Most overrated films of all time

How To Train Your Dragon
Shrek 1 (though deserves most acclaim)
Any classic disney movie, especially Snow White (out-ranks pixar a lot)
Slumdog Millionare (looks good though)
The Iron Giant (pretty good movie, but still overrated.)
Spider-man 2 (not as good as people say it is)
Any Judd Apatow movie

Sorry if my opinion is quite different from yours… Anyway I’m excited to see what other people feel are the most overrated films.

I kind of agree about Dragons. Someone is going to kill me now!!!hides
The Dark Knight!!! Yes, I said it.
Snow White
Finding Nemo(it’s really good, but really.)
Shrek( :unamused: :unamused: )
Harry Potter
I can’t think of any more nright now, but I will…

Slumdog Millionare won Best Picture instead of The Dark Knight so I hate that movie. Also I totally agree with you on Spider-Man 2. I didn’t even think it was good.

You’re evil!

Twilight. Just… Twilight.

There isn’t anything good about that, seriously.

Also I love HTTYD but I do agree it’s getting a bit… overhyped lately.

Twilight for sure (the books are overrated)
Harry Potter…to SOME extent
Alice in Wonderland 2010

Oh, yes. How could I forget the Twilight movies! Twilight and New Moon were probably some of the worst movies of the decade, yet they both won at least 5 MTV Awards, including Best Movie, each.

Some of the Star Wars movies are overrated, but Episodes 4-6 are classics!
Pulp Fiction (I’ve never seen it but it seems overrated.)

Congrats IncredigirlViginia! Finally, someone who thinks that HTTYD is overrated!


Ugggh, there’s no way to describe how much I hate those movies. I’m a nice guy most of the time, but I deliberately went out of my way to be an asswhole about the movies in front of these pricks in my class.

Avatar is definetly overrated. Nothing besides 3-D garbage.

Also, Marmaduke was beginning to whore out before release date. So were the Hannah Montanna and Jonas Brothers movies. Blech.

Twilight/New Moon
The Dark Knight
Sherlock Holmes
Fight Club

That’s my opinion , (just because they’re overrated doesn’t automatically make them bad btw, just praised too much, e.g. Goodfellas, still a sick movie tho :smiley:.)

In response to this, check out my underrated Movies also :slight_smile: on the forum page.

How is Gladiator overrated?
The Incredibles is overrated though.

The Dark Knight wasn’t even nominated.

Oh, for me: Slumdog and The Hurt Locker. Do not even get me started on the latter.[/i]

haha, everybody really seems to think Twilight is overrated :laughing:

The only movie I can think of that’s really overrated is The Hangover. I mean, it was funny, but everybody talks about it like it was the best movie ever, and really, it isn’t.

I agree with the consensus here; Twilight, How To Train Your Dragon and The Hangover are all very overrated films. The first just reminds me of how both modern novels and films are going down the toilet rapidly, the second, though good, has poor character development and is hypocritical, and the third, though funny, just really wasn’t THAT funny.

I think The Dark Knight is a bit overrated too, because without Heath Ledger’s amazing performance it wouldn’t have been an amazing movie. I watch it just to see him in action, and that’s about it.

@Everyone saying HTTYD is overrated: I honestly think that the movie deserves every ounce of praise it’s getting, because of two reasons. 1) It’s a good film by Dreamworks that doesn’t rely on pop culture references or crude humor. 2) It’s very hard to find a great movie in this day and age. This is the first movie of the new year that I can actually say I fully enjoyed.

I agree, Basil, that Dreamworks should get a pat on the back for improving their standards with this movie, but just because it’s an improvement on their part doesn’t mean that, in comparison with all movies released this year or generally I think it’s worthy of not being criticised at all. It’s got many good points about it, but there are also some negative points that are being missed simply because it’s a Dreamworks film that doesn’t have pop culture references. If you see what I mean? I probably worded that really badly. :laughing:

Anyway, each to their own. I do like it overall, but at the same time, I do think it’s overrated. You’re right though that this year so far hasn’t been great movie-wise.

