Who has the best Signature?

Looks great, EJE! Let’s see… the first person is most definitely without a doubt Charlie Chaplin. :-D) And I’ll make an educated guess with that second person… Buster Keaton? :slight_smile: 8D

Yes, it’s Keaton alright, with his trademark outfit.

Great new sig. I love it e-j-e.

Nice drawing eje! And i dont see the Dakota Fanning in him naybe im lookin at the wrong one nut ok!

Bwahahha. It was a joke in the show, after they showed the woman the picture. It’s funny bc he obviously does not look like her.

As Spirit pointed out, correct! I’m glad some people still recognize them. I’ve been drawing a lot of actors and actresses from the 1920s-1950s.

Yay, I’m glad you like both of them! I knew you’d like the first one.

Oh, my, you draw them yourself?

I’m loving eje’s sig and Pixarfan’s sig as well. :smiley:

Thanks MissCarrera, Like your Team Sally banner

I love Charlie Chaplin and you drew him great e-j-e!

Loving this one of The Who, pixarmilan. Since you did Brian May (of Queen) and The Beatles previously, I’m wondering what your next one will be.

Yep! Right now I’m working on a drawing of Viven Leigh. Most of my drawings are more realistic of the actors. But for this drawing of Chaplin and Keaton I wanted to draw them in a more cartoony and simple manor.

I didn’t draw the South Park one. That one is from an episode.

Glad you’re a fan and glad you like it!

Oh, I’m in love with Vivien Leigh!

Please, share them all with me… :frowning:

I think you’re very talented. I didn’t even know you made drawings!

Here’s some cool fanart you might like.


I don’t know most of the characters on that show, but still those are really great artworks.

Thank You Leirin. And to be honest I’m not sure who I’m going to do next, I sort of just figure out who will be on my next one as I go along.

I made a new South Park sig, I’ll put it up in a couple days.

Virginia has an authentic Merida signature! I can’t believe it! :open_mouth:

Yeah, I know! I thought she didn’t like Merida. :laughing:

Hahahaha, thanks guys. I’m being won over by her hair, and by the simple fact that every time I see her, I swear to God, I see a little bit of Helen Parr. <3

I like the color of her eyes.