Most overrated films of all time

How so? A lot of people on this site hate The Incredibles. And I actually think The Iron Giant deserved the credit it got, but that’s just my worthless opinion.

Edit: also Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace are both way too highly credited.

To Incrdigirlvirginia

Casino Royale - I reckon that it rightfully gets the amount on praise it does, i think it’s the 3rd best Bond behind Dr No and the obvious one (Goollddfingaaaaah).
Quantum of Solace - Nobody really raves about it and rates it high, so about right i’d say (the attention it gets)

I think[b] Miami Vice /b was overrated when it came out IMO, i turned it off after 10 mins and nearly threw up it was that garbage. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cliched.

Batman Begins
Green Street (it is by UK people)
Finding Nemo
Public Enemiesss
Slumdog Millionnaire

My opinioonnnn

Haha, I said Finding Nemo in my first post. I haven’t seen Quantum of Solace, but I just heard a lot about it, so I assumed it was popular. I’m biased about Casino Royale b/c Sean Connery and Roger Moore(especially Roger) are my favorite Bonds, and I just hate Daniel Craig in general.

I wasn’t terribly impressed with The Simpsons Movie, myself. Sure, it was amusing enough in places, but there are plenty of Simpsons episodes from the show’s golden age which managed to pack far more laughs into 20-odd minutes than the movie did in 80. And, narratively speaking, it was a complete mess, with plot points which were abandoned with no proper resolution (Spider-Pig, for example) and others which weren’t even explored at all (like Lisa’s new boyfriend, who did absolutely nothing). All in all, it felt like a handful of ideas for individual episodes which had been mish-mashed together into an uneasy feature-lengthed whole. I’m not a huge fan of South Park, but I will at least credit them for creating a movie which felt like a properly-sustained feature within its own right, something which The Simpsons failed to deliver.

I agree with you. I haven’t watched Dr No, but I’d rank it the best among all Bonds I’ve seen so far (Second would be License to Kill and third would be Goldfinger).

I watched past the climax but didn’t finish the ending, and it was a little disappointing. So yeah, it got some bouquets, it got some brickbats, so I think it’s fair.

Uh… you should really have persevered? You can’t say it’s overrated until you’ve seen all of it. There are some really great scenes later on involving Gong Li and a spectacular shootout finale. :wink:

As for The Iron Giant, it is a little overrated in animation circles, but among the general public, I think it deserves more viewings. :slight_smile:

Avatar. Oh, so much. Its just Pocahontas IIINN SPPPAAAACE. And made even more pretentious.

TWILIGHT. I don’t go on as much as I used to, but I still hate is…especially how it portrayed depression and suicide as romantic in New Moon. When you watch someone you love very dearly go through depression, you can’t forgive Smeyer for acting like its twoo luv.

High School Musical.

Kung Fu Panda. Yeah, it was good, but nowhere near WALL-E.

I haven’t seen Kung Fu Panda, but it’s definitley one of the 3 most popular DW movies…I agree about Twilight.

I agree about Twilight being overrated. I mean come on! Harry Potter had more dignity than that and he was overrated too!

Other movies that were overrated:

  1. Prince Caspian
  2. A Bug’s Life
  3. Shrek (yeah. duh.)
  4. Lawrence of Arabia

Now I think that Finding Nemo is underrated! It isn’t my favorite, but it reminds me of the Prodigal Son. Heck, Nemo didn’t deserve all the trouble his father went through to save him, but Marlin did it for him anyway.

I also think that the Anne of Green Gables movie is underrated, but we should have another topic for underrated movies. :wink:

The MOSt overrated movie of ALL time in my opinion:
Paranormal Activity.

That movie was ALL hype, but when it came down to actually watching the movie it was nothing but rage. I was so hyped up, and it turns out to be a really, really crappy movie reminescent of stuff I did when I was 10!!! I’m not joking. No matter what the folks behind that movie said, it didnt cost ten grand, it cost about 10 dollars. NO JOKE. It is it’s own spoof movie.

Anyone here can film themselves over a few days, and edit in doors closing via fish strings, which that movie was. Every little element in that movie was ripped off from actual art, put into their own home, recorded, and branded as a “movie” all because it was shot on a “home cam” and looked “real” via the lack of film.

It was not a movie in anyway, and made A TON of money. I was so pissed off over that. That “movie” isnt a movie, its more or less a youtube video.

Lawrence of Arabia is amazing, and there is a topic for underrated, Konrad. :slight_smile:

I guess I’m just stupid. I should have checked. :blush:

Haha, I do that all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with what someone said before, The Simpsons Movie is verrrrry overrated, as is that stupid Spider Pig thing whcih wasn’t and isn’t even remotley funny.

E.T - (Still mint though!!!)
The Bourne Trilogy
Iron Man and Iron Man 2
Toy Story 2
(i’m not trying to heatseek by saying this but i don’t think it’s all that, still very very very good though :smiley:)


It’s the worst Pixar movie…that I’ve finished. I could never finish A Bug’s Life.

I mean, Ratatouille looks gorgeous, but the script itself is just a long motivational speech with slapstick gags involving Remy controlling Linguini interspersed.

I probably would have found Spider-Pig a notch more amusing if he hadn’t already been milked to death in the TV spots and trailers. My main issue with the character, as I’ve said, is that he gets no closure. For all the hype he received, the movie suddenly drops him about a third of the way in, after which he’s never even mentioned again. He’s really treated more as a disposable plot device than as an actual character.

PS: Ratatouille is my personal favourite Pixar film. But each to their own. :sunglasses:

I think the reason Toy Story 2 is rated so highly is because it is a Sequel that is as good as the original (in a lot of peoples opinions). I prefer the first but still think the second is fantastic.

As for Ratatouille, I don’t think it is rated highly enough, for me its always the one thats forgotten, but maybe thats just me.

I think the American Pie series is overrated. I agree with the simpsons movie being overrated, but I must say, since I watched it in the cinema I have seen it a couple more times and it has gotten miles better with each watch

I don’t think Toy Story 2 or Ratatouille are overrated at all, but I love them both, so I’m biased. I’m still confused as to how The Incredibles could be overrated.

Me too! TBH I’ve seen bits and pieces of it, and I should really give the entire movies a chance, but I just can’t stand juvenille fratboy humour. Although strangely I like stoner comedies (Pineapple Express, Bill & Ted, etc.), probably because their ribald sense of humour is less scatological/sexual in nature.

I really hated Mean Girls when I first watched it, even though everyone says it’s the best high-school comedy ever. None of the characters are endearing or worth caring about, and when the bus accident finally happened, I wanted to cheer and punch the air! Of course, maybe if I watch it now, I can appreciate it through ‘adult-tinted’ glasses, but I don’t think that’ll be happening anytime soon. At least Lindsay was more sane back then.

The original American Pie series is great. The American Pie Presents series is the crappy one.

Remember this people!Toy Story 2 is overrated on Pixar Planet only. Try not to get your overrated or underrated opinions from the people on this site. There are a lot more people in the world.

Your trying to make it out that Toy Story 2 is not overrated for a fact, when everything in life that involves overrated and underratedness is all opinions, i’m sure many other people in the world think it’s overrated, it’s still very very good though (in my opinion)