Quoted for Truth! :smiley:

Haha, I see some folks have put Avatar and The Dark Knight. I personally think both films are SUPAH AWESUM. Okay, okay, Avatar has a familiar plot (but I can say the same about any Pixar movie) and The Dark Knight really turns around Heath Ledger (but the other actors put in equally great performances)… so yeah, I can see why a few people would get a bit jaded with them.

How to Train Your Dragon… it’s interesting. Dreamworks finally put in a better-than-average movie (though I personally think it’s phenomenal) and they get a pat on the head and a cookie from the critics. I agree Dreamworks really needs to try harder with Dragon, but for what it’s worth, I really liked it. And I acknowledge its shortcomings, no movie is perfect. Wall-E for example… the second half was not as strong as the first, because of its descent into Scooby-Doo chase sequences and the climax of Titanic… but I loved it as a whole. Same with Dragons, one of the character has an entire paradigm shift within two minutes, and the climax gave mixed messages (although I read it in a different way from lizardgirl), but it is undeniably Dreamworks’ best, and certainly one of the best movies this year.

I did enjoy Sherlock Holmes (I assume the 2009 remake?)… Gladiator too. Shrek was good as a genre parody and a subversion of the traditional male-hero role vs strong female protagonist.

Now that I’ve got the ones I think are worthy of their success out of the way, here’s the ones I think are overrated:

Slumdog Millionaire - I think most people would agree here… it robbed Wall-E of the Oscars! It’s a wonderful film that portrays the dreams and realities of modern India, and a great crime/love story to boot. But it did NOT deserve that many awards. A good film, but not great, IMO.

The Hurt Locker - Basil and I disagree on its merits; I personally think it is a cracking action thriller about one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. But in the face of the more technologically-groundbreaking Avatar or the more emotional storytelling of Up, I think the Academy shoulda passed up Ms Bigelow on this one.

Alvin and the Chimpunks - Never have I wanted to strangle such adorable CGI critters. I’m okay with the Helium voices and the ‘played for cuteness’ scenes, and there is some emotional pathos in the first film (haven’t seen the second), but ‘pimping them out for the MTV generation’ makes 'em look like posers, man.

Twilight - Vampires that sparkle? Nuff’ said.

Transformers 1 & 2 - For special effects alone, they’re out-of-this-world. But I’m sorry Mr Bay, shakey cam and bad plots do not a good movie make. You used to be awesome back in the 90s when you did The Rock and Bad Boys. Now you and your talentless scriptwriters have descended into US army-worship and teenage fratboy jokes (Devastator has gonads? I mean, seriously?).

Final Fantasy: Advent Children - Visually arresting, but plot-wise a mess. I know you make perfect humans who can wield massive weapons while riding gigantic motorcyles Square Enix, but seriously, what in the name of all that is Holy was that all about? I mean, at least you could explain to us why these kids have superpowers, or who are the bad guys, or why do you have such perfectly coiffed hair after so many boss-fights and leaping out of explosions. I’m sure the fans will all lap this up, but to those unfamiliar with the saga, you’re just going to alienate them.

I’d say Scarface (1983) is verrryyy overrated also, especially by teenagers.

Sorry about the quote pyramid, but thank you, guys!

Dreamworks finally gets with the program and creates a masterpiece of Pixar quality - it deserves all the rave and praise it’s getting, IMO. :wink:

little chef

I never said it was nominated, I said it should’ve won.

Yes, it’s about time! The best Dreamworks motion picture since the Traditional Renaissance Period (you know, Prince of Persia, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, etc.). If only it hadn’t gone up against Alice and Clash for 3D screens, and the public was more forgiving and open-minded, it might have made a bigger impact.

Another overrated movie I remembered: DONNIE DARKO. Seriously, what the heck was up with that? I know a lot of fangirls loved Jake before he started rescuing princesses and reversing time, and others just like the surrealist quality of it. But the creepy Rabbit… and the mind-numbing pacing (some scenes are literally of him cycling down hills and making breakfast, or lying in bed)… and the terrible ‘WTH’ ending… Though the ‘Mad World’ number was the only thing I liked about it.

Seriously… I don’t get it.