Make Your Own Incredibles Outtakes

So we got a blooper reel on the 2nd TI Disc, but what if they made a mistake in making the movie? How would the characters act and react. Have fun with this thread you guys.

Yay! Me first!

(battle scene with robot)

MR. INCREDIBLE: Press that button again!
ELASTIGIRL: presses different button than scripted
(laser hits Earth)


MR. INCREDIBLE (groaning): You pressed the wrong button!
ELASTIGIRL: That’s what I was supposed to do.
MR. INCREDIBLE: moans and falls

(reference to Lifted, because of the whole “wrong button” thing.

(scene where Kari reassures Mrs. Parr that she can handle Jack-Jack)

KARI: I can totally handle anything this baby can dish out…
JACK-JACK: reheats his own food with his powers
KARI: Bad baby! I didn’t even hang up the phone and play Mozart yet!

(scene where Kari is supposed to get her memories erased)

KARI: I just wish I could forget the whole thing…
RICK DICKER: You will kid, you will.
KARI: Ow! It’s stuck on my head! Ow, ow ow! I swear if I don’t get this off…

(scene where Mr. Incredible finds Syndrome’s computer)

camera zooms in to computer…shows arcade game of Buzz Lightyear
MR. INCREDIBLE: Oh, sorry, were we filming? Sorry, I’ll embarasses laugh I’ll turn it off now. Once I beat my own score.

couldn’t resist putting a crossover there.
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(scene with getting Squeaker off the tree)

MR. I: Let go now…
Squeaker doesn’t let go, and the cars pass him.
BRAD: Let’s try this again. Can we get a different cat?

(scene where Mr. Incredible saves Oliver)

Mr. Incredible just misses Oliver, and Oliver breaks into a million pieces.

MR. I: Sorry about that!
BRAD: You know how hard it is to make those dummies?
MR. I: Yeah, but it’s kinda fun to watch them get busted.

(scene where Mr. I confronts Bomb V)

MR. I: cough Mr. Incredible…!
BV: Bombe Voyage…!
They both stare.
BRAD: Cut!

(scene where Mr. I shows up late for his wedding)

MR. I: Is the night still young?
FROZONE: Um, your mask?
MR. I: Ugh!

(first Omnidroid scene in volcano)

While fighting the Omnidroid, the robot is pushing Mr. I towards the lava, Mr. I leans back, still pushing, and falls into the lava. Mr. I climbs back out of the lava, dripping wet.
MR. I: I’m okay. laugh, cough I’m okay.

The scene is replayed, showing that it was filmed with a green screen and a pool of water.

(scene where E is displaying her new products to Helen)

E: It can also withstand a temperature of over 1000 degrees!
The flames are extinquished, showing that the suit has been burnt.
BRAD: Maybe we should do this with special effects…

(scene where Helen is packing up the suits)

DASH: Hey, what’s that? Where’d you get that Mom?
Helen slams the door. You can hear Dash running in the background.
DASH: You made us cool outfits? Hey, are those for us? We all get cool outfits?
You can hear Dash running in the background, and then a huge crash.

(scene where Helen is hanging the clothes)

Helen turns around, and starts looking for the hair that’s supposed to be there.
HELEN: Isn’t there supposed to be a hair on this thing?

(scene where Bob is located in Syndrome’s office)

Intruder alert sounds. A gun shoots at Bob, which knocks him over, and into the huge hole.
BOB: AAAAAAaaaaaaa!!!
BRAD: Let’s try this again. You’re supposed to be stronger, Bob!

(scene in cave)
HELEN: I think your father is in trouble.
VI: Yeah, but notice, Mom, we’re not doing so hot either.
HELEN: I’m going to look for him, and that means you’re in charge until I get back, Violet.
DASH: What?!?!?
Dash looks to where Violet was, but she isn’t there anymore.
DASH: Hey, where’d she go?
VI: Ugh, I turned invisible again. Brad, how do I fix this?

(scene where Dash finds heat shields in cave)

DASH: Cool.
ECHO: Cool.
BRAD: Not that loud.
ECHO: Not that loud.

(scene where Helen finds Bob and Mirage)

BOB: Helen?
MIRAGE: Hello. You must be…sorry, guys, I can’t do this.
[take 2]
MIRAGE: Hello. You must be…backs away…Sorry, sorry.
[take 3]
MIRAGE: Hello. You must be…Mrs…In…cr…
BRAD: You’re not supposed to be expecting it.
MIRAGE: But I’ve read the script!
BRAD: Okay, guys, let’s try a different script. One without Helen’s punching.
MIRAGE: Thank you.
[take 4]
MIRAGE: Hello. You must be Mrs. Incr…
Helen punches Mirage.
MR. I: She was helping me to escape.
BRAD: Why? You were perfect?
MIRAGE: I wasn’t expecting that?
BRAD: Exactly.

(scene where guards catch up to Vi and Dash)

VI: Dash, remember what Mom said.
DASH: Oh, yeah. runs away
VI: Hey! That wasn’t until later!
BRAD: Cut! He’ll figure it out sooner or later.
Dahsh comes back.
DASH: Sorry, I forgot.

