Who has the best Signature?

Finally changed mine again, I thought some of you guys might get a few laughs out of this one. :laughing:

I took the screenshot in Donkey Kong Country when K. Rool’s PC thingy had a black screen and I saw that as exploitable. So took a screenshot of MLP and I did this. Both my favourite shows in one signature, huzzah!

Ha! That’s a good one.

I adore it, Badger 8D The text underneath it is genius as well.

Just in time I remembered my super awesome Halloween siggies from a coupl’a years ago. This is my favourite one. The movie should be easy to guess. Hope this choice of siggie doesn’t spook ya too much! :smiley:

I like TDIT’s siggy. :wink:

Just a heads-up: Please read the new announcement about signature sizes here: New Signature Size Limit

Thank you. :whip:

I’ll have a new sig after Halloween.

Since I conveniently never got the chance to change my avatar/sig since LAST October, tada? :open_mouth:

For those who don’t know I put this sig together using screencaps I took myself. But yeah, this should’ve been updated a while ago though. :neutral_face:

[size=50]these new signature rules scare me[/size]

Of course, I had gladly re-sized my image to 180 high but am I right that the total size includes any text besides the image? So, say if the image was 180 pixels high but had some text under it, it would be too large?

I am confused…

As I understand it, it includes the text:

pixarmilan’s new Beatles one is such a great photo :smiley:

Yeah… the rules are pretty clear about that, especially since the grey box is used an example, and it is stated that it includes text and images and links.

Oh okay. Yeah, I am sorry, I didn’t quite understand. English is still my second language, haha. :wink:

don’t know if that is of any significance though… but oh well

Ok, no worries. If you’re concerned about still being able to advertise your links like to deviantart and such, you can create your signature to be the same size as mine (157p height), which will give you over 20 more pixels to use for text. I can see that you know how to use the size feature to change the size of your font, so that’s another option, too.

It’s not Badger’s fault.

I brought the gray box quote from another board. It wasn’t here.

Oh okay… Thanks! If I have a cool image I think the links may just have to go then. :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone wants to sport any Pixar Halloween-themed sigs for the day feel free to check these out!!:
Pixar Halloween Sigs


Rachelcakes does!!

That’s ok, I’ll stick with mine.

I havent seen it yet :cry:
I no im a looser but ill see it soon it comming on on demand!