One Man Band

Michael Giacchino

is composing the score for Ratatouille, and the score

for Lifted. :smiley:


Sweet! I thought so. :smiley:

Awesome! Thanks for

the information guys. :smiley:

So he did do that groovy jazz music in the backround

of that Ratatouille clip (the one where Remy is cooking his world-famous soup).

Makes perfect sense, knowing how incredibly bouncy his scores are. I’m gonna be rocking in my theater seat from

the music this year… :laughing:

I love Michael Giacchino score, and I can’t

wait to get the Ratatouille Soundtrack! :smiley:

JV - Oh yes – ditto on that, as well! I absolutely love film soundtracks,

depending on how good they are. And, if the Ratatouille soundtrack comes out before

the film itself, I’ll definitely buy it preceeding the movie. It’s kinda fun to listen to the music and then

guess what is happening along the way… :wink:

I love a jazzy style soundtrack, so I’m sure the Ratatouille one is gonna be good based on what we’ve

heard so far!

Wow, since the

Incredibles and One Man Band, he has really been accepted into the Pixar family.

What was your favorite moment in the


Bill - I loved when Tippy stuck out his/her hand! LOL! :laughing:

BTW - Is Tippy a boy or girl?

Gasduude - Haha – Tippy is a little girl. She looks much older than she really is,

though…for some reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

My favorite moment has to be the same as

Gasduude’s. That, and when she (Tippy) got a bagful of cash in about two seconds.


Mitch - (heehee)

Thanks for the “update”…I just couldn’t tell: She’s got that hood.

Yeah, that part was

pretty sweet! It was funny to see Treble and Bass’ expressions when she got it! :laughing:

Heheh – no problem! And yeah, that was hilarious…especially after they keep trying to get

up to the fountain to reach the coins. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

There were some amazingly funny stuff in there, but my

favorite moment is when Tippy throws the coin into the fountain, and Treble’s string breaks. LOL! :smiley:


Yes, that was funny. You knew it was going to happen, but it was funny anyways. The expression

on their faces was priceless.

Another part I love

is when Bass thinks he’s “suckered” in Tippy – then Treble starts playing and he’s like "What

the?". The expression on his face is just hilarious! :laughing:

Exactly. It was their priceless faces that kept the humor going. Some of them looks so great, one could fall out

of a seat laughing, as I saw many did in the theatres.

Yeah that was really amusing. (and until right now I didnt even know what their

names were! Heck, i didnt even know they had names!) I heard lots of people around me laughing and you know,

they were mostly adults. Most of the time the kids were still all trying to settle down for the movie or else

they didnt get it. One kid behind me was like “what’s this? When’s the movie gonna start?” :stuck_out_tongue:

One Man Band is awesome! It’s my favorite Pixar short to date!

First of all, welcome to Pixar Planet! :smiley:

Second, I’m glad you agree: One Man Band RULES! :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses:

Thanx! Great site for all us Pixar fanatics! :smiley: