Martin's Signatures

Here are some signatures I just made. Enjoy! And feel free to comment.

I did them really fast so I didn’t look into good fonts, any suggestions?

Those are nice! Ignore the font,it’s okay. The last one is hysterical! :laughing:

If you look up ‘free fonts’, they have some really cool fonts you can download,usually free. I have like 5 different fonts I’ve downloaded,and most of them are really neat.

Thanks, AP95! I have tons of fonts i jsut didn’t have time to think, I wnated to show you guys my ideas as soon as i could to get feed back. So maybe later I’ll make one of these with flashier fonts. :smiley:

I love these! Heheheh, the last one had me cracking up. :laughing:

Great job, martini833 ! :smiley:

Thanks for the compliments on the last one! I was originaly gonna put Don’t touch that, but at the last minute a pun popped up and I knew it was ready for the forum! I’m glad it made you laugh. Again, Thanks! :smiley:

I like the “can’t touch this” one. LOL :smiley:

I have to agree: the last one is great! :laughing:

Nice job, martini! :smiley:

Thanks, Rachel and Gasdude! I think I’m gonna redo the last one’s font so it looks more presentable. I’m glad you guys found it funny! :smiley:

martini833: hey, those are really really good. They are all funny and creative. Nice work

May I ask you a question? DO you take requests?

TSS wants to know because he wants to request a Toy Story graphic. :wink:

TSS, depends what you request. If I can I will, ask away! :smiley:

Very nice, martini! The ‘can’t touch this’ one is especially funny, and I’m sure a really wacky font would go well with it. :smiley:

Rachel - That is exactly right. :laughing: :wink:

martini833 - Very nice! I especially love the first one; it has a nice…“flavor” to it – it’s clean and precise, and it seems to fit in your signature box quite nicely. :wink:

A numerous variety of fonts can be accessed in the Paint feature (a software that should be included with your computer) and in Photoshop CS (if you own it).

rachel - Puh-ha! “Toy Story” graphic. :laughing:

– Mitch

rachel: Actually, that was my second choice. :wink: :laughing: We’re so funny.

Martini833: My real request is some Incredibles stuff please.

Thanks, Mitch.
SSM- I’ll try! :smiley:

martini833 - You are most welcome. :wink:

I have a new one:

And my “Can’t touch this!” edited with a new font:

I got “The Incredibles” and “Ratatouille” Crossover!:

P.S.S. Here’s an alternate to the first:

Haha – nice job, martini833! I absolutely love the “animATE it up” one. Classic! :laughing: :wink:

– Mitch

The cross over looks really nice. i like that! Combine the two incredible Brad Bird films into one graphic. And I love everything else too. really good work.