instead!

You can thank MissCarrera for the nifty idea. I don’t think I would have thought of it myself. :laughing:

little chef

Ok then. I do plan to post some new stuff here anyway.

Great job with the index, now I can find all your pieces alot easier.

Hey there, guys! :smiley: I just updated my library to include the next piece of my post-film Ratatouille story, which is already included in the list above, but is now on PixarPlanet!

little chef

I can’t wait to read them all.

Hi, guys! Long time, no updates. :') I just added a new piece of fan fiction to my Ratatouille category, titled “Street Rat”. It’s only published on deviantART, but that’s because I don’t feel it’s worth posting here unless I end up writing more to it, which I might do.

You’re more than welcome to leave reviews on my deviantART writings here in this thread, or directly on the pieces’ respective pages if you have a dA account.

Thanks! ;u;

little chef