My Mater video!

It’s so awsome! I made my 1st video and it’s on You Tube! Please tell me if I did a good job, or not,

no worries.

Song is Sugar were goin’ down by Fall Out Boy.

[url]My Mater video - YouTube

You can expect more Cars videos by Me!

MegieonCarFreak! :smiley:

I didn’t really like that you blurred a

couple things. Sorry!!!

: (

the pictures didn’t turn out so good, any other comments?

Carfreak: I am going to give my honest opinion about it.

The song choice was great for the video. It is upbeat and very popular among the crowd. But when you said music

video, I thought you meant it would have clips set to the music. The photo slide show kinda caught me off guard.

Still, I believe that is was a great effort.

7.5/10 (Wonderful work. I can’t

wait to see more.)

PS: THere is a thread in Pixar Planet based on Music Videos. You can post the link here

if ya like. [url]Music Videos - Videos - Pixar Planet Forums

it wasnt THAT

bad guys, why ya gotta be harsh? im not saying i hate it, i’m just saying it was cool.

TSS: thanks! :smiley:

Mqueen&sally:Thank you! :smiley:

51 veiws and few comments, you guys are MEAN! :stuck_out_tongue: (ha! stuck my

tonge at you!) suck my big toe! (sighs) i knew this was going to happen (sniff) :`-(


didn’t say it was bad at all. I am just giving my review and recommendations for next time.

And don’t

worry CarFreak, you can’t expect a lot of comments. The views will grow every day while commets rarely


Watch this! it is hularious! my fav


[url]- YouTube

I makes me wonder how this is related to your Mater

MV. :laughing:

CarFreak - Puh-ha! That was

great! That whole “rap cat” thing was just… :laughing:

Still, the commercial was pretty funny. I thought it was gonna be a Cars


Nice Vid

Carfreak: Do you plan on doing any more videos?