Who has the best Signature?

If anyone used to or still watches the old Nicktoon Doug, you would understand my signature.

Weren’t there some very strict rules conjured concerning sigs a while ago? While I positively adore all these awesome signatures, I hope we aren’t breaking any rules…

Yes, there are, but I think most people are respecting it.

I think the only big one is TDIT’s one, but he said he was going to change it.

My new sig is pretty much on how John was denying Cars 2 bad reviews. So Atta is wondering why they look unreal combared to the ants from Antz.

Also my first A Bug’s Life sig.

^I love it. :laugh:

I’m happy to see some other people with enthusiasm for this. It’s been very sad, after being on this site for three years myself, to see it go downhill :cry: . I just don’t want to see it get beyond a saving point. If we’re gonna save the site, we’ve gotta do it now. It’s just hard to find new things to talk about, with the dedicated fans leaving the site and a lot a sequels being put out. But if anyone has any new PIXAR related topics to share, please do.

Thanks for the comoliments, BTW :blush: :slight_smile: .

Yes, there were. The topic is at the top of almost every sub-forum: New Signature Size Limit It’s supposed to be 180p high x 550p wide, including the text. But I think the thing with the text is not strictly reinforced. The signature should just be inside that range :slight_smile: .

My next sig is why bringing a map is always important, not a GPS. Carl only has a map of DisneyWorld.

I like Pixarfan91’s new sig.

Sorry Spirit, I’m wearing this current big-*ss sig for 1-2 days cos’ it’s almost the deadline for a competition I’ve entered and I wanna get any last-minute votes. :blush: I’m gonna return to my Merida-pony soon after.

K9Girl’s La Luna sig is beautiful. I saw Brave and thought Luna was one of Pixar’s best shorts, utterly spellbinding and magnificent.

Also Violet Parr’s sig… I can’t praise it enough. It speaks the truth, people. :frowning:

Time to plug my sig! As I mentioned in the MLP thread, I’m a participant in WeLoveFine’s T-shirt contest - help me out and vote for my design for Twilight Sparkle by clicking the sig, signing up, and giving me a five-star rating. If you worry about spam (although I think you can untick the option for them to send you a mail), just create a bogus email acccount. You’ll be doing me a huge favour, and be sure to let me know when you vote so I know to owe you one. :wink:

I love K9Girl’s siggy! That has got to be my fave Pixar short up to date, with “Partly Cloudy” right next to it.

Pixarfan91- HA :laughing: ! I love the new sig! made me laugh reading it :stuck_out_tongue: .

PixarTeo- I love your siggy. I love Evanescence, too <3 …

TDIT- Thank you. It’s very sad, but I really thought it needed to be said :cry: . I’m trying to help. I’m slowly getting back on this site.

Thank You Violet Parr. :mrgreen:

Remember Dory’s maxim, Violet Parr. :wink:

As long as we stick together and work on it, I’m sure we’ll make progress. The only way we surely fail is when we stop. :slight_smile:

I also like JSWeC’s comparison to Radiator Springs. It does feel that way sometimes, hopefully we can restore it to its glory days like in the movie. :slight_smile:

TDIT: I’m glad you share my view! I still remember Fall 2009…

Also, that poster is funny! I’ve seen so many jokes with this phrase… it’s unbelievable! This one’s one of the best yet!

This is is pretty much about the Dug is influenced bu the talking Dog on Dexter’s Lab. He’s also a lab and act’s all excited.

google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q= … 8un8sQubxQ

^Nice one, Pixarfan91! The resemblance is uncanny… :slight_smile:

I really like Pixarfan91’s sig :smiley: I used to love that show :mrgreen:.

Pixarfan91: I remember that episode too! That dog totally looks like Dug, except in 2D animation.

Also, I really like ShootingStar’s sig. Very nice! <3

Sometimes I just don’t have any new ideas.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

:smiley: Amen, TDIT!!! Amen. And, yes, JSWeC’s comparison is spot on in my opinion. I think if we can get the heart beating again (the older, dedicated members), and help fuel the newer members Pixar fandom, we can save PP…

… Sadly, easier said than done…

BUT! Not impossible :slight_smile: !

Back on topic: I love Pixarfan91’s first sig, about PP. I realize he’s had it for a long while, but I don’t think I’ve ever prazed it. Well done, Pixarfan91 :slight_smile: !