Make Your Own Incredibles Outtakes

Here is another one.

Elastigirl: Hey, we’re super heroes. What can happen?
Violet screams, the all run before the omnidroid squashes the RV. The Omnidroid stomps on the ground and poor Dash and Vi run into it. Everyone starts laughing.

(same scene)
VIOLET: is supposed to scream, but is busy straightening her hair from static electricity

Bob: Is, Is everyone okay back there.
Dash is shown laughing histarically.
Violet is unamused. Nice job twerp! That was supposed to be my laugh.
Helen and Bob start laughing, Bird starts laughing, the everyone starts laughing. Violet looks confused.
Violet: What’s so funny.
Violet looks up and her har looks as if the hair simulator malfunctioned.
Violet: Oh (censored)

MR. INCREDIBLE: opens a door, (door is torn off and falls down)

(Frozone to helicopter scene)
FROZONE: Hey! Incredible!
MR. I: Hey, Frozone!
FROZONE: Shouldn’t you be getting re…slams into skyscraper
MR. I: Ooh.

Sansweet: Ahhhgh, I think you broke something.
Mr. Incredible: Well with counseling I think you’ll come to forgive me. . . wait a minute.
Mr. I pulls him and then Sansweet starts screaming in pain.
Mr: Incredible: Did I really break something?
Sansweet: (Holding up his strangly contorted arm) What do you think?

Haha, in addition to that:

DIRECTOR: Sansweet, you were supposed to wear extra padding!
SANSWEET: It made me hot and stuffy!

To add on to that.

Brad: Okay, take 3, try again.

Sansweet jumps. Mr. Incredibles dives in to make the save. He catches him, but both splat on the glass.
Mr. I: Oww, that hurt.
Sansweet: I think you broke my rib.
Brad: Cut! Oops, my bad. This is the wrong side of the building. Try again.

8D TSS! You and everyone else on this thread- keep 'em coming! These are hilarious!
EDIT: Wait, it’s just A113, TSS, and me on this thread…oh well.

Okay, here’s another:
(scene with dinner fight)
FAMILY: *going crazy, Mr. I holding up table, Elastigirl trying to control the kids, the kids fighting, Jack-Jack watching)
doorbell rings
DASH: I’ll get it!
VIOLET: No I will!
both race to door
(from other side of the door)
FROZONE: hears banging and yelling and wrestling sounds, smashing and crashing, and some parts of the door breaks. Frozone freezes the children before they hurt themselves. Aren’t you gonna call cut?
DIRECTOR: I’d rather stay out of it.

CAPTAIN: This. Is. Your. Automated. Captain. Would. You. Care. For. More. Mimosa. ?.
MR. I: Um…what was my line?
BRAD: It was “Don’t mind if I do.”

[take 2]
CAPTAIN: This. Is. Your. Automated. Captain. Would. You. Care. For. More. Mimosa. ?.
MR. I: Wait a minute. What’s this stuff I’m drinking?
BRAD: What do you think it is?

[take 3]
CAPTAIN: This. Is. Your. Automated. Captain. Would. You. Care. For. More. Mimosa. ?.
MR. I: I love mimosa, don’t you?

[take 4]
CAPTAIN: This. Is. Your. Automated. Captain. Would. You. Care. For. More. Mimosa. ?.
MR. I: I care about it, but I don’t loooove it! Haha!

[take 5]
CAPTAIN: This. Is. Your. Automated. Captain. Would. You. Care. For. More. Mimosa. ?.
MR. I: Look! A cute little birdie! On a cute little island! HAHAHA!
BRAD: Too much mimosa. We’ll try this again tomorrow.

Dash: (gurgling) Hey Lucius. . .
Dash spits,
Lucius: WHOA!!!
Lucius freezes the water, rolls but fails to catch it.
Dash: Yay! I like it when it shatters!
Brad: Cut! Lucius, why didn’t you catch it!
Lucius: That thing was in his mouth! Do you know what is in his mouth? He’s got germs, spit. . . (rambles forever)

Funny, TSS!

