Who has the best Signature?

Thanks! You usually have great signatures. I really liked that Jimmy Page one you had a while back.

Got a new sig. Proberly won’t have this one up too long.

It’s a great sig Pixarfan91.

I will do the Toy Story crossover after this.

Shoutout to TDIT’s sigs. Nostalgia lane!

Im sorry pixarfan91 i wanted TEXAS! :cry:

You a Ranger’s fan?

No Phillies 8D
The cardinals beat the phillies…
BUT lately I dont really even like the phillies anymore!

Now I like the flyers

Oh, So I guess you wanted revenge. 8D

well not revrenge…

Oh, They almost lost. They were 1 stike away…TWICE! But won it in the end and got their 11th Title.

I know i watched it i was at a reseront with my friends and the place had a giant TV. And like Five minutes after Texas lost a guy walked in with a texas jacket

My dad and brother jumped up and down and people on my facebook went crazy with happiness.

Im guessing you live in or near St. louis.

Yep, grew up around there.

makes sence! 8D

Yep, now we hope we can do 12in12, proberly won’t happen though. :laughing: You know The Phils were the ones that got us in the playoffs.

I changed my sigs in celebration of the return of my laptop.

The first one is actually drawn by me, using charcoal and conte crayons. Cookies to whoever knows who they are!

The second one is from one of my favorite scenes in South Park, the boys on a Wanted Poster. “The fat one…in the middle…kind of looks like Dakota Fanning.” XD

I love your new signature, e-j-e! Specially the first one, but even the South Park one.

It looks like they messed up Stan’s hat.

Anyway, new sig!