Make Your Own Outtakes: WALL-E

Hi, I just found this topic on Ratatouille and thought of making a Make Your Own Outtakes here

Where I got this topic Idea: Make Your Own Outtakes: Ratatouille

I’m not really good at comedy, but I’ll try

when Wall-E was gonna be sent to the repair ward

Cpt. McCrea: Have…Wall-E cleaned
Auto: Sir, robot is not water-proof

EVE: …What was my line again?
Andrew Stanton (off camera): You’re supposed to say, “WALL-E” shakes head
WALL-E: Ooooh my gosh. This is the TENTH TIME! I don’t know if I can work with her anymore!
EVE: I’m sorry, it’s just…there’s too much to remember! I’m never sure the right way to inflect my voice. It changes each time…
Andrew Stanton: Let’s just try it again, okay?

[i]Eve/Walle-Kissing [shock!!!]

Eve-Oouuch!!! WALLE!!!

Andrew [off camera]-CUT!!![/i]

Good idea, theWALL-Efan-134! :smiley:

The Captain grabs onto AUTO’s spokes as the two battle it out.

AUTO: Haha, ha, stop it, you’re tickling me! Seriously, stop!

Nice ones, Le_Chocolat and Al-Bob. I could seriously imagine both situations happening if WALL-E had real outtakes. :laughing:

computer- “10 seconds till self-destruct”
Wall-E- “Ah!” rushes to door, then goes to grab fire extinguisher. He pulls… and pulls again… and again.
Wall-E- “it’s stuck!”
Andrew Stanton- “cut!”
off camera- “laughs”

Wall-e: puts dirt on M-O’s face
10 minutes later
MO: Ummm, I seriously, can’t get it off…help please? Director?
Andrew S: Should I help him yet?
Random Guy: Naah, maybe later. This is hilarious.

This thread really makes me miss the outtakes. Those were awsome!

Casting listenings for the main Wall-e character:
Andrew Stanton: Next!
(a wall-e is brought to the room)
Andrew Stanton: Shitch’im on!
(the wall-e plays the sound of Windows logon)
Andrew Stanton: Next!
(the next wall-e enters the room)
Andrew Stanton: Name?
Wall-e: KWall-e!
Andrew Stanton: Next!..

(WALL-E is putting the final cube on one of the trash towers)
WALL-E: There!
(The tower collapes)
WALL-E: Aww…(begins compacting the trash again)

Captain: …It’s living proof he was wrong!
Auto: Irrelevant, Captain.
Captain: (laughing) I’m sorry. I just can’t take his voice seriously.
Andrew: CUT!

After the Axiom lands on Earth
(M-O’s scanner seeing the trash-covered city) FOREIGN CONTAMINENT!
M-O: Whoa…(falls over)

WALL•E is hanging onto the the side of the ship, lets go, gets sucked into a black hole.

WALL-E: :cry:

that was just real cruelty to WALL-E rachelcakes

yea, not too funny…

IDK, Rachel’s ‘to-the-pointedness’ made me laugh. I mean it’s just so blunt and unashamedly mean it’s hilarious (reminds me of Flik being swatted by Buzz from the leaf in TS2’s outtakes, or any Looney Tunes toon)! :laughing:
Anyway all ya guys are great! For those who had Wall-E and Co. speak English fluently instead of one-word sentences off-camera when not ‘in character’, it makes me wonder how they would sound like. :slight_smile:

Voice: try blue. It’s the new red.
People: Oooo!
(However, while the woman’s suit goes to blue, the guy’s goes to pink polka-dots)

AS: Harv, you’re supposed to push the left button.
Mary (off-camera): I think you look good in that.
Wall-E: Ooooo.

Yeah, how funny would it be if WALL•E spoke the Queen’s English when the ‘camera’ stopped rolling. Ha ha.

Or if he spoke like Lou Hirsch’s Baby Herman from Who Framed Roger Rabbit! :smiley:

And Eve spoke and guffawed like Lorraine from the Mad TV skits!

You guys are so funny! I’ve gotta come up with my own bloopers…

Captain: Home, Auto! And it’s in trouble! Wait, where are going again?

Ship’s computer: Buy n Large. Everything you need to be happy. Your day is very important to us…sort of.

PR-T: Just-a-trim! Oh, I know, honey, I know, I’m great! You look gorgeous!
Andrew Stanton: Oh, thank you!

not funny, but can be an outtake:
Captain: Computer, define pleasure!
Computer: Pleasure - an emotional state, when you feel invigorated and sparkling of happiness.
Captain: Computer, define happiness!
The-voice-behing-the-stage [crying] Awwwww! :cry:
Andrew Stanton: cut…

Similar to Al-Bob’s outtake except it’s the one where they’re in space.
So Wall-E and Eve shock/kiss.

Wall-E: …
EVE: (stares with a look of “your cue?”)
Wall-E: (fakes sneezes) Oh! I sneezed! Okay let’s try that again.
EVE: (omg)
Andrew: ok fine CUT, just one more time okay?
Wall-E: (YEAH!)

