Monsters, Inc. 2 plot leaked?

This is an excellent idea, because it helps avoid ruining the ending of the original. But it does sound a bit similar to one of Dreamworks’s upcoming films. I forget the name, but it’s about some kind of scaring academy. Still, this sounds like a really good concept.

NOO! :frowning: I was really hoping that this would be something more like Boo returning to the Monsters universe as a teenager or something, not a prequel! I’m still looking forward to it though.

I’m not sure what to think about this, though it does say it is ‘unconfirmed’ at best. I personally did not find the sequel ending to be utterly wrapped up, but it’s possible they’re avoiding the potential difficulties which could result from a sequel (too many possibilities and it would almost be impossible to make everyone happy), and then again a prequel could be considered better than a messed up sequel. Of course that all depends and there’s still a possibility it will go wrong. Plus I’m curious as to what it will be, but then the author has not (exactly) done their research, isn’t it for definite Docter is not completing this film at all? Or are they suggesting when Docter said he wasn’t working on a sequel, he meant in reality a prequel as a sort of silly joke to keep things underwraps?

I also partially agree with one poster on the site that it does lose some of it’s suspense, as interesting as seeing the past might be. Plus what could this threat be if there is one?

Plus, didn’t Sulley and Mike already know each other from grade school in the actual movie?

“You’ve been jealous of my good looks since the fourth grade pal”: Mike, as they walk to work, after Sulley’s joke about Monstropolis’ most wanted.

I like the idea of enemies to friends but… yeah. Not exactly entirely canon-compliant I guess you could say.

I’d take this with a pinch of salt myself, but if it’s true and they’ve suddenly ‘met for the first time’, this is completely out of sorts with what is in the original movie- we know they’ve known each other for years from the first movie! Plus a university for scaring? That doesn’t sound plausible, and it’s a rediculous name in my opinion. Unless of course it’s some very small technical college or something, but still, weird name.

I’m not so sure this could be considered a plausible idea, or at least I’m not sure it would fit with the original movie. I mean unless they’ve held a grudge for all those years- but Sulley doesn’t seem to be the type. Though I guess Mike is. But I always thought Mike and Sulley HAD been friends since grade school.

This is… really strange. A prequel could work but I’m rather confused by this if this is the true premise.


I think this might be a red herring. Though I’m not putting my money on that.

If it’s really not an actual sequel with teenage Boo then maybe it’s an intentional choice to avoid being too similar to Andy in Toy Story 3. Still, if it’s a prequel then they probably shouldn’t call it Monsters Inc. 2 but give it a more prequel related title. It could be a temporary name just to hint the fact that there’s another Monsters Inc. coming along.

Is there a reliable source for this article? The reason I ask is because not only does seem unusual, in my opinion, but there’s also the fact that Randall would have to be nonexistant in this one, which I would find especially surprising given: a) the large fanbase he has, and b) all the developments that involve him (even including the ones that demonize him), some of which are pretty recent.

I hope this is just a rumor, because it doesn’t sound like it would be a very good “Pixar” movie.

Randall is fairly popular (whether it’s fans which see him redeemable or not), but in terms of a prequel, unless say it took place in the factory just before or during the scream extractor being built, it would almost seem a little contrived and forced to have him in such a film as before the events of the original movie.

I guess they be ignoring some extended canon stuff here though I guess (then again, they don’t really bother trying to make them all fit when put together anyway in the first place. They (?), Disney, Boom and whoever else produces some of this stuff just throw a new thing on without bothering to consider what they’ve said already in the ‘extra’ stuff sometimes, which makes me start to consider the idea that we should only take what makes the most sense out of them if anything at all…)

But movie-canon of course supercedes them all, so I guess they could technically rewrite things and don’t have to consider any of the extra material, as long as it fits the original movie- it would be okay in that sense.