(scene where Dash finds his mom with the uniform)
DASH: I’m The Dash! The Dash- whoa!
he was supposed to say “The Dash Likes”, but he tripped over Violet, who stuck out her invisible leg when he was running.
VIOLET: finishes his sentence falls. Watch where you’re going! laughs

Dash: I don’t know, but why did mom try to hide it?
Dash dashes off. Violet turns her hand invisible, grabs the suit, and then, i doesn’t turn invisible.
Violet: CUT! Dash, you grabbed the wrong suit!
Dash: What?
Violet: You gave me moms suit!

(not funny, but if i was to make it funny, I would probably cross the line a bit)

(scene with Oliver Sansweet attempting suicide)

  • body falls down building*
    MR. INCREDIBLE: misses, body tragically falls Hey, remember when we used to use real citizens?

(reference to Sky High)

Here is one.

Jack-Jack is making funny faces in front of the camera while Violet is saying her lines.
Violet: We act normal mom. I wanna be normal. The only one is Jack-Jack and he’s not even toilet trained!
jack-Jack starts laughing and then Dash starts laughing.
Violet: What’s so funny?
Vi looks at Jack-Jack and starts laughing too.

Violet: He looked at me…
Director: Violet, you’re not supposed to have your headband on until later.
Violet: It’s stuck! Who put sticky glue on it…DASH!!
Dash: What? Just because something as cleverly pranky as this happens doesn’t mean that I had something to do with it.
Violet: But you DID have something to do with it!
Dash: stifles a laugh Yeah, I did.

Dash: I’m not gonna leave the cave. Sheesh.
walks deeper into cave- drops torch accidentally

Helen comes out from changing into her super suit. She tosses the bag on to the chair, which lands on an invisible VIolet. Violet screams in pain.
Helen: (jumps, surprised) Violet?!
Violet appears and starts clutching her body.
Violet: What have you got in that thing rocks?
Helen looks and there are about ten good sized rocks inside. Violet screams.
Violet: DASH!!!

8D TSS, that was funny! Dash sure is naughty in a few outtakes.

VIOLET: Well, I think Dad has made some excellent progress today, but I think it’s time we all wind down now. presses button
family is released as supposed to, except Violet
VIOLET: presses over and over again until it’s busted Dash, I should have never gotten you that sneaky prank book for your birthday.

(scene with minivan and rocket)
MR. INCREDIBLE: Ready, Violet? Ready? Now!
VIOLET: presses button
rock music blares, TV appears and shows the big race
VIOLET: Let me guess, Dash, you’re on the chapter of How To Mess with Buttons and Wires
DASH: smug face that says, “I pulled it off!”
MR. INCREDIBLE: Hey the game’s on!
ELASTIGIRL: What’s taking so long in there?! What’s going on that I don’t know?

Wow, we are going wild with Dash pranks are we?

My turn,

Guard: I know you’re there little Miss Disappear.
Violet clubs him but a little too low.
Violet: Oops, sorry about that.
Guard: (in squweaky high voice) It’s fine!

VIOLET: turns invisble Dash, run
DASH: What?
DASH: Oh, yeah! runs, but isn’t careful, so he runs over the guards

(scene where Violet, Dash, and Elastigirl are in the cave)
ELASTIGIRL: And if anything goes wrong, use your powers.
VIOLET: But said we weren’t supposed to use out powers!
ELASTIGIRL: I know what I said! chuckles a little I’m sorry, I think that I said it too late to sound like I interrupted!

(scene where Helen and Bob have an argument late at night)
HELEN:I cannot believe you don’t want to go to your own son’s graduation!
BOB: It’s not a graduation. He’s moving from the forth grade to the fifth grade.
HELEN: It’s a ceremony!
BOB: It’s psychotic! They keep on inventing new ways to celebrate-
stops when he thought he heard something
VIOLET: Ow! Dash, stop hitting me!
DASH: I didn’t know you were there!
VIOLET: That’s because we’re supposed to be hidden- ow, you did it again!
HELEN: You know, we can hear you from all the way over here.
VIOLET: (whispers) I think our cover’s blown.
DASH: Great, now you whisper.