Low and Slow: Cars Fanfic

[size=92]So I’m

writing a story about Ramone’s past, cuz he’s cool like that. :wink:

I’ll put links to the chapters

here in the first post of this topic. All my literature is on DeviantArt. The story begins when Ramone is ten

years old. WARNING: If you don’t like to read about death in stories, then don’t read the prologue. ^_^; Just a

small notice for our younger viewers. Oh yeah, and there’s a bit of bad language too, so watch







Chapter 5

[b]Drawings of

the Characters[/b]
[url=http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/52165869/]Sketch of Cast


Enjoy. And if you don’t enjoy, feel free to shoot me. :laughing: [/size]

Well , i’m a big fan of emotions , drama to be percise (

except fightning , fighting is wrong) , and I’m also one of the first , if not the first ( though there are more

now ) ‘Cars’ fanfic writers who have posted there’s on Pixar Planet , and I have to say this is very good . So

there’s no need to shoot you , maybe cry , but not shoot you .

in short : very good so far .


Oh yeah! :sunglasses:

so, ramones mummy died? :cry:


cool beginning though

no, i’n not going to shoot you. :wink:

[size=92]gottalovepixar - Aww. ^^; I’m sorry if I caused some tears.

CarFreak - Yurp… and

at ten years old, too… :cry: But anyway, thankies.[/size]

To tell you

the truth, this is actually quite good – very beautifully written. I love how you tell the story from Ramone’s

point of view, and the way it is constructed really adds personality, depth, and heart to the plot-line.

Great work! Keep it up. :wink:

– Mitch

[size=92]Thanks, Mitch. :slight_smile:

Now… is there anything WRONG with the story? Cuz I must


Pixel Candy - No problem!

And nope – I don’t see anything wrong with the story at all, except for the fact that you spelled ‘tires’ as

‘tyres’. :wink:

By the way, I love your new signature picture. :smiley:

[size=92]Oh, in NZ we spell “tire” differently. Lol.


Thanks. I’m weird…[/size] :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing’s really wrong

, although I guess you could’ve made it a bit longer and said why she died .

it’s alright if i cry .

it’s what i usually do when i read/see/hear something sad . I always cry when Coral dies . :wink:

[size=92]I have this weird thing about

keeping one part of a story all one on page when working in MS Word… I dunno, I’m too picky. 8D


died in a crash, but that’s said later on.

Crying is a good thing. ^^[/size]

[b]UPDATE: Chapter 1, everybody. :wink:


Oh! ramone’s got a special friend, and that last sentence heh he’s so bad ! :laughing:

[size=92]-nods- He’s mischievous and yet

ever so good at art. :stuck_out_tongue: -nudges Ramone- Hey, I think you like that Honda… x)

Ramone: :blush:


oh so that why he’s a paint body artist

Aww poor Ramone! I feel

bad for him! Anyway, it’s a good story so far. I like how he acts in art class. I wonder what he and that Honda

would have done had he not gotten in trouble?

Really , I always thught she just

liked him and he didn’t really , he just wanted to be friends , ya’ know ?

I wonder when Flo comes in .

I mean , will it only be in motorama girls , or did he know her from a while ago , and didn’t see her again

until there , and didn’t notice that was her until he saw her in his shop , since she was older .


don’t know , these are just some predictions here . Not to mention this story makes me want to go write a fanfic

on doc’s life . I got dibs lennonluvr9 ! :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Nice chapter,

Pixel Candy. You certainly have something going there. Keep up the good work!

Ahh…I see. Heheh – I thought it might have been something like that. My mistake.


[size=92]lennonluvr9 -

They would have spent some time together… possibly romantic stuff. They have a small bond between


gottalovepixar - Flo comes, like… much, MUCH later… :laughing: And yes, it will be a retelling of the

Motorama Girls deleted scene.

Thanks, Mitch. :slight_smile: [/size]

I can’t believe I forgot about this

question . What color is his paintjob at the moment ? He’s known for so many colors , I can’t pick the one that

would be his original . I mean , I doubt he’s painting himself every day .

[size=92]gottalovepixar - Well, I assure you I

did draw an adolescent version of Ramone and he has mid-blue paint. He did actually paint himself at that age

though (much to his father’s annoyance) and has a yellow streaky mark running down either side of him. So…

yeah. Blue and yellow.[/size]