Lotso's Revenge

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This will be my very first fan-fic and will take place after Toy Story 3. The first chapter will be pretty short, as to give you a general idea of whats to come.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: I’m A Hugger! Not!
Chapter 2: The Letter
Chapter 3: Rude Awakening
Chapter 4: Two At A Time
Chapter 5: The Right To Bear Arms


(It all started on a bright and sunny day at Sunnyside Daycare. Just a few months before, Sunnyside was a place of ruin and despair. If I had known about what was to come, I probably would have skipped town, become an runaway toy, but not now, not when Bonnie needed me and the others. Like I was saying, it all started on a bright and sunny day at Sunnyside Daycare…)

Ken: Barbie! Are the kids coming back from recess yet?
Barbie: No, Ken, I’ll let you know. Continue with your meeting.
Ken: Ok, thanks! Now, like I was saying, we need new ideas to make Sunnyside more… well, sunny. Any ideas? Stretch?
Stretch: Well, maybe we could…

               (All of a sudden, childish screams are heard outside)

Barbie: Ken! They’re coming!
Ken: What?!? Man! Ok guys, everyone back where the kids left you!

(All of the toys got back in the exact same spot the kids left them, each of them

                                     Meanwhile at Bonnie's house....

(Bonnie had gone to the store with her mom and Woody, Buzz, and the gang were all having an staff meeting)

Woody: Now, as you all know, Bonnie’s birthday is tomorrow and…

                                   (All of the toys groan)

Woody: Oh, come on guys! She’s only five! She’s not gonna outgrow us any time soon!
Buzz: Woody is right, guys. Bonnie won’t be outgrowing us for at least another 12 years.
Buttercup: You guys are right. Now, who wants to make Bonnie a present for her birthday?
Rex: Are we allowed to do that?
Woody: As long as she doesn’t suspect an thing, we’re fine. Now, come on, everyone grab some paper and a marker!
Dolly: I like the way you think, Woody.

      (All of the toys grab a marker and start making Bonnie an birthday card)

So far, so good, but Andy was 17 in 3 and he has been grown out of his toys for a while, but anyway keep going sounds good.

Oh, yeah, I kinda forgot about that…

It’s good so far, but it’s a bit short. :frowning: Instead of making this chapter one, maybe it should be a prologue.

Yeah, good idea. I’ll change it to a prologue. Thanks.

No problem :slight_smile:

Chapter 1: I’m A Hugger! Not!

(It started out as a normal Friday night at Sunnyside, the kids were going home for the weekend, the daycare was closing up until Monday, and all of the toys could hang out, talk, and do whatever they wanted. But, things were about to take a turn for the worst)

Ken: Man, I am so beat. I can’t believe Todd had me buried in the sandbox for 7 hours.
Barbie: Well, at least you didn’t get trapped in there forever.
Ken: True. Well, I’m going up to my dream house. You coming?

                                 (Barbie notices PINK fur on the floor)

Ken: Barbie?
Barbie: Huh? Oh, yeah… I’ll be up in a minute.
Ken: Ok…

(Ken rides the elevator up to his dream house and goes to bed, while Barbie quietly walks over to the pink fur and picks it up)

Barbie: I’ve seen this fur somewhere… I just can’t remember where…
Mysterious voice: Well, maybe you should turn around and let me help you figure out where you’ve seen that fur before.

            (Barbie gasps, turns around, and looks for the mysterious voice)

Barbie: Who are you? Show yourself!
Mysterious Voice: With pleasure…

(The mysterious voice steps out of the shadows, covered in dust, dirt, and the smell of discovery, with a few rips and tears here and there)

Barbie: Oh my god… It’s you! It’s you, L…
Lotso: Shut up!

(Lotso knocks Barbie out, takes out a roll of duck tape, tapes Barbie’s mouth shut, ties her up, and drags her away. Ken, who is up in his dream house watching Hannah Montana, hears the noise and sticks his head out his window and sees big thick paw prints)

Ken: Oh my god! Lotso is back! I gotta warn the others!
Lotso: I don’t think you’ll be doing any such thing, Ken.

