Most excited about?

Okay, with Ratatouille enjoying it’s time entertaining families everywhere, we are now looking to the future.

Which upcoming Pixar film are you most excited about?

Most likely, for many of us, our opinions will change as soon as some new bit of info is leaked for a particular movie. Still, don’t be shy! That’s why it isn’t a poll…:wink:

I personally can’t wait for Up. :smiley:

Up is the one I am most excited for. :wink:

Pshh, that’s easy! Toy Story 3!!

I’m not very excited for Up, I’m afraid. After so many Pixar films with male leads, I was hoping for a female lead and hearing this one has gotten me down. Come on, Pixar! Disney princesses aren’t enough for me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Aggie - Heheheh, I’m sure Pixar will have a female lead in the future. I actually felt the same way a while back by wanting a female director of a Pixar film. With Brenda Chapman directing an upcoming Pixar film, that’s taken care of. You’ll just have to wait longer. Be patient, it will come. :wink:

The second one I’m most looking forward to is Toy Story 3 .

Same here, Bill. TS3 will be the sequel to my favorite Pixar film (TS2)…so that’s pretty cool! :sunglasses:

Any JCoM or 1906 takers?

John Carter of Mars is one that I am dying to see. The rumors that it’s going to be a live-action/animation combination film seems half iffy to me basically because I just don’t like the idea of Pixar doing live-action films. On the other hand, it will be interesting to see CG coupled with live-action because it has never been done before.

Aggie- Think about it this way. Collete played a huge part in Ratatouille, Dory did too in Finding Nemo, Atta did too in A Bug’s Life, Sally did too in Cars, and I hear that in Up the old man teams up with a young wilderness scout which I expect to be female. So technically there are lots of female main characters who play large parts in Pixar films.
Bill- I personally think that John Carter of Mars will not be released any time soon (if ever) and especially not by Pixar. Why?, here are my reasons:

  1. It’s half live action half animation: That seems Disney like.
  2. Also John Lasseter said he would bring back traditional animation along with computer generated movies at Disney and keep Pixar CG only, so why would he bring live action to Pixar so randomly.
  3. If you see the history of JCoM it has been tried many times and always failed. I am sure Pixar could make it work but according to it’s history nobody felt as if it was a strong enough story to tell and its been through many studios during many years.
    Also CG and live action HAS been done, have you watched Dinosaur?
    And in my opinion John Carter of Mars doesn’t sound Pixar-y or even Disney-like. I wouldn’t want to see it, I’m much more excited for WALL-E and Up.
    But this is just my opinion. :smiley:

1906 for me definitely! Brad Bird has yet again hit on one of my passions. After that is a bit of a tie between JCoM and Up as I adore the concepts of both. I am excited about TS3 but I’m very nervous about it too with some of the stuff I’ve heard - hopefully most of it is just whispers in the wind though.

martini833 - Sorry, doesn’t cut it for me. Lots of films have male and female characters… I’m talking about leads here. I want to see a female lead from Pixar. Seven films later, nothing yet, and most likely WAL-E, Up and Toy Story 3 will not have one. I’m not a crazy feminist or anything, I’d just like to see it happen once. They have the ability to make spectacular stories, so why not try it once? It doesn’t have to be done by a female director, even!

Colette is basically the only female character in Ratatouille, and her attitude towards male dominance in certain fields actually turned me off, but that’s another story.

Okay, I’ll probably want to start a seperate thread about this, hehe.

The one I’m really excited about is TS3, as well as Wall-E, but that’s probably because those are the two we’ve become most acquainted with. 1906 and Up both sound very intriguing, but since we know so very little information about them, I just can’t get excited about them just yet.

Here my list of the upcoming pixar films I want to see the most.

  1. WALL-E
  2. TS3
  3. Up
  4. Cars 2
  5. *1906
  6. JCoM

*I’m still not believing that it is an offcial Pixar film.

Gah! Is Cars 2 even official yet? I don’t think it is. IF there will be a Cars 2 (and I cannot say anything until it’s confirmed), that will DEFINITELY be the film I’m looking forward to the most. :slight_smile:

Cars 2 if it becomes a reality and then Toy Story 3 :slight_smile:

I hardly post, but my reply has to JOHN CARTER OF MARS !!!

I suspect it will be outside the usual Pixar heading. As for the live/animation thing, isn’t that what the new Star Wars, Lord of the Rings - everything with effects really is ? I think they’re just going to go for completly digital enviroments and all since it’s such an outlandish setting. Sky Captain and 300 will not be the last only movies made this way - Jeff, who seems a little fond of the John Carter books.

I’m having trouble accepting JCoM, and most of all Cars 2. I want to see original stories like WALL-E and Up. That brings me to the topic that Pixar only does original stuff so I definately think all my evidence from my above post points to a Disney live action feature (with some or lots of CG).

I tend to agree that JCOM is likely to be some thing new/outside of Pixar. Perhaps the same place 1906 appears.

IMBD has JCOM listed as
Production : Angry Films
Distributors : Buena Vista Pictures (2009) (USA) (theatrical)
Walt Disney Pictures (2009) (USA) (theatrical)

1906 is listed with Spring Creek Productions, Distributors -
Warner Bros. Pictures (2007) (worldwide) (theatrical)

As for Cars 2 my response was ‘huh’ ?

We just saw Rat - and loved it. The audiance even applauded !

Hmm… Hard question. I used to be really excited for Toy Story 3, but then I thought it would be a good idea if I focus on the more recent, upcoming Pixar films to tide me over until Toy Story 3. I never thought that I would really looking forward to any other Pixar movie other than TS3, then Ratatouille came along.

So right now I am looking forward to Ratatouille, and Wall.E because I like robots. I’m not so much looking forward to Up right now, but I’m sure that once the trailer comes out it will get me excited. :wink:

I think I am most excited for Up, with TS3 following it.

WALL-E, hands…er…robotic arms down. Universal and/or space-related films, theories, novels, and facts have always intrigued me to a monstrous extent, and I am always eager to discover and learn more about that fascinating wilderness; WALL-E ought to be no exception…

Well, I just like robots, so that’s why I’m looking forward to Wall.E. :sunglasses: And the space scenes will look so awesome on the big screen. Ever since Toy Story 2, I was hoping Pixar would “expand” upon that opening sequence and do a space movie, so it should be good!