(The scene where Auto is about to shok Wall-E)

Andrew: ok, ready Wall-E?
Wall-E: (uncertain) o-okay.....
Andrew: ok and ACTION
Auto: the plant (reaches around for plant)
Wall-E: (sticks inside of his crusher thing)
Auto: (takes out tazer thing and charges at Wall-E)
Andrew and Auto: *sigh*

I’m likin’ the outtakes so far. :slight_smile:

Hope you like.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read them all- I had fun making them!

scene where other cleanup robots follow behind M-O
M-O: *stops in place and lifts up “arms”.
robots behind him also stop
*suddenly Alec Azam dashes by, being chased by Presto, who looks like a maniac".
Other robots: stare in shock
M-O: cleans Alec Azam and Presto’s footprints.

scene where WALL-E anxiously puts in the tape to make sure it’s all right
*Instead of Hello Dolly appearing, it’s the scene in Ratatoulle where Colette and Linguini kiss!
WALL-E: although it’s not the same tape, he’s very interested
turns to EVE and asks for her to kiss him
EVE: blushes

scene in BURN-E where WALL-E was supposed to come and distract BURN-E
instead of WALL-E, a tiny speck flies by
SPECK: high pitched screaming
BURN-E: Huh?

(second take)
again, WALL-E doesn’t show up
*instead of WALL-E, this time BURN-E sees a floating dog wearing a red sweater and cape, with the capital letter “U” on it.
BURN-E: What the-
the beagle: There’s no need to fear; Underdog is here!
BURN-E: Watch out!
UNDERDOG: What? yelps as his cape sucks him into something

(third take)
this time, a few familiar pixies appear, coming from a certain very bright star in the distance
TINKERBELL: throws pixie dust on BURN-E
BURN-E: Huh!?! floats
IRIDESSA: generates a bright light
TINKERBELL: does the work for BURN-E
VIDIA: twirls quickly around BURN-E, causing him to spin out of control
TINKERBELL: That wasn’t very funny, Vidia.
VIDIA: Hey, I’m a fast-flying fairy, I like to use my powers. Deal with it. Just like I deal with your tinkering-ness.
BURN-E: blinks
FAIRIES: leave at once
BURN-E: realizes the work is done WHOO-HOO!

scene where AUTO steers the ship
BURN-E: forgets to hold on and falls out and is floating away through space
suddenly, out of nowhere, a voice is getting louder and louder…
PRINCE EDWARD: Fear not, Giselle, I will rescue you!
PIP: Yeah, but who’s gonna rescue meeeeee?!
BOTH: remain floating in space
PIP: Something tells me the old hag can switch universes on this well, and we took the wrong one.
BURN-E: waves slowly

scene where WALL-E and EVE dance in space
*instead, the music played is “A Whole New World”
ANDREW: Cut! Wrong song…well, actually, let it play anyway. I haven’t heard a Disney Classic song in a while.

scene where WALL-E is traveling through space while hanging on the spaceship
door on spaceship opens suddenly
KRONK: Wow! What are the odds of that trapdoor leading me out here?

scene where EVE is hugging WALL-E and spinning through space
both bump into a certain machine, with the Robinsons in it
WILBUR: Oops, too foward in time.

scene where the Captain is locked in his room
CAPTAIN: Mutiny! Mutiny!
light comes out of nowhere
CAPTAIN: turns around
four certain children tumble out of an opening
EDMUND: This isn’t Narnia!

scene where WALL-E goes around the Axiom
a certain group of animals pop out of the pool
GLORIA the hippo: It’s not people! It’s…I don’t really know.
MELMAN: This is what California’s like?

scene where WALL-E turns his recorded song
SONG PLAYED: That’s How You Know, from Enchanted.

scene where the Axiom takes the hyper jump speed
ship stops abruptly
CAPTAIN: We hit something, I think. What’s in the way?
EVE: looks out gasps Captain, it’s Goofy in space.

Spacewalk scene
EVE: hurries before the shuttle self-destructs
Mushu flies out, along with Crikee.
MUSHU: Pretty hot, huh?

Spacewalk scene, again!
EVE: stops as someone passes by. floating with her dress like a parachute
ALICE: This just gets curiouser and curiouser…
EVE: I could say the same about you.

Spacewalk scene again
WALL-E: comes out before it explodes
EVE: is just about to correct him when Mater flies by
MATER: Yahoo! Thanks for the trip, Ghostlight!

(take four)
EVE: hurries before the ship explodes
WALL-E: again comes out too early, because he doesn’t know he’s doing it wrong
EVE: again is just about to correct him when a fairy godmother pops out of nowhere
FAIRY GODMOTHER: Oh, dear, I am most definitely in the wrong place. *
PR-T: appears to her Your dress is so medieval!
FAIRY GODMOTHER: gasps in horror

(take five)
same mistakes
door floats by
MIKE AND SULLLY: come out of it
MIKE: All right, who put this here door in space?

scene where WALL-E goes into escape pod
Wolf in grandmother clothes (from Shrek) is revealed
WALL-E: Ahh!
Wolf: gets up Do you mind?

(take two)
WALL-E: finds a lamp there- presents it to EVE EVA!
EVE: Huh? touches lamp
the Genie appears.
GENIE: Seven hundred years will give you such a cramp!
ANDREW: Where are all these characters coming from?