(Ken jumps, turns around, and sees Lotso glaring down at him with an evil look on his face)

Ken: Lotso! It’s good… to see you? You know, when I said warn the others, I really meant tell the others, so we could have a big party in your hon…
Lotso: Shut up!

(Lotso knocks Ken out, takes out a roll of duck tape, tapes Ken’s mouth shut, ties him up, and drags him away)

Chapter 2: The Letter

(The next day at Sunnyside was even worse, Lotso’s surprise return had most of the toys hiding, including Chunk, Stretch, and Big Baby. But, Ken had somehow gotten free and Lotso could not find him at all)

Lotso: Where is that boy?!? Ken! I know you’re around here somewhere!

(Unknown to Lotso, Ken and the others had taken shelter in the caterpillar room, and were quickly planning an escape plan)

Ken: Ok guys, we need to figure out what to do about Lotso.
Chunk: Well, maybe we could warn the others by writing them an letter telling them that he’s back?
Ken: Good idea, but all the paper and pencils are in the butterfly room!
Stretch: I might be able to sneak in there and grab the paper and pencils if one of you caused an distraction.
Ken: That’s not a bad idea… not bad at all… we just need someone that can cause an distraction long enough for Stretch to grab the paper and pencils…
Chunk: Eh… maybe Big Baby could do it?
Big Baby: Goo?
Ken: Nah, I don’t think so, Lotso would know something was going on. Any other volunteers?

         (At that very moment, Bookworm came out from behind a bookcase)

Bookworm: I’ll do it.
Ken: Really? Are you sure?
Bookworm: Of course I am!
Ken: Well then, it’s settled. Bookworm will go into the butterfly room and distract Lotso so Stretch can sneak in and grab the paper and pencils.

(All the toys let out a silent cheer while Bookworm and Stretch sneaked into the butterfly room, Bookworm heading towards a large can of paint on a table near Lotso)

Lotso: I wonder where all those toys got to… when I find them, they are all gonna pay!
Bookworm: Hey, big, pink and ugly!
Lotso: Huh?

(Lotso turns around in enough time to see Bookworm dump a can of paint on the floor just barely missing him. Meanwhile across the room, Stretch was sneaking back into the caterpillar room with the pencil and paper)

Stretch: I got it! Hurry! We don’t have much time!
Ken: Thanks!

(Ken quickly starts writing a letter to Woody and the gang, while Chunk keeps a eye out for Lotso)

Chunk: He just knocked Bookworm into the pile of paint! He’s coming this way!
Ken: Done! Now if I can just remember how to fold an paper airplane…

(Ken folds the letter into an paper airplane just as Lotso barges through the door of the caterpillar room, pointing at Ken and looking madder than ever)

Lotso: You!
Ken: Oh, crud!
Lotso: I know you’re the one that told Bookworm to dump that can of paint on m… Hey!

(Lotso sees Ken about to throw the letter, which is now a paper airplane, out the window)

Lotso: Drop it!
Ken: Yeah… no thanks!

(Lotso starts running toward Ken just as he throws the letter out the window, aiming it in the direction of Bonnie’s house. Ken turns around and sees that Lotso is looking down at him, breathing like the most vicious kind of dog you can imagine. Lotso then drags Ken away, making him scream like a little girl)

Chapter 3: Rude Awakening

(While things at Sunnyside were turning into a nightmare, Woody, Buzz and the gang were at Bonnie’s house playing cards. They had left their birthday card for Bonnie on her bed while Bonnie and her mom went out to eat for her 5th birthday)

Woody: Hey Potato Head, got any three’s?
Mr. Potato Head: Go fish.
Hamm: Eh… he’s lying.
Mr. Potato Head: I am not!
Hamm: Then how come you got 5 thr…
Mr. Pricklepants: Look!
Woody: Huh?

