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Hi, everyone!

So yeah, I came out of lurking, and I’m starting a new, improved graphics thread! I apologize to anybody who left a request on the last thread after the final time I posted on it, but it’s a lot easier for me with how things have been to just… start over on a clean slate. I hope this is alright with everybody.

Requests Are: OPEN
-Gifs (Cars 2)

Starting over is alright with me. Can’t wait to see what new stuff you have in store.

PS: DO you take requests?

Yep! :smiley: I’d have to see if I have any Incredibles pictures though (I’m guessing that’s what you’d want, yes? :stuck_out_tongue:)

And now some actual graphics! \o/

I bought a Cars 2 little golden book today; the art was just so cute! I had to scan some pages and make some icons out of the illustrations. There’s also a few poster/random icons among the golden book pics. ^^

I made an effort to include no images that spoiled anything that wasn’t shown in the trailers/posters, but if you’re the “first teaser only then go in cold” type, spoilers!

I have them in a few sizes, too! Of course, you are welcome to resize any of my icons to fit your specific website needs. ^^




Sooo this is my new signature!

I made it so I can easily swap individual images in/out if I decide to get obsessive over a new pairing. 8D

(I can make sigs for people too, by the way. Not just avatars. :slight_smile:)

Oooo neat! I like all the concept art that was used for these!

It’s art from the Golden Book, but thank you. :smiley:

Oh! Well, whatever! Its still cute :wink:

Those golden book pictures are really adorable and making them into small 100x100 avatars I think increases their overall cuteness ^^

Thanks everyone!

BTW, if anybody has sig requests, I’m happy to take them. I’m bored and have been taking all these screencaps. :smiley:

I learned how to make animated GIFs! :smiley:

More sizes:



<3 <3 <3

Oh sweet animated gifs! Are they allowed in the sig’s at these forums? Did they take you long to make?

I used animated gifs in my sig before; at least smaller ones. So hopfeully they’re alright or I messed up big time. %D;

And they didn’t take much time once I figured out a technique that worked on my computer! :smiley:

MOAR GIFS. :smiley:

I can resize any of these if people want to use them as an avatar/signature. Just lemme know. ^^

Cut for lots of images:



And here is some misc Cars icons/sigs. I scanned a few really cute storyboards from the Cars 2 art book. :smiley:

Rounded corners are the future. Trufax.

Sigs under the cut:



I has a new Obsessive Shipper Land sig, to comply with the new sig rules. I think I like this one more, actually.

I replaced Po/Tigress from Kung Fu Panda with Bulkhead/Arcee from Transformers Prime. Can only fit so many ships on this thing and, well, I’m in love with BulkCee right now. :B


As also seen on the Favorite Scenes topic… I posted these as a photoset on Tumblr. :smiley:

Does anybody have any gif requests? Because I’m on a roll. xD

I changed my sig again; the new version has WV/PM from Homestuck in place of Lightning/Sally.

This doesn’t mean my love of L/S has diminished in the slightest, but I wanted to add WV/PM and one pairing per fandom is enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

…Seriously though, requests? Anybody? Or comments? Or something? ._.;