OWP's Graphic Land! XD

Hey all! As of late, I’ve been checking out some fantastic signatures and avatars here, like the gems made by K9Girl, JustSoWall-eCrazy, Violet Parr, and TDIT. And they’ve inspired me to make some! I hope these signatures here will make you laugh… because I was having trouble not laughing at random moments while watching my Pixar movies all because I was thinking about a funny siggy! So without further ado, are my first three.

This was my first. I was watching TS2 and somehow ended up pausing on this frame, and it makes Buzz look kind of happy about something! And I couldn’t quite figure out what had Buzz so happy until I thought “What about the fact his breathing sounds like Darth Vader only seconds before?” And thus, I came up with this. This is for all of you proud Pixar and Star Wars superfans like me!

I took this screenshot while I was watching MI the other day and thought “I have no idea what to do with it, but I have to make a funny signature with it!” And I came up with the perfect gag for it at the last minute. Does this evoke any high school memories for any of you? :stuck_out_tongue:

And the final one for this round is a joke that may be funny to you or it might not. It’s random, I know, but I thought that there needed to be some random joke that could come out of Lightning in his trailer with an unamused look on his face.

OK, so here are my rules of the road:

  • If you want to use a signature, PM me and ask me. Because I might decide to use one, or someone else might be using it; I don’t think it’s likely that a bunch of people would want to use these around the same time, but just in case. Your siggy needs to be as unique as you!
  • I apologize if these go outside of the sizing rules a little. I tried my best to make them a decent size.
  • Make sure you credit me, please :slight_smile:
    Enjoy! More to come!

Awesome work OWP!!

These are great! Especially the “Darth Vader” one (I love Star Wars…).

I have some new stuff! Yay!
First off, thanks to MTM and JSWeC for the compliments and helping get this thread kick-started! Anyway, I made a couple of random signatures yesterday. I actually have about a million ideas for graphics right now, but I just felt like making these at the time.

This little bit in WALL-E makes me laugh every time (the look on that guy’s face is just the icing on the cake!), and somehow, this idea came to mind and I realized I just had to make a signature off of it! I know I probably should’ve referred to it as “nachos-in-a-cup”, but leaving it as “nachos” was a lot punchier in the long run.

This one was definitely a spur-of-the-moment kind of idea. I had this screenshot and like the other MI one I made, I wanted to do something with it even if I had no idea what to do with it at the time. But the minute this popped into my head, I started laughing! I think this is my funniest one yet because it’s just so completely random!

And finally, I made a couple of Brave wallpapers on Disney Create with their Brave Digital Painter. For some reason, the first one I made hasn’t been approved yet, but the second one is now, so here’s the link to the image, and there’s already a download button so if you decide you like it enough you can have it as your own. I call this one “Dare to be Different”, because if you think about it, one of the things that tie all the Pixar protagonists together is that they all are different - either they act different or they do something that makes them different. After all, “different’s great”! :slight_smile: Here’s the link [url]Disney.com | The official home for all things Disney
Thanks for checking these out! More to come!

Hey looky another graphics maker. Hello there and welcome to graphics land, where all your dreams come true. These look really good btw. :smiley:

Thanks for visiting Graphic Land, Pizza Planet Truck! I hope I’ve made some graphic-related dreams come true! Now, onto my latest batch of siggies and stuff!
First off, here’s my other Brave Wallpaper from DisneyCreate. It looks a bit like the Merida and Angus one on the official site, but my version is a lovely mix of two of my fave colors, aqua blue and purple! Download it here: disney.go.com/create/art/2gs11k6 … 0-g-96f4b5
Now, for the siggies! Now, I know that there are a lot of Incredibles-obsessed folks at PP, so here is my very first The Incredibles signature!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get very many good screenshots the last time I watched TI. But I figured I could do something like this. And after looking through more amazing signatures from Pixfan and little_chef_eva09, I figured I needed to add some artistic touches. Thank you GIMP!

This one is really, really, really random. I have no idea why this came to mind except that, as of late, I’ve thought that Grem and Acer were a lot like Anchor and Chum. And well… I like to joke around that perhaps Acer has never fulled recovered from the injuries he received last summer! 8D
I’m also working on some avatars, but I need a better site to post them on. Anyway, stay tuned, and I hope all your graphic-related dreams will come true!

Great job! Their all pretty funny.

All right, everyone… not even a cold can keep me from making more graphics! And thankfully, that cold has almost passed completely! I don’t have too much right now, but considering today is my one-year-anniversary since I saw Cars 2, I felt like posting some of my newest stuff, including some avatars at long last!

Here’s my first Up signature! I thought it was just random and cute… I love the way Kevin hugs Russell! The caption is a vague reference to an episode of LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures, but it fits just perfectly!

The screenshot of Zundapp getting emotional from Cars 2 was just meant for this signature. I’m not trying to insult either film, for the record, I’m just making a point that Pixar really does have emotional impact – even on vehicular weapon designers! I did add some effects from GIMP for this one; like? Boy, is it not ironic that a year after seeing Cars 2 I make a signature with a reference to Toy Story? Ha ha!

I have no idea why I’m finding it easier to make Monsters Inc siggies than almost any other film at the moment… but this idea was too funny to pass up on! Two monsters, 300 channels, one remote. Only one can win! :mrgreen:
As for the avatars, the few I have made at the moment are, for the best quality, being posted as an attachment. I have made these assuredly in the size limits for Pixar Planet. I used GIMP to jazz them up a bit! Again, please PM me if you want to use one! And I’d appreciate credit where credit is due! Hope you like!

EDIT: By TDIT’s request, the “Hug Time” signature now is signature-less!

Great job! My favorite is Mike and Sulley, I could see them actually arguing like that. :laughing:

First off, thanks for the compliments, pixarmilan! Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. Anyway, I have some new stuff! For some reason I’ve been more into making graphics than doing fanart, and I think this is a great batch of freshly-baked signatures and avatars!

I love this expression of Dory’s, and I could hardly believe it when I captured this frame (Thank you, PowerDVD!) that Marlin almost looked like he was speaking Whale as well! Dory looks totally unamused at Marlin’s attempts :laughing:

I love finding Pixar art wherever it may be, even in storybooks! The artwork for this one was from the cover of the Brave readalong (kudos to Amazon.com!). If you saw my first Brave wallpaper that I posted on this thread, you’ll be familiar with my “Dare To Be Different” theme. I’m thinking of doing this for all the other Pixar movies. And yes, I know this one isn’t a funny one. But there will be more funny ones coming up…

Looks like Bob’s having trouble with the “computer” again :mrgreen: The caption is one of my favorite lines from VeggieTales, but I think it’s pretty universal for anyone who yells at their computer when it messes up. This one is my new favorite of all of my signatures, I think!

And I have some new avatars as well. I tried to add some effects to these, but I really couldn’t figure out what would look best. So they’re kind of plain, I apologize, but I like the shots I grabbed of these guys anyway. They’re in the attachments!

Now, I’ve decided, for the month of August, I’m retiring my current siggy. At least for now. I’ll probably use it every May for my “Pixar-Planet-versary”. Now, this one is not up for grabs, this is just a way you can all see my first PP signature.

Anyway, thanks for looking, and feel free to PM me if you’re interested. Now, I need to go and decide which signature I’ll be using next… :slight_smile:

Great job again! My favorite is the Brave Signature.

Wow, I’m really flattered you mentioned me in the first post, OWP. :slight_smile: And yup, some of your sigs did make me laugh randomly!

My favourites are “Awkward moment Sully and Randall”, “Captain McCrea nachos”, flippy dolphin Ace and Gremlin", “Hug Time Russell and Kevin” and “Amateur Marlin and Dory”.

If I can make a suggestion, I’d rather you don’t have the credit ‘burned’ in the sigs. My SOP (standard operating procedure) with my sigs is that 99% of the time, it’s not going to be worn by someone outside this forum, so chances are, if someone’s wearing my sig without crediting me, I’d know. Besides, I’m really using images from Pixar, so beyond the words and colour-manipulation, they’re not really my original works.

