One Man Band

I am suprised nobody has made a thread regarding [i]One Man

Band[/i]. What more can I say? This is an excellent short film. Very funny, great gags, and of course

great music!

The music is such a

highlight, as is the twist of [spoil]when the little girl starts to play music and makes so much more


Oh yes, I love this little short. I thought it was very

charming when I first saw it in theaters. The music really keeps the audience going.

lizardgirl - Haha – that’s my favorite part, as well. :smiley:

This is currently my favourite Pixar animated short. Charming, witty, and visually grand - what more can you

ask for?

i like the little girl, it’s kinda sad that these two dudes are fighting over a coin :stuck_out_tongue: but I tought it was


CarFreak - For future reference, the little girl’s name is

Tippy. :wink:

I also love the textures of the clothing the characters wear.

Tippy’s outfit reminds me a little bit of Boo’s night-shirt, and of how much trouble the animators had when

trying to find just the right texture for the shirt (at least, I think they had some difficulty). Amazing to see

how far they have gone in the fields of such things as clothing, water, and fur/hair…

i remember seeing cars in

theaters when this came on, the whole theater was shaking from all the laughter! It is one of my favorite short


[size=92]Hehe, yeah. It’s a fantastic short film. X3[/size]

Oh wow. Can’t

believe I missed this thread. I must say that it was good. But what I really loved was the music. It played a key

role in the short.

I missed it too! :stuck_out_tongue: I do remember writing somewhere what I thought of it, but

I’ll say it again. I really liked this one. I thought it was funny. And I love the music! I think it’s the

violin that does it. I actually put it on my MP3 player.

I love Tippy’s face RIGHT when she throws the coins behind her. And I also seemed to be the

only one in the theater who laughed when the Tuba player ripped the other guy’s violin off when Tippy pointed at

it…I still laugh jsut thinkin’ about it! Great Short.

It is hard for me to decide what my favorite part in the movie was. All of it was

incredibly funny. But if I had to choose, I would go with the part where Treble and Bass start having a Battle of

the One Man Band and then Tippy looses her coin.

The Star Swordsman - Heheh – and then it falls right into the gutter. Knew

that was gonna happen. (snigger) :stuck_out_tongue:

I think my favorite part has to be when Tippy earns a pile full of

money after playing the violin magnificently; and then she just drops the instrument and picks up the bag like it

was nothing. :laughing:

And the look on Treble’s and Bass’s face was

absolutely hilarious.

Heheh – yeah. :mrgreen:

Another thing I like about this little featurette

(and all of Pixar’s films and shorts, for that matter) is that I notice something new every time I watch it. I

love it…

One thing that I really loved about this short was the

man, Michael Giancchino, who also did the music for the Incredibles, did the music for this. It was amazing.

I agree – he is a fantastic composer and did a marvelous

job in constructing scores for The Incredibles and [i]One Man

Band[/i]. I hope he continues to compose music for other Pixar films in the future.

But wait –

didn’t he also do the backround music in the Ratatouille teaser trailer?

And let me think. There was one thing else

that made me crave for more. Durring the end when the two were standing on each other just to get the coin, then

they started to fall, I was hoping for a big crash. Well, I got it, but in music form.

Yeah, Mr. Giacchino is a great composer. When Bass (The fat orange guy) broke into his little Jazz number, I

immediately thought “That’s Michael Giacchino’s music!”, and I was proven right at the


I like this film. It teaches that he who attempts to attain everything ends up with nothing.

Mitch- I think this guy is

doing the music for the whole Ratatouille movie, not just the teaser. I could be

wrong, but I’m pretty sure.