Pixar 2013 Project: A Western?Lasseter and Luckey Directing?

Guys I am really not sure if this has been posted before, but I found this on Bud Lucky’s bio in wikipedia

Take a LOOK


It’s unsourced. I wouldn’t put much stock in it for the time being.

But, it would still be cool, even if it’s unlikely.

This is a pretty old rumor. Luckey retired years ago…his return for TS3 was just a special occasion. He definitely wouldn’t be directing. Pretty sure a major person completely debunked the western part of the rumor too, I forget who though.

Not sure if I wanna believe it. But it sounds pretty cool, if it were to be pushed.

Sounds different! Boundin’ was probably my least favorite of their shorts. But hey, I have faith. If it happens :smiley:

I get the feeling soon after they would make another sci-fi, and it would eat the Western’s fanbase.

I really hope it is a western! I really do. Like you cant believe.

A Western would be epic! They’ve pulled off action and sci-fi so I don’t see why they wouldn’t pull off this!

I never trust wikipedia this far ahead from a movies release. I think it’s an interesting concept, but I’m not going to pay any attention to it.

And I thought it was announced that Pete Docter was working on an original project to be released in 2013 or 2014.

the release dates mentioned by Wikipedia are basically the stipulated dates provided by the cast and crew of the particular movie. But Thanks to our industry movies get delayed somehow.

A western, huh? If it ends up being true I can’t help but to be reminded of Rango.

I wouldn’t believe in this until it’s actually announced. As of right now, I only see this as a rumor.

I’d love for this to happen in the future though.

Yeah, I would to. It looks like a pretty cool idea.

There’s many different options for a western. Just look at how different Rango is from Home on the Range.

Oh, I just thought something about a town in a desert = western. Don’t judge me, I’m a total n00b at this. 8D

Yeah, I seriously doubt they’ll be doing this. Especially not in 2013… we’ve got Monster’s University and the Untitled Dinosaur Movie both coming out that same year. It’s a cool idea though. And my mom would love it. Bud Luckey is her favorite Pixarian, and she simply adores Boundin’. :slight_smile:

Badger: First thing I thought when I saw this was Rango, too. But I see what EJE is saying. I’m sure if Pixar actually went through with this, they’d do their own original take on it. :smiley:

Yeah, just look at WALL-E! Like if a few years before that movie came out, and they said it’d be a Sci-Fi, I’m sure lots of people would assume it’s about aliens in space. But there are many different types of sci fis, and many diffrent ways Pixar could make it original, like they did with WALL-E. The same can go for Westerns.

This would be interesting to see if Pixar decides to do it.