Of course, when I do create a 100% original character or have this really great concept which no one else has thought of, I’d put my name on it so no one can steal it. But for fan sigs, I leave em’ “creditless” because I feel my name on it would sort of ‘mar’ the image and I trust that whoever wears them will credit 'em. If they don’t (which has never occurred to me), all it takes is a friendly PM to remind them to do so. :slight_smile:

Of course, it’s totally up to you on how to go about for your own content-attribution - that’s just my two cents. Also, with regards to image resizing, if you have Photoshop, you can set the dimensions before you export your work. Lemme know if you need help or anything, but it’s no big deal if they don’t exceed the rules that much (I sometimes bust the limit too, but I try to be discreet about it. Shh!).

If you wouldn’t mind, I would love to wear a version of “Hug Time Russell and Kevin” without your signature, but I’ll credit and link to this thread. Does that sound okay with you? :wink:

First off, thanks again, pixarmilan! And a big thanks to you, TDIT! I’m glad you enjoyed them!
Anyway, I do know that for a while my “OWP Made This” thing was a little too blatant; my current ones now have a semi-transparent writing of my initials. Nevertheless, I’m honored that you want to use the “Hug Time” one and I’ll gladly modify it for you (“MODIFY!!” :smiley:) soon, and it means a lot you’re willing to link to the thread as well! I know I go outside of the sizing rules rather often… I’m trying, but it’s not easy getting your the picture to look right when you only have so much room, and I do resize them from the original sizes. Either way, I do try to keep them small even if they’re bigger than the limit. Thanks for letting me know; my next graphics will be better now!

Allrighty, I have some new avatars and signatures up for grabs!

If this makes no sense, go and read one of my favorite children’s books Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney; it’ll make a lot more sense. But in a nutshell, it’s the story of two hares, a father and a son, who compare their love for each other in clever ways, (e.g. The son says “I love you as high as I can reach!” and in turn, the dad says “And I love you as high as I can reach!”) Sorry I made a siggy that few will understand… but I loved that book and the screengrab was absolutely perfect for it!

Please don’t get mad at me for doing this, Lightning superfans… this idea was too good! Trust me, I love that racecar as much as you superfans do, but I don’t hate the Tall Tales just because Lighting gets injured in most of them. I about burst out laughing when this idea popped into my head! I guess no one told Mater that Lightning is NOT A FLYING TOY. :laughing:
(At last, I got it to work!)
Remember, he’s cute, but deadly. I mean, would you look at the damage the ferocious WALL-Esaur has inflicted on the city?! 8D Lovin’ the way the Godzilla font looks with this!

Finally, I have what I think is my best batch of avatars yet! I’ve got all makes and models – puppies, princesses, and Edna in this post. I think they turned out great! Anyway, comments are appreciated, and do me a favor and consider using one of these sometime! :slight_smile:

I can’t believe I’ve never posted here!

These are some pretty amazing graphics. Your best ones are “Flippy Little Dolphin” (love the font) and the “Nachos” one! What program do you use for your graphics?

Great job again! My favorite is the Walle-Saur.

  • Glad you liked 'em, pixarmilan!
  • Hey again, JSWeC! Actuallyz, you posted here a while back; but I’m glad you looked at them again. I think I’ve improved greatly in the last month. What program do I use to make them? It starts with using good ol’ Microsoft Paint, but I add artistic touches with GIMP, an open-source photo editor program like Photoshop. Oh, and if you’re interested, the font I used on the “Dolphin Acer” one is a Dr. Seuss font I found at searchfreefonts.com called Grinched (this one righthere, to be exact). It’s tricky finding the right font sometimes, but that particular one was so random, I just had to use it!
    And would you look at that, I have more avatars! Couldn’t get them all in the attachments last time, so here you go!

Allrighty then… I think it’s time to kick up this thread some more! I made some awesome avatars that I thought I’d share with you guys! I have some signatures, but I’m waiting until I get my dA account to post them properly… or whenever; we’ll see. So anyway, DisneyStore released a new Christmas ornament of those adorable cubs from Brave (I’ll spare the spoilers in case someone here’s missed it), and they seem to put these concept art sketches for each ornament with the photos. So, I took advantage of the cool artwork and made three bear avvies! The first one is a cool neon blue, the second is a glowing gold, and the third the classic black-on-white design. Hope you guys like 'em; more to come!

My favorite is the Grem and Acer refrence to Finding Nemo. With the flippin dolphin thing! Let me flip for ya! :laughing:

Nice job! I particularly like the hand-drawn Bear cub.