(scene where RV is coming down)
BOB: Ready, Violet?
Violet isn’t there.
BOB: Violet?
VI: I’m here.
BOB: Where?
BRAD: Cut!

(scene with Tony)
TONY: Hey, you’re Violet right?
VI: That’s me.
Violet disappears.
TONY: You look diff…
VI: Not again!

Haha, A113! It seems like Vi has a glitch with her powers, and Dash is a bit impatient.

OK, here’s some more:

(scene where Mr. Incredible fights the Omnidroid)
MR. INCREDIBLE: gets ready and is about to throw the robot into lava…
OMNIDROID: starts dancing, then collaspes
MR. INCREDIBLE: What the-? Keep that remote away from Jack-Jack please!

(scene where Tony tries to ask Violet out)
TONY: You’re vile, right?
VIOLET: Excuse me?
TONY: Oh, sorry.Somebody messed up my script!
DIRECTOR: Cut! Who did it?
DASH: Haha, even your crush agrees with me! laughs and speedily rolls over the floor
ALL: Dash!!!

(Like in Toy Story 2’s bloopers, where it goes randomly to ABL, here’s one that randomly goes from TI to MI)

(Mike and Sully open random door)
(Dash runs through) Hey look out-Watch it! Hey, what is this place?..Watch out…Aw, cool!
(Violet chases him) Excuse me. DASH YOU ARE SO BUSTED! I KNEW YOU HAD A SECRET LAB!
(Dash stops to argue): I told you before-it’s not mine!
Violet: Any explanation of why I found this in your room?
Dash: Simple: You went into my room, and then you found it.
Violet: So you do know about it!
Dash: I know nothing!
Violet: Finally the truth comes out!
Dash: What do you mean-hey!
(both continue to fight, until Dash runs out of sight and Violet becomes invisible to chase him)
Violet’s voice: Excuse me…OUTTA THE WAY!!! (puts up force field)
Mike: …Ooooooooo-kayyyyyyy…that was unexpected…what do you say we find another door?
Sully: Sounds good to me.

Wow guys, those are all really funny. You got me falling out of my chair reading these.

I keep on coming up with more and more! This is so fun!

(scene in Jack-Jack Attack where Kari prepared herself for Jack-Jack’s monstrosity)

JACK-JACK: giggles, baby words…burns again
KARI: pulls fire extinguisher
JACK-JACK: giggles, claps hands, mumbles baby word that sounds like “yeah”…shoots laser vision
KARI: pulls out mirror
JACK-JACK: stops too quickly and admires self in mirror…

(scene where Violet is supposed to turn invisible when Tony looks in her direction)
TONY: turns, but instead of not seeing anything, sees red AHH!
VIOLET: turns visible What? looks at her hair in shock DASH! Did you just dye my hair?! You know I can’t turn chemicals invisible! DASH! ARGHH!

(scene where at the same time as Dash is looking around in the cave, Syndrome presses the button and the rocket takes off)
SYNDROME: presses button
MACHINE VOICE: You are now free to move about the cabin.
DIRECTOR: Cut! Who stole the audio from Wall-E and set them up here?
DASH: (offscreen) laughs hard

(scene where Violet jumps into water to hide from a henchman)
VIOLET: * jumps out of water. she is still invisible, but you can tell she emerged out because of the splash* Hooray! The dye washed out! Oh, sorry, were we filming?

(scene where Bob and Lucius are in the car talking)
LUCIUS: What if we actually did what our wives think we’re doing, just to shake things up?
suddenly, a bowling ball falls out of nowhere
BOTH: Ahh! Abandon car!
FROZONE: freezes bowling ball
MR. INCREDIBLE: tosses it to the side, damaging the radio All right, who did it?!
DASH: offescreen, laughs hysterically
ALL: Darn it. Dash! That wasn’t even funny!
HELEN: You are in big trouble, young man!
DASH: Relax! The ball’s lighter than you think.
HELEN: You still are in trouble young man!

-in quite a few of my outtakes, Dash is having fun with his pranks. Just like Woody did in the Toy Story 2 outtakes.

(dinner fight scene)
DASH: Tony Rydinger…
VIOLET: Shut up!
DASH: Well you are!
VIOLET: I said shut up you little insect!
DASH: Well she is!
VIOLET: kicks him
DASH: No, you were supposed to pounce towards me!
VIOLET: Oh, you mean like this? pounces at him, but falls to the ground. She had missed Dash
DASH: groans Not yet!
VIOLET: Who cares? Keep that in the movie! It’s good practice!

(after plane exploded, in the water)
VIOLET: What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do? It blew up! stops and turns towards Dash, who hasn’t said anything yet
DASH: Whose idea was this anyway?! We’re dead! We’re dead! We survived but we’re-
DIRECTOR: Cut! You’re not supposed to take turns!

Violet plops into the river, invisible, where the gaurd starts shooting at her.
Guard: You can’t hide from me.
Twenty seconds later, Violet reappears and resurfaces from the water, gasping a breath of air.
Violet: (pants) WHAT TOOK YOU LONG DASH?
(Off-camera hand): He is in the bathroom!

nice TSS!


