Non-Animated Movie/TV crushes

There’s a topic for animated crushes and celebrity crushes, so I wanted to make this one. What are your non-animated crushes from movies and TV?

Here are some of mine:

Logan from Big Time Rush

Qui Gon Jinn from Star Wars

Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean

Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes

Him again as Sir Guy from Robin Hood

I’m starting to like Dr. Syn from the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh (just in this version) Edit: Nevermind about starting to like him. I DO like him.

Scarecrow (347x480).jpg

I have a lot of celeb crushes, but here are my movie/tv crushes.

Megan Fox as Mikela Barnes (Transformers)

Michelle Borth as Candace Butler (Forgotten)

Ellen Page as Ariadne (Inception)

Camilla Belle as Sydney Miller (Rip Girls)

Italia Ricci as Maggie Winnock (Unnatural HIstory)

Anna Popplewell as Susan (Narnia)

Elise Gatien as CJ Ward and Speedy (Tower Prep/Smallville)

Dyana Liu as Suki Sato (Tower Prep)

Ashley Leggat (Life with Derek)

Janet Montgomery as Ames (Human Target)

Eva La Rue as Natalia Boa Vista (CSI Miami)

Bonnie Wright as Ginny (Harry Potter)

Daniela Ruah as Kensi Blye (NCIS LA)

Thanks for sharing, TSS. I don’t recognize many of the people you said, but even though I like guys, I agree with your choice of Anna Popplewell as Susan. She’s really pretty! :slight_smile:

Well, I see that I’m not the only Harry Potter fan here who has a crush on her. 8D

Tom Hanks. Period.

Um, this is hard…

Paul Bettany on any movie.
Neil Patrick Harris on any movie. Except Beastly. He was hilarious, but so was his hair.
Bing Crosby on White Christmas. And, any other movies he is on. 8D
Kirk Douglas(a long time ago in all his movies)

I really like that list, IV :slight_smile:

I was temporarily attracted to Richard Dreyfuss for whatever reason a couple years back. :laughing: I can’t think of any other movie/TV crushes though, none that are remotely serious.

Another one of my tv crushes is Erica Reed (played by Serinda Swan) in Breakout Kings.

Kate Beckinsale in the Underworld Series and Van Helsing, but not Click.

Halle Berry in The X-men Series.

Megan Fox in Transformers (but after that, bleh)

Jennifer Tilly in Seed of Chucky

Leah Remini in Old School

Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element, UltraViolet and The Resident Evil Series

Anna Paquin in the X-men Series.

Drew Barrymore in Charlies Angels 1 and 2.

Mila Kunis in That 70’s Show.

Rhona Mitra in Doomsday.

I forgot some people!

Roger from I Dream of Jeannie

Rex from Airheads

Thanks! :smiley: Yes, all of mine are gay, dead, or Tom Hanks. :stuck_out_tongue: 8D Haha good taste, bad circumstances FTW! :smiley:

That’s still a fine list nonetheless.

Haha thanks. By the way, Milla Jovovich is AWESOME!!! Especially on the Fifth Element. But I do not crush on her. Just clarifying! 8D ;-o

I, like every other girl who’s seen Doctor Who, am currently in love with the Doctor. Especially Eleven.

Did you like him in Jaws?

Which Doctor? the first, second, or third one?

Yup! That was/is the only movie with a live appearance from him I’ve seen, actually. 8D Still need to see Mr. Holland’s Opus. My first exposure was an animated voice role he had as the Centipede in James and the Giant Peach.

Interesting lists everyone.

Leirin: Mr. Hollund’s Opus is wonderful! It’s about a marching band(partially), but that’s only a small part. It’s realy a family story.

I’ve never heard of it. Is it an older movie?

Not really. Or at least, not by my standards. Just 1995.