Monsters, Inc. Fan Commentary

thewisecookiesheet - You may have told me this before, or maybe you didn’t, but I didn’t know you were going camping this month. Did you want to participate in the Monsters, Inc. commentary? If so, then I can wait until you get back and we can do it at the end of June/early July, and I’ll hold off from requesting people’s schedules until closer towards the end of the month. If you don’t want to be in MI then I’ll request the schedules now.

Oh yes! x) I was going to tell you about that when you asked for schedules and I wanted to know how the sig would look on the boards. But then I forgot to change it… o_0

But yes, I would very much so like to be in the MI commentary. Now, I will be home the day of the 27th, so if everyone wants to do the commentary the night I get back, I am fine with that. We get back around noon-ish, so, if I needed too, I could get a good 7 hours of sleep before the commentary.

Sorry about the neon blue sign :blush:

(Sheesh, it is pretty bright, isn’t it?)

Maybe you could post here or PM me now your schedule for the week or so after you get back, and while you’re away I’ll ask for schedules from other people, so by the time you get back on the 27th there should be a few dates to choose from and then you can give your confirmation of which one(s) will be alright by you. Thanks. =)

Your signature doesn’t look too bright to me. In fact, the effect is kinda cool. Have fun on your camping trip. :smiley:

Ah thanks :smiley:

And I messaged you. Also, my sister will check my account for me and write me what has been going on. It’d be a 2-day delay, but I will also be informed.

Thanks for the complement and the concern. :slight_smile:
Fortunately I’m feeling better now. My throat is still in a little bit of pain, and my nose still runs (a little) But it’s not "Uggggg I’m sick I feel so horable and tired grumble grumble

Just so you know, my family is going on a vacation from August 10th to the 14th.
July 17 we will be going to a Baseball game
As usual weekends are never good days for me to do things like this.
Other than that, nothing certian. End of june/Early July is a bit far out for our calendars.

I’ll continue to update this so that we can get a time frame of when we will do the Monster’s Inc. Commentary.

Clear the scare floor because the next feature film commentary is going to be Monsters, Inc.!

So anyone who has:

  1. Participated in a practice,
  2. Posted your rankings of all the Pixar films (except Up) in this thread AND
  3. An interest in commenting on Monsters, Inc.

Please read carefully below…

The session(s) will be done in late June/early July, so send me your schedule for that time within the next 7 days. Remember to give me any updates to your schedule as soon as you find out any changes. I will then post possible times when the commentary could take place, as well as a list of participants.

Any questions? Post below, PM me, or contact me over Skype.


The submissions time for schedules for those interested in doing a Monsters, Inc. commentary is now up. Stay tuned within the next day or so for when I’ll post possible times that we could do this thing as well as participants.

Okay then, I guess I’ll pick Wednesday, the 1st of July at 10:00 AM. :smiley:

See… I mean, hear you guys then! I’ve got a lot to talk about for this one. :wink:

~ Flare

Could you make it to any more of those, Dragon? It’s just in case others can’t make it to that one, and also so we have some spares available. :wink:

Oh, right. Well, other than the 2nd (which I also could make it to), the rest are all on weekends so I could make it those sessions as well, but the chances of me sleeping through those timing are moderate at best. That’s why the 1st and 2nd are best for me. :wink:

~ Flare

Now that the time for me is 9:00 pm, I should be available on any day but Saturday, July 4th.

Theoretically any day is fine for me, but as the second and third options only leave us 2 hours of time, I’d rather pick one of the others, so we have enough time to sort out any possible technical glitches.

So my preferred times would be these:

Wednesday 1st/Thursday 2nd July
Berlin: Wednesday 8:30pm

Saturday 11th/Sunday12th July
Berlin: Saturday 5:00pm

Sunday 12th/Monday 13th July
Berlin: Sunday 6:00pm

I would prefer to do the recording on the following time:

Tuesday 30th June/Wednesday 1st July
New York: 10:00pm Tuesday
Oregon: 7:00pm Tuesday
Minneapolis: 9:00pm Tuesday
Singapore: 10:00am Wednesday

I might also be able to do the 3rd of july, but that’s cutting it close.

As far as I know at the moment, any of the times for Group B are fine with me, though the one on Saturday the 11th is going to be a bit of a stretch as I finish work at 3.30pm and the commentary is at 4.00pm. If that ended up being the time I’d probably be about fifteen minutes late (as I tend to get home at around 4-ish).

All of those times for Group B are fine with me. :sunglasses:

lizardgirl - On Saturday the 11th, you can start as late as 9pm, because there’s seven hours of time to do the commentary on that day.

Oh, I see, thanks Peter, didn’t notice that. Well starting a bit later would obviously be better then. :smiley:

Alright! Wednesday: 1:30pm, I’ll be ready

Thanks for keeping us updated!

Yes, I do have a NTSC copy of Monsters Inc.

thewisecookiesheet - You’re welcome. =)

Hannahmation - Ok, good.

thewisecookiesheet and Hannahmation - I still can’t see when you’re online in Skype. Have you added me to your contacts yet?