New Signature Size Limit

One of the great things about this forum is the use of signatures/graphics. They add humour and creativity to the ends of posts, and are a great way to show your fandom or to advertise your projects. I’ve noticed lately that people have really BIG signatures, sometimes even double sigs (stacked on top of one another). But the role of signatures is to add a little something to your posts, not to take attention away from the content, as well as add to loading time of the site.

This grey rectangle is precisely 180p high x 550p wide, which is the sig size MAXIMUM.

Should you decide to include text/links in your signature, you cannot expand upon the image. In other words, anything you want to use in your signature must fit within the space represented by the grey rectangle. Smaller signatures are of course, welcome.

So please respect the rule of the forum and members’ right to view a forum without having to scroll through excessively large signatures, which detract from the forum content as well, by sticking to this limit. I ask that you start changing your signatures as soon as you can to reflect this rule.

Thank you.


Fellow members, please understand that this rule was not put in place to make things harder for you. in fact, it’s gonna make it easier. I’ve noticed that a lot of the posts you guys put up are smaller than your siggy. We don’t want people scrolling down a large siggy just to read the next post. Trust me, it’s for all of your best interest. We wouldn’t have this implemented if we didn’t thinki it would be good for you guys.

It has been two and a half months ever since this announcement was made, and while we appreciate members that have taken the time to look at this notice and change their signatures, there are members that have not only kept their old signature size, but kept on creating new signatures that exceed the height and/or width limit. As a member of Pixar Planet you are, ideally, supposed to abide by these announcements.

So in the coming weeks moderators will be officially warning via inbox members that have failed to abide by the new rule, and then, if the warning does not inspire you to adhere to the sig rule, we may be taking further action. Hopefully we won’t have to since we know that you want to be a productive and co-operative member of the forum.

If you would like to get a head-start and edit your signature now so that it fits within the 180p high x 550p wide limit (and that includes EVERYTHING in your signature, including text and links), you are encouraged to do so, and we would appreciate it, since it makes less work for us.

Thank you.

Rachel on behalf of the Pixar Planet moderating team.