But… wait, don’t they train their scarers in the factory as well in the original movie? I can’t believe I’m just remembering that, but it’s true isn’t it? Then again, that didn’t stop that video game which had them on an island learning to scare either- but once again, that’s another extended canon thing which might not necessarily entirely fit so it’s almost forgiveable- but in a movie…? Uh…

Unless the University is for something else entirely and not to do with scaring at all, I mean another ‘extended canon’ thing was that Randall helped train Sulley even though Randall is younger and all, but once again we’d probably have to consider that idea as not something they have to consider at all (but why would it be called University of Fear? Is it named after someone? Still… weird.)

The more I think on it, the more I think this doesn’t exactly fit very well with the original so I kind of think this might not be real and just a fake thing (they have done that before right with some movies? Fake leaks?). Of course there is very little information to go on, so perhaps I’m jumping to conclusions, and maybe I’ll be eating my words.

We’ll see I guess.

I thought Randall was going to come again and we would see Boo again, but hey,this is actually a good idea. More Mike and Sulley <3

PS: I was reading the comments, and found this. I think this is a good idea.

God, I hope this isn’t true! And to think that people have compared the original MI to the Nicktoon, “AHHH! Real Monsters”…THIS would be virtually the same thing, since that 'toon took place at a “monster academy” where monsters learned how to scare humans! Plus, as MG already pointed out, it would be completely flying in the face of established canon, not only in the movie but in the books that accompanied it, including the “Monsters, Inc., Essential Guide”, in which it is plainly stated that Mike and Sulley actually met back in KINDERGARTEN! AND, it’s also ignoring a large and active fanbase of one character in particular…no, make that TWO, since unless Boo is a time traveler, there’s no way to work her in at all into a prequel. This is about the only thing lamer than the “Randall returns to get revenge on Mike and Sulley and winds up getting his butt kicked yet again” scenario. Seriously, I hope this is just a rumor that got started by someone’s failed attempt at fanfiction.


Hmmm…interesting. I don’t really have an opinion, though. It’s just a rumor.

I really hope it’s not a prequel. I don’t like prequels. :frowning:

why dont we think that MI 2 could be both, a sequel and a prequel

MI2 could never look like as TS3, if they make Boo, a girl in her 5 or 6 years old, why not believe that Boo is the one little girl from sunnyside in TS3, just a bit older from the first film

Forgive me, but it seems weird to me to call it MI 2 if it’s a prequel. Does anyone know what I mean?

Well I just said the same thing, so I do anyway.

Oh, sorry, Flik-E . I was thinking about posting that earlier, and I guess I should have. I look like a jerk now. :blush:

It’s okay.

I was joking with my friend yesterday that maybe it should be called Monsters, Inc.: Origins. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. Considering how much Wolverine Origins sucked, that would scare me coming from PIXAR. :laughing:

Ok…why didn’t I see this before. Oh wait the prequel thing came up elsewhere too…

Anyway…I doubt this will be a prequel…
But then again it depends on how FAR back we go.
Will it be when Wazowski and Sullivan met? Well if so, cancel out Randall, Celia, Fungus, and everybody else, which would just rob the story of their involvement.

Will it be them in training? Well might be interesting to see, but a whole movie about such?

A slight few years before? When Randall was Top Scarer and Sullivan and Wazowski were doing quite well? I’ll admit, would be an interesting ending setting things up with Randall having a “meeting” with the boss, about the Scream Extractor, setting up the first film.

But to be honest there’s…not really enough to warrant a prequel. I just think they need to establish a little more.
I mean honestly, I would want to know more about Randall’s past, but doubt it’s going to focus on him.
No. Sullivan and Wazowski will likely get the spotlight. But we know allot about them already. We know they’re friends since forever, they argue on occasion, but stuck through it.

So, basically, there shouldn’t be a sequel. :stuck_out_tongue: I mean, I’ll see the movie. But sequel, prequel, or whateverquel, I don’t see where they’re going with it.