(Woody looks up from the game and sees that there is another sheet of paper on Bonnie’s bed with her card)

Woody: Buzz, go see what that is.
Buzz: Ok…

      (Buzz hops onto the bed, opens the paper airplane, and reads the letter)

Buzz: You guys are not gonna believe this…
Woody: What is it?
Rex: Is it a letter from Andy?!?
Buzz: NO! Here, catch!

(Buzz folds the letter back into an paper airplane, throws it, and Chuckles catches it and opens it up)

Woody: Chuckles, what does it say?
Chuckles: Oh My… Um… I don’t think I should…
Buzz: Read it, Chuckles.
Chuckles: Ok, it says… “Dear Woody and others, Sunnyside is in grave danger. Last night, Lotso came back, and tied me and Barbie up. I was able to escape, but Barbie is still somewhere in Sunnyside. Oh no, he’s coming… listen guys, we need your help! Sneak into Bonnie’s book bag on Monday and PLEASE, HELP US! Sincerely, Ken.”

            (The whole room is silent, and Rex screams like a 2 year old girl)

Woody: Rex! This is serious! Lotso is back!
Rex: I know! That’s why I screamed!
Buttercup: So, what’s the big deal? You defeated him before, you can defeat him again. Besides, I thought he was on his own now?
Buzz: He is, but he’s still dangerous, maybe even more so than last time.
Trixie: Well, what are we gonna do?
Woody: We? Listen, I appreciate the offer, but I think me and the guys should do this one alone.
Trixie: Oh…
Chuckles: Well, at least let me help.
Woody: Ok Chuckles, you can help. Alright, now let’s get ready for Monday. I’m gonna split us into teams. Me, Bullseye, and Chuckles. Buzz and Jessie. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Hamm and Rex, and Slinky and the three LGMS.
Jessie: Yee-haw! Hear that Buzz? We’re on the same team!
Buzz: Huh? Oh yeah, great!
LGMS: Ooooohh, master springy dog!
Slinky: Oh, man!
Woody: Guys, I understand that some of you are unhappy with your team, but trust me, we’ll get a lot more ground covered come Monday. Is everyone ready?
All: Yes!
Woody: Good, now we just wait until Monday and then…
Rex: We kick Lotso’s butt!

                                   (Everyone looks at Rex surprised)

Woody: Um… yeah… we… kick his butt…

Change my vote to It’s okay to REALLY GOOD!!! :smiley:

I hate Lotso. I get physically sick thinking about him.

Not bad at all. You’re doing good. Keep it up. :wink:

Thanks guys. I’ll have Chapter 4 up later tonight (hopefully).

Very cool! It’s definetly emphasizing Lotso’s more violent tendencies. I’d be genuinely afraid of Lotso if I was Barbie or Ken right there!

But surely Big Baby, Twitch, Chunk, Stretch, and Sparks would be more then a match for their old boss, right?

Heh, I guess you’re right… I didn’t really think about that. And I totally forgot about Sparks! :open_mouth:
Anyway, I’ll most likely update this story during the Thanksgiving break. I’ve been really busy lately, and I just haven’t had the time, but I HAVE NOT forgotten about it.

Some of you are probably wondering what’s going on with this fan-fic and I promise to have the next part up either tonight or sometime tomorrow.

Yay!!! :smiley:

Hope you can finish this as soon as possible. The story so far is great.

Thanks, I’ve been really busy lately, so I haven’t had much time to update, but I’ll add a new chapter soon. I might also post some drawings for the story in another thread.

Lotso’s Revenge will be returning tomorrow! Lotso wanted me to tell you guys this: “In the next chapter, let’s just say that Woody and the gang have a little trouble getting to Sunnyside… If you catch my drift.” Um… Thank you, Lotso… Be sure to come back tomorrow to read chapter 4!

Sorry guys, chapter 4 should be up on Monday at the earliest.