Bob: He got a way!
Huph: Good thing too. YOu were this close to loosing your j (gags)
Bob throws him against the way, but accidentally uses a little too much strength and throws him though a lot more walls and onto the street.
Brad: Cut cut cut! (walks to HUph, who is writing in pain) Keep it up Huph, the acting is great!

I’m on a roll making these! They just pop into my head, and I type them down.

(scene where boy on tricycle sees Mr. Incredible lifting the car)
MR. INCREDIBLE: *lifts car)
BOY ON TRICYCLE: stares, bubble gum pops and gets all over his face.

(second scene with boy on tricycle)
MR. INCREDIBLE: Well what are you waiting for?
BOY ON TRICYCLE: I don’t know…no seriously I don’t know…what’s my line again?
DIRECTOR: You have such a short line! It’s ‘something amazing, I guess’!
BOY ON TRICYCLE: Sorry, I’m just afraid of saying the wrong adjective.

(third scene with boy on tricycle)
smoke clears
BOY ON TRICYCLE: coughs Sorry, I think I breathed some in, I can’t talk now, with the ashes and the smoke and the unclear air and the heat…

Really good ones bright-dot-daher!

Here is one,

Edna: Get back ropf, go check the electric fence or something.
(silence of 10 seconds)
Edna: Rolf, my stool please.

:laugh: 8D Maybe not just a stool, but a SUPER STOOL!

Yeah, that would be really funny, maybe even true.

Helen: We’re not gonna panic, we’re not going to. . . LOOK OUT!

The three swim underwater when Nemo, Dory, and Marlin come swimming.

Brad: CUT

As the three re surface, underwater. . .

Marlin: Ooops, wrong ocean.
Nemo: This isn’t the EAC!
Dory: What are we doing again?

In addition to yours, TSS, if I may,…

CRUSH: Superheroes! Sweeeeeet. And looking for their father, why does that ring a bell?

I applaud to yours Bright-Dot-dasher.

Thanks, and I think all of the made-up outtakes are hilarious!

Here’s more:

(scene where Elastigirl finds out that the children stowed away)
ELASTIGIRL: *tosses bag, and it lands. Silence for a while. Elastigirl waits…

ELASTIGIRL: Violet, that’s your cue!
VIOLET (her voice is heard): But it didn’t hit me! You were one row off!

(scene with little boy on tricycle)
BOY: Is seen standing barefoot and still
MR. INCREDIBLE: Well what are you waiting for?
BOY: Someone to return my tricycle.

(take two)
BOY: Sits on tricycle, before his cue, the tricycle falls apart, and he lands on the ground

Buddy: I’m your number one fan!

(Rocket boots launch, but he crashes into the ceiling of Mr. I’s car.)

(scene in plane, where Elastigirl notices the missles)
DIRECTOR: Cut! Dash, Vi, you’re not supposed to purposely jump off the plane!
DASH: But the trampolines underneath are fun!
VIOLET: I tried to stop him, but-
DASH: Oh stop blaming me! You enjoyed it just as much as I did!
VIOLET: Did not!
DASH: Did too!
VIOLET: Nuh-uh!
DASH: Uh-huh!
DASH: Yuh-huh!
DASH: Yeah you did!
VIOLET: You dragged me into it!
DASH: But you DID do it!
both start from verbal arguing to physical fighting
DIRECTOR: Will you guys just work it out-
BOTH: Stay out of it! continue fighting
DIRECTOR: is shocked

Dash: Hey, whats that? Where’da get that mom?
As Helen slams the door, she accendently slams Dash’s head.
Helen: Oh my gosh Dash I’m sorry!
Brad: Cut! That was great! Now do it again!
Dash: WHAT?!?!?!
Brad: Not litteraly!

(scene where Elastigirl finds Violet on the jet)
ELASTIGIRL: tosses bag
VIOLET: puts up force fiels, shattering glass is heard
ELASTIGIRL: There are a lot of fragile personal items in there!

(take two)
ELASTIGIRL: is about to toss bag
VIOLET: cell phone rings, Real Gone is the ringtone Oh hey, Wendy, how was practice?
ELASTIGIRL: sighs and waits for Violet to hang up so they can start again

(scene where Violet admires Tony)
VIOLET: cell phone rings again Not now, Kari, I’m doing something important!

(scene at dinner table- possibly reference to another film…?)
phone rings
VIOLET: I’ll get it-
BOB: Sit, I’ll get it. picks up phone, various screaming kids’ voices talking at once explode out. Bob keeps his distance from the phone. Apparently, the world is coming to an end and a boy cut his hair.
FAMILY: confused faces Wrong number, wrong movie.

(scene where Violet is in force field, her brother “driving”)
cell phone ringtone
VIOLET: Hey, Alex, did you really cut class? Um, now’s not a good time. I’d love to go to the sale, but I’m shooting the movie now. No, I won’t skip it!
DIRECTOR: Cut! Violet, you’re gonna need to put that phone away.

(take two)
DASH: doesn’t watch where he’s pushing, causes force field with them in it to fall farther than they calculated
both land on ground, force field breaks
VIOLET: spits out dirt and wipes off mud All…your…fault…Where’s the water, I need water…